GPG Nations Cup S5 R17 - Off-season

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Team Ireland

Currently struggling for pace in Brazil. I think this track doesn't suit our best at the moment. Hope for the best in the next laps of Brazil.

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GPG Nations Cup Rd 17 Brazilian GP - Race Day

Part 2

Welcome back.

Tafuro had managed to get ahead of Nikolov, but now the Bulgarian is closer.

Out the front, De Boer continues to do his best to keep Cremasco in his sights.

Rodriguez is in a position to make a move on Nikolov into Turn 4.

And he gets it done, leaving Nikolov out wide.

Now he has Silvestre right behind him.

Pryce takes the fastest lap. That guarantees him 1pt here today if he can keep it till the end of the race.

Silva is looking for a move on Ancevski.

Silvestre has gotten ahead of Nikolov.

Now Tung has a chance to make a move.

Silva failed before to get ahead, but he isn’t giving up just yet.

Tung succeeds in getting ahead of Nikolov, and Silva manages to get ahead of Ancevski.

Hatfield now finds himself on the back on Nikolov.

We have a train forming at the rear of the field.

Kederer has lost a position to Keranen and could lose another one to McGregor.

Silva succeeds in getting ahead of Hatfield.

The split between 1st and 2nd is almost at 2s.

Pryce looks close enough to Grimaldi to make a move.

And he succeeds in getting ahead. Meanwhile, McGregor is chasing down Kederer.

McGregor goes for his move at Turn 1.

And the Australian succeeds in getting ahead.

As a result of the move, it’s allowed Pryce to close in on Kederer.

Pryce wastes no time at all in making his move on Kederer.

Now Grimaldi has closed in on Kederer.

Back to the rear of the field, and Hatfield looks to be going for a move on Nikolov.

However, Nikolov manages to keep hold of his position.

Hatfield doesn’t give up though, and tries again to get by on the run down to Turn 4.

This time he gets the move done.

It’s time to check out the standings again.

Ancevski has managed to get ahead of Nikolov.

The split shows that Cremasco is continuing to increase his lead over De Boer.

Girard has 3rd secured for the time being as the split shows how far ahead of Kuei he is.

Grimaldi is stalking Kederer.

Silva is looking for a possible move on Tung.

However, it’ll have to wait for another time.

Pitstops are now underway.

It looks like Silva has managed to get ahead of Tung.

Hatfield and Ancevski are also in for their stop.

Cremasco rejoins, but he has rejoined right in front of Rodriguez.

Fortunately, no contact is made and Cremasco manages to stay ahead.

De Boer has rejoined behind Silva.

More pitstops are being taken.

De Boer doesn’t want to waste too much time being stuck behind cars that are yet to pit. He has a look up the inside of Silva.

And he succeeds in getting ahead.

The top 3 are all in for their stop.

Girard rejoins behind De Boer and ahead of Silva.

De Boer looks to be getting held up by Silvestre, allowing the cars behind to close in on him.

Silvestre is in for his stop.

Silva, Tung and Nikolov are in as well.

Kuei has managed to get ahead of Girard.

With all pitstops now completed, let’s check out the standings.

Time once again for a break. We’ll see you all again soon.

Team Wales
Up to 5th! Keep going!
Bloody hell! 17th it's a massive disappointment.

Surprisingly no one retired, so far...


Who wants a preview of next season's car?

(Tyres subject to change)

Fan of the Far East & all their drivers / GPGNC - S3: Team Philippines, S4/S5: Team Japan, S6: Team Indonesia (S6 runner-up)
Looks good.

SakuMiku Wrote:
> Who wants a preview of next season's car?

also i'd like to take a vacant place for a next season (if it's going to happen) with the team russia.

For a list of EVERY download for GP4, look here:[]

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No access to a workable PC for a while and since last May so Team Canada is taking at least one season off. I'm keeping hope I'll be back soon but don't count on me for now hehe
Soutsen Wrote:
> me:-)
> also i'd like to take a vacant place for a next
> season (if it's going to happen) with the team
> russia.

You want to join the series in Season 6 with Team Russia? That should be possible since there are 3 vacant spots currently (1 of those should be getting taken by FNC7 when he brings Team Argentina into the series, though it won't be the same team as it was when Domenech was their manager). All you need as well is the drivers name, number and tyres (for number, any between 2 and 99 not currently taken should be fine. Not sure about #9, #16 and #27 though since those numbers did belong to the managers that were removed due to inactivity).

GPG Nations Cup Rd 17 Brazilian GP - Race Day

Part 3

Welcome back once again.

With the lead out to almost 10s, the race is now Cremasco’s to win or lose.

Positions 3 through to 7 are all pretty close to each.

Hang on, it looks like Kuei could have a problem.

McGregor is challenging Keranen for 5th.

But hugging the inside line isn’t going to help him.

As a result, it’s allowed Grimaldi to close in and attempt his own passing move.

Grimaldi wastes no time in getting ahead.

It’s Transmission Failure that has robbed Kuei of a potential podium finish here today.

Silva is doing his best to close in on Hatfield.

De Boer may not have a shot at the lead anymore, but he should be happy with 2nd if he can manage to hold it till the end.

Silva looks much closer now to the back of Hatfield.

Surely the pressure must be getting to Hatfield right now.

