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FAQ For GP4 and the Forum Guide

Welcome to

Forum Guide

Here at, we want to make this forum accessible for all.
So here are a few simple guidelines.
- Keep signature images at or below 50kb, preferably normal banner size. If it is too big, a moderator will ask you to re-size it, failure to comply will see it removed. Please do not link videos to your sig, a pic is enough. Place a line above any text to separate it from your posts to avoid confusion.
- No pornography, swearing, racial vilification, sexist remarks or abusive behaviour, this will get you banned.
- No big images, if you must insert large images, please put a (56k Warning) in the thread title.
- Advertising links asking forum members for money and selling goods directly on the forums is prohibited. Please use eBay, that's what it's for, but you may link your thread to your item/s on eBay as long as it is a gamer or computer related item.
- English is the preferred language in the main forums. There are Dutch and German language forums available.
- Please refrain from using text speak on the forums, we hate it, save it for you mobile phone. You don't really want to look like a total n00b do you ;-)
- Begging our modders for release dates, it's ready when it's ready.
It is bad manners and considered very poor form to harass the modders here on this site because you are impatient and want something.
If you are in that much of a hurry, get off your ass and make it yourself. Perhaps then you will see that it is not that easy and that these jobs take time. Time I might add that the modders freely give, they do have lives outside of this website. Keep in mind that the modders here are a well respected crew and what they do for you, they do for free, that fact should be appreciated.
-No frivolous post reports asking for people to be banned either, that's poor form. It will not earn you any brownie points.
- Make use of the pm service if you want to have a dispute, don't do it in public.
- The posting of private pm's in the public forums is expressly forbidden.
- If you feel it is necessary to report a post, please do it only once, and give us the information on why the report was necessary.
- Spam the forums and your account will be deleted.
- Offensive posts will be deleted.

Additional Information

NO! POSTING IN CAPITALS LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SCREAMING AT US AND WE DO NOT LIKE TO BE SCREAMED AT. Capitals are usually regarded as being impolite. Chances are high that you will get a lot of stick from other forum members if you use capitals all the time, especially in subject lines.

Please no sILly wAy oF mIxInG smAlL LeTTeRs aNd CaPItalS EiTHeR. It does not only look daft, it is also hard to read and thus very annoying.

Please keep your posts readable with a consice subject header that is explanatory.

Please keep your sig pics below 50k and preferably in a normal banner size (something like 600 x 100)

If your signature just has text or if there is text above your sig pic, please use the hr tags. This command will add a grey line, thus making it easier to see where the signature begins and the post stops.

NOTE: These rules apply to all forums on

I have made my own work for GP4/GP3/GP3-2k and would like to offer it to How can I do that?

Open your Control Centre and use the Join Groups menu, select Software Developer and join. Your request will be approved by a moderator.

This is not the same as the forum log-in. As a software developer member you can easily upload your contributions to this site.

Before posting try the search button and check to see if your question has been asked before ;-)

The downloadable FAQ's created by our members are recommended reading and may answer some of your questions.

FAQ Lists, Downloads & Useful Forum Threads.

GP4 and Internet play

Technically yes, realistically no. Gp3, Gp3-2k & GP4 does not support internet play. Apparently this was not part of the license that Infogrames & Microprose acquired from the FIA. Obviously the developers forgot to remove the internet play entries in the multi-player menus. Even if GpxPatch does support internet play you would need an ultra fast internet connection (35mbs minimum) and even then it will only run slowly.
All versions run well on a LAN, although qualifying is not supported. Quick race mode is supported. Use the Grid Editor Tool to resort and insert the grid positions after individual qualifying sessions have been completed.

