GPG Super League - Season 3 (finished): Pre-season 4 winter test LAGUNA SECA online - S4 Calendar at p163

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@Psylark, send me your helmet again please.

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noooo, 2nd potential podium that ended in a dnf. nick, i hope you have a good excuse ;)

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Not bad, still took 1 point home - congrats Norbert ;-) Great podium once again! Hope it'll be my turn again soon

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Phil's first retirement of the season so we can't complain too much and Ed just had a mare.

A weekend to forget for TSS

Good result for the team after we both started near the back.

More points for Lucky 7 :) We might catch Velox for 4th.
Now... May i ask what the hell happened to me?
I was ahead of peoples by a margin... yet i end up airbourne...
Stewards where are you...

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cant wait to see the unofficial standings from this round :D


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Was quite dissapointed after yesterdays qualy session, but this result in the race has made my day. NMust thank my mechanics and engineer for a great race setup, and again thank the weather for making it rain in the final stages of the race. Congrats to fellow dutchman Van Renselaar!

ps. Welcome on board Daniel!


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Not bad, although could of been better.

Why does everybody crash into Velox cars?
velox cars are slow moving obstacles :P

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
How do I update the mod? I don't know where some of the stuff is meant to go.
Crap, lost a potential win

Both cars went off :( Could of been big points when TSS got none, this race hands them the Constructors

Nice come back from Marko as ever to finish 5th and to get the fastest lap

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Just missed out on the points!
@mortal, I got someone else to convert my helmet before, and im sure i saw it in the mod. if its not in there then im not worried, my old helmet is fine

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This what is in the mod.

To update the mod, replace the existing files with the new ones. Follow the existing file structure of the mod. If it is a helmet file, it belongs in the helmet dir, very easy to do. If you have a specific file problem, ask, your question is too vague.

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