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No, it's Ouen Edvardsen. It doesn't really matter, it's only a made up name. Maybe it could become a running joke.

Unless I'm very much mistaken... I am very much mistaken!
Wow! Beautiful work. I wish my old puter could run this. GP4 looks magnificent. Congrat Guys.
I like the new tables freshens things up again. Sucks about how the result played out for me personally. I guess spending no points i was always going to struggle going backwards after a suprising quali

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Round 8 - Beunos Aires - Argentina

The performance deadline for Round 8 at Buenos Aires in Argentina is 18:00 GMT on the 16th February. Everyone is to send their performance request to the GPG-Nations-Cup account Please set the subject title of your message as "Round 8 - Buenos Aires - (Country Name)". In your message please state explicitly how much you allocate for Qualifying and how much you allocate for the Race (e.g. Qualifying: 500, Race: 500). If you submit one number, qualifying and race performance will be exactly half of that value.

** GP3edit - Performance File **

[Team #00]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=1,Switzerland,16150,1000,17250,1000
Second Driver=2,Canada,16300,1000,17200,1000

[Team #01]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=3,UnitedStates,16500,1000,17500,1000
Second Driver=5,Italy,16300,1000,17250,1000

[Team #02]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=6,Netherlands,16000,1000,17000,1000
Second Driver=7,Austria,16500,1000,17500,1000

[Team #03]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=8,Argentina,16000,1000,17000,1000
Second Driver=9,France,16200,1000,17200,1000

[Team #04]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=10,Sweden,16200,1000,17300,1000
Second Driver=11,Japan,16000,1000,17000,1000

[Team #05]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=12,Bulgaria,16300,1000,17200,1000
Second Driver=16,Montenegro,16000,1000,17000,1000

[Team #06]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=22,Brazil,16000,1000,17000,1000
Second Driver=23,Wales,16000,1000,17000,1000

[Team #07]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=24,Ireland,16000,1000,17000,1000
Second Driver=25,Australia,16500,1000,17500,1000

[Team #08]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=27,Finland,16500,1000,17250,1000
Second Driver=29,Germany,16000,1000,17000,1000

[Team #09]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=39,Romania,16000,1000,17000,1000
Second Driver=42,SanMarino,16500,1000,17500,1000

[Team #10]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=69,Portugal,16100,1000,17300,1000
Second Driver=86,England,16350,1000,17350,1000

I was disappointed to see how many people decided to use a boost i thought a quiet thread might give me chance to capitalise i was wrong...

@oensan I promise not to troll your name no more ;)
Buenos Aires... interesting track. Not really hoping for much this weekend based on the fact im not using boost, then again a couple of points would be helpful right now...


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Hope I can keep my current performance and get some points again

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After some difficulties with the Argentinian Government making life difficult for the British at the moment we were slightly delayed but we have made it to track and are ready for Qualifying. The gap has shrunk significantly to Alpenstrom and the Swedish team and with several nations closing not just the Dutch the championship is wide open as we approach half way. Its time to get down to the action though and see who is going to strike in qualifying for the race

It is Hunsley who sets us a marker for the rest today on what will be a sunny qualifying

Marinescu follows him over the line a half a second back

Vilela goes faster though

But is brief as Silva shades it

Antunis goes as close as you can get to Silva's time

Tafuro takes a couple of tenths out of it to set a new pole time

McGregor though absolutely smashes it and is nearly a second quicker than anyone so far

Maverick splits the difference for a provisional second

Alpenstrom goes a little closer than Maverick hoping to turn it around after the retirement in the last round

Jantsher moves into 4th

Silvestre gets trapped behind Byrne but manages 8th

Standings after everyone has given themselves a taste of the tarmac

Jantsher has an off on his second hot lap

Kederer climbs a couple of places to 17th

Byrne and Brilley having rough first halves of qualifying

McGregor improves on his first sector time though

Struggles in the middle and will fail to improve his time

In the meantime Kamikaze got himself onto the second row for the time being

Marinescu closes in on the field but still sits last

Johnson makes his way into the top ten

Nikolov does Johnson a few places better and takes 6th

Copeman gets himself up there as well

Standings with ten minutes left of the session

Silvestre puts in a very tidy lap to go forth

Kederer is steadily improving as he gets used to the track getting the car onto the 6th row

Girard has been quiet but makes it into the top ten

Jantsher manages to move himself into third

Hunsley is another to break into the top ten as they all shuffle for position in the midfield

Copeman has seen his final run ruined by McGregor coming out the pits in front of him

Johnson was let out too late and isnt going to get a final run which will be frustrating for the Canadian team

Vukcevic uses the last effort to make 9th at the moment

McGregor cannot improve but will he have needed to

Kamkiaze is the last man to cross but fails to improve

Here are the official standings and congratulations go to Australia. Its been a rough season so far for McGregor and co but this could be the spark they needed. Alpenstrom joins him on the front row hoping to keep the other contenders at bay

Apologies if you do not appear in qualifying it was sooooooooo dull what you see there is i think almost everything

@ oensan you missed the perf deadline so you know sir

Race will be up wednesday :)
Either way an impressive coverage again.

And 4th is brilliant considering all the used boost and the little boost I used myself. I sincerely hope for another podium.

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Terrible again!

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6th without boost is good, although it's a shame I couldn't hold 4th place. I'm going for the podium in the race.

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Spent 300 in boost for Qualify and only manage 16th. Again behind several nations that didn't use any boot.

Why do i insist in use boost in qualifying? I don't know... ;)


Well not too bad I think, considering I was too late sending my boost in! I looked happy in 10th though but dropped to 14, let's see what we can do, hopefully Sweden will not gain to much in the WC!

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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not bad for Italy:-)

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Pretty bad result, will be difficult to get some points in race.

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7th is a good position. If everything is all right, we can return to the point-winning route.
Oh 9th, thats pretty decent. Although saying that, now to watch the familiar pattern of the montenegro car going backwards after qualifying decently...


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