Useful Links

Grand Prix 4 Mod List and W.I.P

The Geoff Crammond Interview (3.4MB PDF) on Facebook

Ready to play iso including patches
How to install GP4
Official Patch & No_CD
The GP4 Mod & Track Database by truecrysis
The Grand Prix 4 Manual
Gpx_Patch Docs
C Magic
Custom Grid Tool
G25 Wheel setup con
PlayingGP4 on the intertube GP4 Tracks & Cars Database Thread
The GP4 Track Database
The Ultimate Track Editing Guide
GP4 Sound Tutorial
Tutorial - How to build a cars.wad by SkaningeN
Changing the track order with CMagic
How to install tracks manually
CSM & Vista, setting UAC privileges
How to build a CSM Update (cmu) by BigBrother
Using TSM without CSM
A guide to updating GP4 to 2009 Season (W.I.P)
GP4 Builder
Trouble getting your track to work in-game? Look no further!
How to convert trd tracks to GP4
GP4Tweak and the slipstream effect
GP4Tweaker Real Time Edit by MadMan
GP4 Graphics cfg files. Links and information in the thread.
How to convert tga to tex using Slimtex
Invisible Pit Crews
GP4 Graphical Display Problems
Missing binkw32.dll
Windows 7 and Sound Problems
Grand Prix 3/4 with Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi
Computer Restarting?
Car Painting Tutorial - Author Unknown
How to create an Alpha-Channel
Open source free 3D & Render software, online tutorials etc.
More 3D Tutorials.
Converting rFactor to Grand Prix 4
How to compile a non-CSM mod
Need a sponsor logo? Look here
Uploading files on (UPDATED)
The High Res Tracks Thread
Zaz Tools V1.26 (CSM, Slimtex & Easywad)
Zaz Tools v1.27 (CSM Updated Installer)
Tutorial:How to paint GP4 Liveries by truecysis
Tutorial: How to build lower lods
Tutorial: How to set up a Wheel and Pedal Set
Wingman Control set con file
G25 Control set con file
GP4 Movies, tips & tricks & movies of course
Fraps Help
Windows 7 & GP4 Reduce Processor Occupancy
Smileys and other Tags W.I.P.
GP4 Mod List topic
The 2009 Empty CSM Mod by Tony (b-tone)
Articles on Race Physics
Performance files: How do they work?
Changing GP4 Damage
Using any GP4 track in TSM
Track Building - Adding pit-lane flags
Track Building - cc-line Tutorial
Tutorial - How to create a picture (TGA) with transparent background (Beginners Guide)
GP4 & Win 7 64bit
Running GP4 Windowed
Magic Data Tutorial
Image Size Calculator for GP4Builder
Slipstream test by klausfeldman
Track Shadow and Lighting Tutorial by Laurent (Lo2k)
How to force f1graphics.cfg to control all settings with CSM
MSI Afterburner - Recording Gameplay
CSM cannot retrieve list
How to move tracks to other slots
GP4 LAN with more than 3 Players by gp4wonder
GP4 LAN Win7 by mralpha
Flickering Textures Fix for HD6850 (and possibly other cards)
X-Box360 Controller Setup
Install Zaz Tools Windows 10
Tutorial - How to add and use backfire in GP4 by Excalibur
Tutorial - Transform CSM Mod to Non-CSM Mod by XenonS
Common GP4 & CSM Problems Solutions by XenonS
Understanding CSM Mod Structure by Petrus
ZModeler Tutorial to build a GP4 Car by Vicente
GP4Fun Virtual Reality & Commentary Mod by sergio_poletti
SweetFX/Reshade by RavishingRickRude
Wheel and Controller Tutorial Video by AzSchumy
The Bellini Patch
Wad Controller v1.0
Physics, Torque, Performance Calculator
Understanding Track Wad
dgvoodoo and smooth frame rate

The gpx-patch and SDI Utilities Homepage

Grand Prix Games on Facebook thread
Facebook Group

The GP4 Hotlap League
The Grand Prix Games SuperLeague. AI based GP4 racing series. (Season 9)
The Grand Prix Games SuperLeague. AI based GP3_2000 racing series.
The Grand Prix Games Nations Cup Season 3
The F1 Manager Series
The GP4 Download Database

If you:
- Create a guide and want it added to this list
- Find an error in any of the FAQ's
- Want something added to any of the FAQ's
- Have an idea for an FAQ
- Wish to report a broken link
- Have an idea that contributes to the community

Then contact mortal via PM

- And a big thank you to all our members, you make this the Number 1 Grand Prix Games site!

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