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Welll, then I'll give some help to jump on the next page, as you're right. Now even the race coverage on this side would make it a horrible time to load all the pics!

/edit: Damn, too slow ;-)

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Welcome today at the race in France! After the qualifying we will now be about to see who is the fastest over a 30 lap endurance race with 2 mandatory pitstops!

Weather forecast is a complete dry race, nothing we can do about it! The sky is blue, blue, blue!

The fight for pole has been very close, on a track were all the engines are tested over the long stretched straights of the Le Mans circuit. The 2 leading teams of the current championship are both down the field, Netherlands in 10th, Sweden in 14th. Also the teams close to them, Austria and France are nowhere near the first three places with Austria in 11th and France as dead last, in their home GP!
This might be shaking up the field as everyone of them is looking to go forward in the race to claim some important points to not be overrun in the championship!

We can talk all we want, but that isn't going to move any of the cars, going down to the report and starting up the starting light sequence however, that does make the race start!

Let's hit that damn button then!! *Pressing the 'GO' buttong* We are off to France! Let's get this puppy shaking!!

Here we are then! Onboard with Tafuro (Italy), one light is on, let's embrace ourselfs here!

More then half the lights are already on! Let's GO GO GO!!!

Canada and San Marino are both very good away! Brasil lost out, and so did Romania, Japan seems to go quick as well!

Coming towards the real first corner Tafuro did himself good and he retains the lead!

Coming on the long straight we see Italy up front, Johnson for Canada in second, Silvestre in 3rd for San Marino, and Japan gunning for 3rd!

Kamikaze moved in onto the podium! Silvestre pointed back to place 4!

Aspenstrom has a though start, and he to defend from Bulgaria here

Forced widely onto the kerbstone!!

Bulgaria takes 14th from Sweden

McGregor takes 15th ...

This is going to be costly, Finland takes 16th

Kederer moves to 17th

And finally, when he is back up to speed Montenegro has already passed ...

De Boer looks in trouble! When closing in on Vilela he lost some downforce!! Can he keep the car?

It seems like he did but he slowed down!!! Can Brilley avoid contact?

Wales found it neccesary to move to the right, Netherlands however continues their way!

Uh Oh! This is going to be a play in the gravel!!

Oh NO!! He spun in the gravel and there is lots of traffic

Ireland collects on Brilley ... That wheels looks detached!!!!

And so looks the rear of Wales, also Finland travels away from the grey in the gravel

Yup, Brilley can quit for the day!

Finland he found the asphalt again, they seem fine for the moment!

The front wheel of Byrne is looking to start for himself ..

The marshall is collecting the car from Brilley

Let's see what happened in another view, on board with Eduardsen here

When Wales came out of the gravel and spun, there was no way to go. We can also see Australia going wide

Therefor it was Finland driving of track, very quick responded to a bad situation! Australia in front seemed to have lost nothing, just for safety there!

Eduardsen was able to get back into the game!

Byrne wasn't as lucky as Australia, or Finland! There we have the moment of impact ..

Front and rear wheels starting their own races!

Eye to eye ... Byrne should probably be swearing big on Brilley!

Doesn't change anything to the fact though that both cars are total, and both drivers can hop on the plane to the next race!

Kamikaze shows he is in for a fight today! 3rd is not far enough for Japan!

He is very close by! Johnson aint giving up without a fight though!

Side by side exiting the corner! Here comes the long stretch!

Kamikaze is long gone though, the corner exit of Canada was clearly not good enough!

Brasil comes a little to close to Silvestre though!

Wheels of Antunis are sideways .. this cannot be good! These cars aren't exactly made for drifting ...

Yup, he's losing out a lot ... he spun and has to wait in order to rejoin safely

From 5th to 20th in mere seconds ...

Meanwhile Tafuro has build a solid gap to 2nd due to all the fighting in the back

Kamikaze is looking to attack though!

Copeman is trying to follow Japan onto the podium at the cost of Canada, this action wasn't good enough though ...

Whoa!! Netherlands and Portugal in a tangle!

Silva was a little to close when attacking De Boer who kept the door shut

Silva is able to continue quite solid while De Boer lost time ...

Resulting in Portugal taking the place from The Netherlands, and the latter being under pressure from Nikolov

Another angle of Silva trying on his wings!

They are lucky to still be driving both!

Copeman going for another try on Johnson!!

Both are still not giving in!

Johnson shows he knows how to defend! This could be tricky for USA

Copeman knows it's important to keep pressure though!

Not going to work this corner yet ...

