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Qualy has been run. :-)

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GPGSL Round 11 Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying

Here we are back at the Hungaroring for the qualifying. No rain is forecast for the race weekend.

The first driver to set a time will be Grant driving for Lucky 7.

Five minutes into the session and Aleksander tops the leaderboard.

Busy in pit-lane as the drivers come back in so the mechanics can tweak their setups.

Santilal slower than his team mate.

Not quite good enough for Greenhalgh.

Somogyi over a second slower.

Halfway through the session and Aleksander still on pole.

Van Renselaar struggles to find pace with his car.

Schroeder crosses the line and places his car fifth on the grid.

The top eight with ten minutes remaining.

That ends the coverage of the qualifying from Hungary. Stay tuned for the official full qualifying results from the GPGSL.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel schreef:
> Van Renselaar struggles to find pace with his
> car.
> []
> 7050177.jpg

I couldn't find enough power :(

Me either, my car is a rubbish right now. :-(

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GPGSL Official Results Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying

Congratulations Marko Aleksander MPR Lancia on pole position.

Somogyi Zsigmond Press Release:

After a good qualyfing we will fight for the podium at home (Hungary)
Not too bad at all. Both cars are within good positions, Hopefully Rico can go for the win and hopefully Rick can push up for lots of points.

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Here we go again ... 20th - well i guess it could've been worse

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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This is really disappointing, I thought with the boosts I manage to get a better qualifying pace, but the speed just wasnt there. I dont think it was the car, I was just struggeling to get into the qualifying rythm. Im sorry for my team, and I will do everyhing I can tomorrow to get a points finish for the team.

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Terrible practice for me /o\
I'm disappointed

Oh good. I like 3rd. Although Marko is still in front, and it's practice.

Phoenix; Mal, as I said, it's practice, we'll give you Zak's setup. Zak, perfect mate.

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MDBSnake schreef:
> Here we go again ... 20th - well i guess it
> could've been worse

I'm 22nd, that's worse...

There just doesn't seem to be any pace in the DXR in qualy trim at the moment. We've struggled for the last few races now. Our race pace doesn't seem bad, but we are just being compromised by our bad grid positions. 18th and 21st is really bad.

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meh, that didn't go too good

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
Great qualifying for IED. I hope i can go for the podium in this one mabey the win indeed RYan. Rick on 12th, quite good. Hope i can overtekae him in the standings :p For VSM we see Kevin on 5th. Finally a good grid slot there again :D Charrel Oon 17th.. hmmm Not rlly what we expected indeed however im confident with the boosts on that you can fight youre waty into the points ;)

Last but not least friday practise: 8th and 12th, pretty solid both scored point(s) so thats positive.


"If in doubt, Flat out."
Could have been worse i guess, 14th means a good chance of getting most places gained (blatant hoping)

9th and a Pole. Woo!

DXR side though, wow we really are struggling. How much more boost do we have left?
bad practise :(

hoping for a good race to phoenix racedrivers(zak especially)

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TN Racing in rumoured buy-out deal

Recent rumours surround the paddock regarding the abysmal performance of the TN Team this season and are largely pointing the finger towards the utter shite-box of the Renault engine.

More interestingly, besides the teen angst issues regarding horsepower; is actually the alleged spotting of True North management bosses chatting deeply with none other than Aussie mobster Mal Stoddart.

This was no wine and dine issue, that's for sure. Everyone knows the only trouser snake up for grabs with Mr Stoddart is infact nowhere near Mal himself, but instead lies on his porch back home in Skippy-ville. The closest he has ever got to speaking of a '6 incher' is when he orders a sub-of-the-day in downtown.

More on this later!

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