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There are some really great cars this season, gonna be some beautiful looking grids ;)

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Awsome cars everybody!


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will be a great grid indeed :)

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hey guys, thanks for the comments! :)

just wanted to ask, im having trouble with getting th etextures ingame, wretched renaming files and all I get is white cars on the right shape.

if anyone is able to help out by emailing/pming and upload link of the core files i can overwrite a general game wad just for screenshot purposes id be ever so grateful!

cant seem to get cms working on vista 64 either, the cock!

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Alpha Motorsports Season 3 Launch

In Sydney tonight, Alpha Motorsports launched their campaign for Season 3 of the GrandPrixGames SuperLeague. After a disappointing 2nd season, MasterCard has left the team, with LG now becoming the title sponsor. Secondary sponsors Emirates Airlines, Ford, Ray Ban, Adidas and Bridgestone have remained with the team, while Mobil 1 replaces Repsol as the team's oil and lubricants supplier. To cut costs, the team decided to paint the car inhouse, with test driver Alexandre Koemmerer designing much of the car.

The team would like to thank SandroX for the photography of the car at the launch.

Team/Driver Quotes:

Team Boss, Ed Greenhalgh (AUS): "I am really looking forward to Season 3 with the team. We have some exciting new drivers aboard, and I think we can make some great progress during the season. The most important aspect we need to work on is consistency. Over the past few seasons we have shown glimpses of great speed, but have been unable to regularly show this. We will need to do this if we want to make significant inroads into the midfield of the championship, which we expect to be incredibly close. My thanks go to Alex, who did a fantastic job in designing the car, and to our fantastic sponsors, in particular LG who join the team this season and Emirates Airlines and Ford, who remain with the team. We appreciate their support in these tough economic times!"

Driver 1, #20, Ben Brown (GBR): "After a few good results last year in my rookie season I am hoping to seriously improve on my results. The main aim for me is to see the team become more competitive race after race instead of just a few races here and there. Realistically I hope the new sponsor LG, and continued support from Fly Emirates (who I have had to forgive for sponsoring Chelsea) bring in more money for us so we can keep developing the car throughout the year and I really hope the team breaks into the top 5 teams in Season 3!"

Driver 2, #21, Stefan van Renselaar (NED): "I'm looking forward to my first season as a race driver and I would like to thank Alpha Motorsports for giving me this opportunity."

Test Driver 1, Alexandre Koemmerer (FRA): "It's always exciting to start a new season, new teams, new drivers, new liveries and everyone wanting to win! This season I will have to help Ben and Stefan to get the best of the car, I hope I'll reach the goal with the help from Gary!"

Test Driver 2, Gary Spencer (GBR): (Spencer was thoroughly enjoying his pre-season break on a remote tropical island, and was unable to be contacted for comment at the time of the launch.)

The team is now making final preparations, including some final testing, before the season gets underway with the team's home event at the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

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two Bridgestone's "B" on the nose, wow ;) something went wrong with the template.

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OOOOOH, Adidas. Where have I seen Adidas sponsorship before? ;)

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Wow, nice car Ed.

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can I ask, who is this SandroX guy? Would be nice, when he/she/it can do a render of the Double F car can do it also.

Anyway, nice cars from all teams. This season will have really nice liveries. :)
Looks like the DXRs and MPRs are gonna be fashionably late ;)
I'm still in Melbourne for a week, don't panic. :-)

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The Alpha car looks professional! Lets see if its going to be fast this season.

Funny to see 2 brigestone "B's" indeed.. Small mistake ;)

Cant wait till S3 starts!

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thanks for the nice comments everyone, but all credit goes to Alex (AlexSchumi) for the design

Vandusk Wrote:
> can I ask, who is this SandroX guy? Would be nice,
> when he/she/it can do a render of the Double F car
> can do it also.

send a PM and ask ;)

Monza972 Wrote:
> Nice move Ed
> []

indeed, it was good that our team was the one chosen ;)

X (@ed24f1)
Nice Alpha car! Looking forward to see my new ride for S3.


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One thing isn't fair, my teammate Mister Spencer gets a holiday to a remote tropical island and I have to stay in Holland were it allways rains.... :(

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