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GPG Community Discord Server

by mortal
102/11/2021 08:22PM
Last Post by mortal

GP3 downloads [Track d/l links] Post links pls.   (Pages: 1 2)

by phatdaddy
2404/15/2019 08:52PM
Last Post by White Falcon

Screenshots - 56k for GP3 and GP3 2000 (Read the rules in 1st Post!)   (Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7)

by quickslick
13708/13/2017 02:51AM
Last Post by phatdaddy

A Virtual One to One with Geoff Crammond - brought to you by Jim Connors aka jimbob1

by mortal
105/02/2014 05:21AM
Last Post by mortal


by mortal
102/13/2012 10:30PM
Last Post by mortal

GP3FAQ For new users, forum guide-links-tutorials

by Vader
708/15/2010 09:44AM
Last Post by mortal


by HarryHamm
112 days ago
Last Post by HarryHamm

GUIDE: How to run Grand Prix 3 on Windows 10   (Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7)

13602/22/2021 08:09AM
Last Post by Constanstijn

new track: Fictional Spa

by abcdefg
902/13/2021 09:25PM
Last Post by RRRReméééédiooo


by mike60
302/10/2021 09:20PM
Last Post by pippozzo

Cockpit for NON-open wheeler cars ( DTM, WTCC, LMS...) by shlund and 11marco   (Pages: 1 2)

by 11marco
2702/09/2021 09:33PM
Last Post by elio2012

IMSA 2021

by Orloff
202/08/2021 08:07PM
Last Post by shlund

Le Mans

by Colin
202/08/2021 08:06PM
Last Post by shlund

Thank You and HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH GP3++   (Pages: 1 2)

by pippozzo
3902/06/2021 09:55PM
Last Post by mur1703

Can't install gp3-2000 via CDRom

by JRAJ1999
202/05/2021 03:47PM
Last Post by Seguin

Performance files

by elio2012
302/05/2021 12:08AM
Last Post by elio2012

A couple of private updates!

by shlund
102/02/2021 04:04PM
Last Post by shlund

Dubai Autodrome

by shlund
102/02/2021 12:35PM
Last Post by shlund


by Pedersen
301/30/2021 05:14PM
Last Post by pirx

TI Aida 1994 updated for Megapatch

by elio2012
801/27/2021 07:34PM
Last Post by wvdriel

Long (old) Spa circuit

by elio2012
1101/26/2021 11:06PM
Last Post by elio2012

Desert rally project never finished

by shlund
901/12/2021 06:53PM
Last Post by shlund

Mega Track Collection

by elio2012
1601/10/2021 10:20PM
Last Post by skywolf81

Starting Lights doesn't appears

by alvaro_degas
101/06/2021 02:41AM
Last Post by alvaro_degas

Oldie/Newbie here!

by nikmondo
901/03/2021 03:01PM
Last Post by pippozzo

Calibrating Thrustmaster wheel/pedals in GP3

by malcolmcat
401/02/2021 01:26PM
Last Post by pippozzo

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