Italy and Japan seem to be walking away, Tafuro still leading, but Kamikaze isn't letting him escape on his own!

Copeman keeps on it ..

No luck, and also the other cars behind are starting to get their hopes up for the podium!

Reigning champion Aspenstrom only in 15th, he can't seem to get it working so far, France made a jump from 22nd to 16th!

The advantage of a long straight is, that you can see the gaps, Italy and Japan are deifnately in front, but not out of sights yet!


A little closer this round ... but not yet!

Nikolov looking at De Boer

Netherlands showing devensive lines

Very close racing here!

Side by side

But not enough!

Copeman is probably pretty frustated that he can't go in pursuit to Kamikaze in 2nd!

Antunis is closing the gap to the back of the field, still going strong

5 laps in, Tafuro still holding to that first place here in France

Behind him the field is pretty close though! Still being led by Johnson from Canada!

Copeman still determined to change that fact!

Really close this time!

Almost touching wheels here! Wow how close can 2 cars go?

Johnson seems to have the slower line!!

Yes that is Copeman coming out first! After all those tries he is on the podium and looking for Japan!

Romania taking advantage of the corner exit of Canada

Johnson down 2 places in one corner, looking to put on pursuit on Marinescu though!

Italy in front, Kamikaze still in second pretty close, and the other cars at more distance, Canada still lost out to Romania!

Sweden seems to be moving up!

Attack on Australia for 14th

Looks like succes for Sweden!

Yes it is

McGregor wants it back! But thats Sweden on the better line for the corner!

Argentina caught up by Portugal!

Little touch there! The rear is breaking out!!!!

The field is storming past Silva ...

He quickly spins the car around to the good direction and rejoins in 20th

Girard looking to attack McGregor, we haven´t seen much of him yet in his home GP!

He tries it on the wrong side though! Outsides normally won´t work

Wow! He must have some magic in a bag!!!!

And he pulls it off!

Antunis has found the tail of the field as well, only gained one place so far from Silva

Hunsley to close on McGregor who has shut the door rightfully!

Another driver airborn today!!!

Both safely back on the ground! However that push seems to be going to cost McGregor!

He got punted outside the kerbstone

And ends up the big loser in this fight!

Hunsley has so far won a place, but is lookin to lose it to Finland!

Australia can restart, shunted back to 19th, almost last if it wasn´t for Portugal

Eduardsen and Hunsley side by side entering that corner!

Finland seems to be in front though!

Hunsley didn´t back out and came out winner in the second corner to the left!

Another train on the circuit, also we can see Portugal rejoining to the back of the field!

McGregor needs to keep his head cool now! And try to catch them all, he was the front runner of that train earlier after all!

And then the pitstops commence! Tafuro opens for Italy, giving away his lead!

But not to Kamikaze, he is going with Italy! Copeman on the right goes towards P1

This stop cannot be quick enough for Kamikaze!

Italy fell back to 15th

And Japan to 16th, shows the field is still very close!

More cars entered the pit, leaving and entering still

Copeman must surely enjoy this, P1 for USA at the moment!

Netherlands are looking to go forward now!

Now luck yet though, still behind Argentina!

Not giving up so easily!

Small touch! Side by side, wheel to wheel!

Both leaving no more room then is neccesary to survive!

A little bit to less though proves De Boer who gets tossed on the side a little!

Both still going strong, in the same order

Copeman has turned in his P1 status for fresh tyres and new fuel!

While USA is already leaving again, more cars behind him are coming for their stops!

Rejoins in 11th for Copeman

Meanwhile Italy is back up to 9th

And Japan still in the background, the virtual top three is driving behind each other again!

Silvestre making a mistake!!

Coming very close to that wall there!!! Has the gravel been enough to survive?

It seems so, he is returning to the track!! Disaster averted so far!

Place 3 is now place 10th though!

Marinescu can't enjoy the lead for long neither, as also he must go for tyres and fuel

This does give us a new leader! Maverick has taken it over!

It'll not last for long though, as Tafuro is already in 2nd again

Johnson has been able to jump Marinescu back in the pitstops, currently holding 6th place!

France is quitely moving up, 13th for now!

John is enjoying this! Back in first

Kamikaze came out pretty close to Tafuro! Not a very large gap there!

Girard is preparing an attack on Vilela!

Still standing strong ...

And it's in the bag! France now in 12th, 10 places up!

Maverick is giving up on the lead, and enters at his pitcrew

Tafuro seizes the oppurtunity to get that most wanted P1 back, but can he hold on? Japan is still in his rear view mirrors!