McGregor has managed to close back in on Grimaldi.

Hatfield has found the wall and that is race over for him.

It looks like McGregor has managed to get ahead of Grimaldi.

Kederer makes his move, and succeeds in getting ahead of Grimaldi. With this, it gives the German enough points to tie with Tung in the standings.

Let’s check out the current standings as we ride onboard with De Boer.

Girard has caught up to De Boer. We could have a very intense battle pretty soon for 2nd.

He makes his move on the run to Turn 4.

And the Frenchman moves up into 2nd.

Pryce isn’t too far behind and could end up throwing himself into the battle for the podium.

It took him awhile to close in on De Boer, and now Pryce looks ready to make his move.

He wasn’t quite close enough to make his move, but Pryce is still close enough to try again later.

Cremasco only has 7 laps left till he can take the chequered flag.

Tung is now out of the championship battle, and as it currently stands he has also lost 2nd and 3rd to both Cremasco and Kederer. He and the team won’t be too happy about that.

It’s been a tough race here today for Rodriguez. He’ll be hoping for much better in Season 6.

It doesn’t matter what happens now to Pryce as he is now the champion elect for Season 5.

As we focus in on Cremasco, we can see visually just how big the gap is between the Brazilian and Girard.

Silva is slowly closing in on Silvestre.

Silva takes the fastest lap, and ends up making slight contact with the San Marino car.

It looks like De Boer has lost another position, this time to Keranen. McGregor is now next in line to try and get by.

Silva makes his move at Turn 4 on Silvestre and succeeds in getting ahead.

McGregor makes his move on De Boer.

And the Australian succeeds in getting ahead.

Let’s check out the current standings again.

2 laps left remaining.

Cremasco starts the final lap. Not long to go for the Brazilian now on his way to a home victory.

He comes through the final corners for the last time.

And he takes the chequered flag to win the Brazilian GP and the crowd once again erupts into loud cheers. With this result, Cremasco manages to snatch 2nd in the championship.

Girard takes 2nd.

Pryce takes 3rd and is crowned champion of Nations Cup for Season 5. Expect a huge celebration from everyone in the team.

Kederer finishes in 7th. It gives him 4pts to tie with Tung, and will take 3rd in the championship as he has 1 victory more than Tung (3 wins to 2 wins).

Tung gave it his all in Season 5, and to come up short while leading the entire season makes him and the team even more disappointed.

There we have it. The coverage has finally come to a close and we can... hang on, the rain is starting to come down and Pryce is over at Turn 4. It looks like we’ll be getting a celebration burnout from the newly crowned champion.

As we were saying, the coverage has finally come to a close. Congratulations Nathan Cremasco and Team Brazil, the winner of Rd 17. It’s a home win for the team, so they’ll be celebrating just as much as Team Wales will be celebrating. Speaking of, Wales did an outstanding job in the second half of the season, taking advantage of China’s misfortunes by snagging a bunch of points. They also managed their boost usage a lot better than China did, and that could be why China lost out in the end. For both Brazil and Germany, they have managed to finish 2nd and 3rd in the championship. They both were in contention throughout the season, but a few issues of their own eventually cost them their chance to fight for the championship. If both teams return in Season 6, expect them to be contenders once again alongside both Wales and China. Anyways, that’s it from Interlagos. We hope you enjoyed our coverage, and we hope to see you all back here again next season when we bring you Season 6. It’ll be a new season, with plenty of new changes, so look forward to it. So until then, it’s goodbye.

WTF :/ 2nd all race .. then in the last 7 laps losing 4 places! I really don't understand this .... ridiculous

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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A wasted season, no doubt.

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GPG Nations Cup Rd 17 Brazilian GP Official Results

Race Results

Fastest Laps

Team China

14th after a long day. Tung did everything he could throughout the season to be in the position he was in (championship leader), and due to our poor boost management the second half of the season went quite poorly for us. That's why we ended up losing out to Wales. And congratulations as well to both Brazil and Germany for beating us. We thought we had 2nd secured, so to lose that as well as 3rd and end the season in 4th is quite upsetting to us. Expect us to be back again in Season 6.

A good result in our home race, we take the win and the 2nd place in the championship, if it weren't for that boost that we forgot to submit we could had aimed even higher, we'll be back in season 6 as well

I'm going to resume my functions as performance and activity checker next season

Team Wales

Woohoo!! So pleased to take third in the final race to wrap up the championship, what a great second half to the season from Pryce.

Congratulations to Brazil and Germany and commiserations to China - without that spin from Silva who knows what might have happened.

Thanks to all who make this series happen, in particular Greg for RD'ing so many rounds. I have a bit more time on my hands now my son is a little older so will hope to be able to help out with the series more next season.
Rd 17 - Brazil - Official Results

Rd 17 - Brazil - Official Standings Table

GPG Nations Cup Provisional Season 6 Entry List

Now that Season 5 has ended, it's time to start looking forward to Season 6. For now, here is the provisional entry list:

All participants who sees this, please state if you'll be continuing on into Season 6 and if any changes will be made. The sooner we can get the entry list 100% confirmed the better, as it'll help with getting the Season 6 tables organised (car number+flag for the mod will come later on).

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I won't be. Struggling to keep up with two games, and me forgetting my boost for the final round only shows it

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