GPG Nations Cup S5 R17 - Off-season

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To get rid of the "mirrored textures" bug, shown at this pic for example (Santander logo):

you need to find a following line in your f1graphics.cfg file:
1 ; [MAIN VIEW] Enable wet weather reflections
and change it from 1 to 0.

p.s. I need some time to paint a Russian car, so the drivers name as well as the number will be announced when the painting work is done.

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Italy will continue in S6 without changes.

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The race wasn't as good as expected but we're happy to have secured 5th place in the championship, mainly thanks to Netherlands losing positions in the end of the race, but hey...

Congrats to Wales, Brazil and Germany for their podium finishing in championship, and a bit of sad feelings for China losing it all in the end.


As of Season 6 the team will be there. To know which nation we will represent is a tad premature as we are still discussing at the moment budget and commitment with our current follower and a new one who've lost recently their team in the series.

What we can say right now is that the team has secured their technical providers so you can rule in Renault and Michelin for the new season.

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Yes, correct for me - USA Tor return to the series with a brash outspoken new driver, possibly the U.S. president himself or one of his offspring, just to keep it all in the family.......
Tyres will not be Michelin......probably Firestone. Engines supplied by Chevrolet

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I am in a similar situation as Milos, but I will continue another season. I don't mind activity, I pop in here every day, but boosting is being a problem sometimes. We'll see what happens. I intend to gather time to paint up a new car, but I assume we can keep the current liveries in any case, right?

On a side note, huge congrats to Wales. And nice quiet race from us but we'll see how high we can get next season.

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Just submit a boostplan for the whole season then

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Team Ireland

P9 for the Ireland, seems good result for the team to end the season. 10th in the standings which is great and good result for the Ireland.

Regarding for the next season. I might change to another nation in GPGNC, so basically I'd like to have that as my plan. However, it seems like Ireland might not stay next season.

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Entry for The Netherlands is confirmed, all stays the same!

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Milos, Carlos, you can submit a boost plan for the whole season as Tobi said

Some teams already did that this season

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Portugal wants to stay for another season, but leaving the historical number 69 to start a new era with number 7, if possible (if someone want to design a new car for us)....


Wales and Tom Pryce will defend the title wearing number 1 with Mercedes power and with Firestones (Y)
If, and only if, there are spare slots on the grid, I would be happy to run a second nation if no one has objections? No problem if anyone does object, I am most happy to run with just the one.
X_Acto Wrote:
> Portugal wants to stay for another season, but
> leaving the historical number 69 to start a new
> era with number 7, if possible (if someone want to
> design a new car for us)....

I guess number 7 is already taken by Argentina. I missed that one, and change to number 9 instead.

Anyway, i think somebody had take the invitation to make a new car design for us... :)


When should we start planning the changes for Season 6, like deciding on how many rounds for the season and any other changes that could be made? Probably a bit early, but it would be good to know when we can start planning.

Good end to a difficult season for Team Finland.

Side note, probably will change my driver, so I'll try to organise that ahead of time.
I will give South Korea another chance next season, let's see how it goes
Nations Cup Provisional Season 6 Entry List Update

In regards to Portugal wanting to run with #7, if FNC7 doesn't confirm that he'll be taking part then Portugal can use it. Not sure though on how long we should give to the remaining participants to confirm their entry into Season 6.

I'll give another Ireland a chance for them in Season 6, hopefully we'll see how Ireland improves next season.

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Why don't we give everyone until 1 April to nominate for the next season, and then we can spend April sorting through preparations and then get back racing in may, if not sooner?
I won't fall for that

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