Switzerland rejoins in 6th place, inbetween Romania and Austria

San Marino exits the pits in 20st, and last due to their off-track moment

Kamikaze is still keeping his sights on first place!

Copemand follows in third, if anything happens in front, he'll be there to pick up!

Some standings then from after the pitstops! Place 1-8



Whats that?! Sweden is taking some strange lines there ...

Oh no, he is being passed by several cars on the straight, this can't be good!

Pulling off into the grass .. front right wheel is up, this must be a punctured left rear tyre!

Unable to continue his way ..

And thats number 3 of the day, Sweden will not be finishing here today

Up front Tafuro still isn't facing any trouble, but is still not troubless either, there is still that white spot in his mirror!

De Boer has lost out to Bulgaria, and is looking to get that place back!

Wheel to wheel and he is on the inside!

De Boer seems ahead here!

And he is! De Boer takes 9th from Nikolov, and is a step closer to taking home points!

Vukvecic must have had a poor exit! Finland is all over him, but Australia is also looking to mingle in!

Three wide down the straight almost at the corner!

Very close racing! Finland trying the inside, Montenegro still sandwiched!

OOOH!! And airborne!!

Making a jump, 4 wheels in the sky!

We see loose parts! This isn't good!!

Loose parts, three cars in the gravel and a LOT of dust!!

Vukcevic is a victim for sure! Marshall is checking on him and pulling him from the race, the front right wheel is gone!

What happened here? There was no room to steer in for Montenegro there, but he also couldn't go wider due to McGregor!

Front to rear wheel touch resulted in a launching into the air

Crashing down caused the car to brake down completely up front

Nothing left of the front of the car!!

Finland and Australia getting caught in the accident here

Three men off track, Hunsley and Silva take advantage and both move up three places!

Eduardsen was also pretty shaken up by the touch ..

And spun as a result to it

Spectacular sight from the eyes of McGregor, Vukcevic flying past!

No place to go when Montenegro came bouncing back and Finland spun in front

They all got dragged into the gravel

Miracously both Finland and Australia got out of it unharmed! And they continued their way, while Montenegro gets towed away!

Portugal going wide into the corner there! Trying to outbrake England

He's outside the white lines!!

And Silva spins again!

Completely facing into the wrong direction!!!

Turned around good again and only lost time

Those damn white lines are slippery! At least we can see there was no contact with England

Half way on the race, Tafuro still hasn't shaked off Kamikaze!

San Marino looking to climb up in the standings, attack on Silva

On the inside, this can't go wrong can it?

Nope it can't, takes the place and is a step closer to the top 8!

Kamikaze must be singing 'I see blue daba dee daba dee,' all day long!

Second round of pitstops and this time opened up by Copeman for USA!

One time around the circuit later it's the race leader entering the pits for the final time

And Japan is again in with him, exact same strategy it seems! (It works though, they are 1-2 on track!!)

Again this brings Maverick up to the lead of the GP!

Italy and Japan are exiting the pits, while Bulgaria decides it's not yet their time to come in and overtakes both

Italy rejoins the circuit in 6th place

While Kamikaze is a little further behind and has Hunsley in front of him, obstructing from clear way to Tafuro!

Copeman shows he's still in the race, coming around just a little behind Japan

Uh-oh! Canada going to mistake!!

Johnson isn't going to keep this car from hitting the gravel!!

He even spins on the run-off zone!

Turned around in the gravel, costly mistake by the Canadian!

It had surely cost him both time and positions, comes back on track in 13th, right in front of Brasil

Once again Switzerland have to turn in their leading position to keep their car running

Tafuro doesn't think twice about it, and retakes the lead, for him hoping it's the last time this race

Japan still following, and copeman still after that. Solid race from the 3 runners up front!

Switzerland can't complain too much you would say, they come out in 5th just behind Romania

Austria is driving a silent race, currently in 7th, they have fallen behind Netherlands who has quitely moved into the top 6 during pitstops!

France seem to be the surprise of the day! Holding 8th at the moment!! Girard seems to be giving just that little of extra for his home crowd!

Nikolov has missed his braking point!

Those pranks cost a lot of time! Coming back on track with multiple cars swarming over him!

He's behind them all ... too bad for a solid drive of Bulgaria!

Now he needs to watch to not fall behind England as well! We can see Canada dropped to 11th, and Germany is still doing their laps, 10th for them atm!

Standings after the second, and final pitstops of this race, places 1 to 8

Places 9 to 16, the unlucky ones just outside the points ..

And finally 17th to 22nd, also displaying all the DNF's

Antunis isn't going to sit back, he started in 2nd and is trying to salvage as much as possible

Coming in on Johnson ..

