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Whey super Horvath to the rescue!

Maikel, you sir have been summoned to the bramble room with Keeley and Mal!

Jenson drives it like he owns it; Lewis drives it like he stole it
16 & 21st! holy?!!!

Otherwise a 7th is good for me :)

And Dan, are you still a Tester for DXR or not? Nick caused a conspiracy a couple of weeks or months ago. I've sent PMs, and no replies from you.

Thnx in advance,

Not unexpected, in fact I kinda predicted it already .. why do I suck so much in quali? Well can't get much worse in the race so I keep my hopes up

*Makes his way to the bramble room*

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Hopefully Keeley will be wielding the bramble. ;-)

Edit: Helmets have to be 'game-ready' in tga format please.
Get your flippers and wetsuits on, race coming up today.

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wooooow Pole for Stef :D

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I hope MPR team runs so good in GPGSL-3, on 2010... because on GPGSL-4 the team was so fabulous. Congratulations, Marko and Monil!!

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Nice guys

Got a good chance for the race

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The race has been run and won! Hold on to your hats, here comes the coverage from Donington.

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Round 10 GPGSL Donington Grand Prix

Here we are, back at Donington for what looks to be a wet race, although right now as
the drivers line up on the grid for the race start it's not raining.
The doughnut crumbs have been cleaned of the broadcast console, the coffee is hot, the RD has his finger poised
on the GO button as we cross live to Donington for the GPGTV/farked race coverage.

Push it...push it...push it....

It's GO GO GO GO at Donington! A great start, the DFR's run wide in a bid to catch out those that were napping.

van Renselaar holds his position with Aleksander already applying pressure. Can the rookie driver keep his cool?

Tonks runs wide and loses grip as he puts a couple of wheels into the gravel, a costly mistake as he drops down the order.

The first fastest lap of the race by Aleksander.

Check the standings after the first lap.

Onboard with Aleksander in the hunt for the win.

Santilal is in trouble, looks like a spin.


Back to the live action, onboard van Renselaar rearview camera as Aleksander closes in for the passing move.

Aleksander leads the Donington Grand Prix with a bold passing move on van Renselaar.

But not for long, as the replay shows Aleksander turning in too deep and he spins off the track.

Aleksander waits for the entire field to pass before rejoining the race.

And will be in fifteenth place.

Top eight as we check out the doughnut king Stoddart currently in fourteenth place.

Cartwright and Stoddart get touchy feely!

Race leader van Renselaar opens a gap on Houston.

Houston in second place.

Cartwright puts in a fast lap as we check out team mate Grant.

Ingers enjoying his Sunday afternoon drive, and there's no truth in the rumour that he only drives to church on Sundays!

Schroeder hits the beach.


That's it for Schroeder, already taking that long walk back to the pits.

Aleksander is back in the fight with a fastest lap.

Oakley loses grip on the kerb and spins.

Which results in an altercation with Tonks. Both drivers are now out of the race.

The IED cars battle it out.

Busy in pit lane.

Aleksander leaves the pits.

Race leader van Renselaar in the pits.

Woah! A spectacular shunt and Houston is airborne, who did that?

I have no idea what happened here.

End of the race for Houston.

Race leader leaves the pits.

Quick check of the standings.

Hinz in second place.

Jalving in third.

Horvath in fourth.

Groeneboer chased by Cartwright, fifth and sixth.

It's van Smirren! He's gone on fire!


Stoddart hot on Grant's tail.

Hinz gets up close and friendly with van der Voort, with disastrous results.

Somogyi leaves the pits.

Grant gets some fresh rubber.

Lookout, Brown runs onto the gravel.

Rejoins in fifteenth.

Rain continues to fall.

We have a winner! Stefan van Renselaar wins the Donington Grand Prix!

That ends the race coverage from Donington GB. Stay tuned for the official results from the GPGSL.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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Round 10 GPGSL Donington Grand Prix Official Results

Driver Best Laps

Driver Race Points

Constructor Race Points

Congratulations to Stefan van Renselaar - Alpha Ford race winner.

Hungaroring Test Mod update (contains IED Test Driver Daniel Thomas helmet and config.ini) []

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GPGSL schreef:
> Congratulations to Stefan van Renselaar - Alpha
> Ford race winner.

Yea :-) :-)

Yepp, 3rd!!!!! On the podium again.....
Rain, rain, rain!!!!!
Shame on Hinz crashing out, he seemed to be doing a good race :( Luckily Somogyi takes home some points, nice drive :)

well done mal.did you get most places gainer point?

bad race for zak :(

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Bad race for me; I didn't even see HOW I got out!

could someone confirm where my new helmet is? I swear I've seen it in the mod once but not on this race...

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Not quite sure how our ever reliable Maserati engines decided to give in today. But Rick, awesome drive again. Very impressive stuff after a rather miserable qualifying.

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First win for Alpha Motorsports!!! Congratulations Stefan!

A very disappointing race for TSS, but without a boost, I knew it would be tough for myself. I look forward to using my boost in the upcoming races.

X (@ed24f1)
VSM Driver Charrel Jalving

Yeah! Wohoooo! This is great, just what I needed!

The constant driving wasnt a problem, but the speed was. My qualification wasnt good yet, bot driving from 14th to 2nd isnt bad at all!
A nice result, scored some good points for VSM again, just what the team needed.

To bad Schroeder went off, with Schroeder being in front of me at the moment, we could have scored a 2 - 3 podium, or even a 1 - 3 podium!
But we have some points in the bag again. Now lets head to Hungary!

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Congratulations to Alpha Motorsports and Stefan. I have mixed feelings with this race. We at IED did a good job i think. Too bad the Maserati gave up to me.

@VSM we can party for another podium ! finally. Congratz Charrel ! Too bad Kev you could have won! 3rd time i said that this year ! :) So let me get the positive out of that.


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