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GPxPatch 4.51 [Released]

by SDI
801/08/2019 02:36PM
Last Post by SDI

Happy Birthday Michael Schumacher

by Colin
401/07/2019 07:55PM
Last Post by SAT_LAB

GPxPatch problem

by Colin
301/07/2019 12:15AM
Last Post by Colin

GPxPatch 4.50 [Released]

by SDI
1212/30/2018 10:05PM
Last Post by SDI


by bigpopopof
912/28/2018 05:35PM
Last Post by bigpopopof

Ovals Tracks

by bigpopopof
112/28/2018 08:43AM
Last Post by bigpopopof

Looking for Carset CART - IRL - IndyCar Series

by evroic
112/22/2018 07:34PM
Last Post by evroic

To all of you

by mortal
112/20/2018 11:05AM
Last Post by mortal

Problems with the logo image size

by evroic
312/14/2018 09:45PM
Last Post by SDI


by bigpopopof
112/13/2018 03:31PM
Last Post by bigpopopof

Request - Backmarker carsets for the 70's

by Amador
112/09/2018 10:38AM
Last Post by Amador

Request for help for car set changes and car shapes

by skateaway
312/05/2018 10:41PM
Last Post by skateaway

Request - GP3 Pit&Lap Editor v2.0

by Juan72
212/04/2018 04:39PM
Last Post by quickslick

Has there come any new ways to play GP3(2k) on win10?

by Pedersen
611/22/2018 09:13AM
Last Post by pippozzo

MegaPatch 2018 (beginning to assemble)

by elio2012
411/19/2018 10:47AM
Last Post by shlund

guys i urgently need your help, please

by quickslick
1411/18/2018 02:01PM
Last Post by quickslick

GPxPatch 4.45 [Released]

by SDI
211/16/2018 03:09PM
Last Post by pirx

GPxLap ATL question

by deguinha
411/16/2018 02:22PM
Last Post by SDI

Why not upload and collect missing carsets to

by Amador
311/10/2018 04:08PM
Last Post by eriksg74

Change cockpit shape in GP3 2000 HELP!

by elio2012
311/05/2018 06:08PM
Last Post by pirx

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