He looks to be in front!!

And yes he is, Canada back to 12th, Brasil into 11th

Johnson seems to have lost hope, Nikolov is gladly taking advantage of it

Same corner as Brasil ..

Hunsley has the front row tickets to the show

And als points Johnson back ANOTHER place by taking advantage of that poor exit Canada made of that corner

Just three to go! And the gap is under a second!

Almost the whole race is down, and we are still able to catch places 1 to 5 within one single shot!

2 to go, can Tafuro handle the imense pressure that Japan has giving him all day?

Last lap has started, fans are going insane here in Le Mans!

A shot from the Italian rear wing, can he keep his head cool? Kan Kamikaze do a Kamikaze?

Last couple of corners then, can it go wrong?

Are you kidding me? Off course not!!

Kamikaze takes a very well deserved second though! Great race by the Japanese!

Copeman still makes the podium, good result there!

Marinescu just drove the best he could, and comes in a well respected 4th place

Current champion Maverick might not have won this one, but still shows he is one to keep an eye on, second point finish in a row!

De Boer comes a little bit closer to Aspenstrom in the championship by taking a few points here today

Jantsher, almost invisible today still takes 7th

And what about France then? Girard started on the very last place, and drove to place 8! What a drive!!

Here is the winner then! A drive just under the hour limit, 208km with an average of 223kp/h! Congratulations Paolo Tafuro for winning the Le Mans GP!

Onofficial race results and fastest laps here below, official results and tables will soon follow! Well done to Copeman for the fastest lap of the race!

Hope you all enjoyed my guest-race :) Sorry that there was so much time between qualy and race, my boss would probably not have found it a good excuse! (I really need the money so I went the safe way! ;))

Maybe i'll do one again some time!



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Good points for Switzerland again. Of course I had hoped for a bit more and my chances to fight back into the championship seem really low now, but as is said in the coverage, it's points for the second time in a row and that is a good sign at least.

Neat coverage as well, Maikel. I'm looking forward to the next one already :-)

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Well that didnt turn out as i hoped... Squeezed between finland and australia and vukcevic didnt really have anywhere to go. Ah well he was thankfully unhurt in the incident and should be fit to drive next race.

But yeh, great coverage Maikel! I really enjoyed it i have to say :)


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Awful race for the Portuguese team.
Starting 13th and finishing 16th... At least our driver fly a little and made two beautiful spins during the race only for the cameras... ;)

Great coverage. I hope you do it again soon. ;)


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Pressure,pushing down on me... ;)

Finally a win :-)

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Bad race for us. 2 races in a row with no points - surely not good for Bulgaria :s
A podium is more like it! That went rather well, especially considering I started from 8th. Hopefully this will signal the start of a turn round this year.

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got to be the worse result this season hopefully in the n ext round will be back on top :D

A solid race, shame we didn't get in the top 6.

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Great coverage, some lovely shots. Shame so many of them included poor Edvardsen being involved in incidents completely not caused by him. We seemed to have good pace today, so I reckon points were easily feasible, but a lot of time was lost when Wales spun in front of Ouen and then when Montenegro just plain turned in on us!

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Round 7 - Le Mans Tables

Voila the new GPGNC tables! Feel free to make suggestions at changes about anything, the colour scheme is based upon the old tables but i wasn't sure about it, so if you think there would be a better one, by all means suggest it. Trying to distinguish these between the GPGSL :)


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Very nice tables!

Just one thing, Copeman did drove the fastest lap, but if he went into the 1:15's we may have to disqualify him ;) ;)

I wouldn't change anything :)

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Well done once again by Kamikaze. Third now in the championship!

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Very good those tables.


Great table, excellent 9th place!!

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A good result considering the bad qualifying.

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You know what? I give up. From now on, the RD can spell the Finnish driver's name however he likes! I mean, it's only printed in massive letters on the side of the car...

Unless I'm very much mistaken... I am very much mistaken!
oensan Wrote:
> You know what? I give up. From now on, the RD can
> spell the Finnish driver's name however he likes!
> I mean, it's only printed in massive letters on
> the side of the car...

Just to check, the name is as i put it in the tables, ouen edvardson? Thats what i have on the entry list?


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oensan Schreef:
> You know what? I give up. From now on, the RD can
> spell the Finnish driver's name however he likes!
> I mean, it's only printed in massive letters on
> the side of the car...

Yeah I noticed it was wrong when I already posted the race ;) I used a table for the name in which the V and U looked very alike!! ;) ;)

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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