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Since we'll have a test session after the Imola GP you can PM me now if you want to test. Remember you need to have at least 1M to test. Just put into the PM if you want to test power or reliability and which of your three drivers take part. The test session will be held on 30th of November.
Rumours go that Renault is looking to hire a French 2nd driver, next to Schumacher for next season.

Christel VXR driver #6.

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Darksoul Wrote:
> Rumours go that Renault is looking to hire a
> French 2nd driver, next to Schumacher for next
> season.

I imagine it will be Panis, not a ton of choice with french drivers in 2004. Would be fun to see a frenchman at Renault, always had a soft spot for drivers in their "national" teams.

It was the third pole for Ferrari and Sato this season. Biggest surprise of the session was Ralf Schumacher getting the 3rd place.

A positive start to the weekend

2004 San Marino Grand Prix

Welcome to recap of the 2004 San Marino Grand Prix raced on the Imola Circuit. It’s the fourth round of the 2004 season.

Lap #1
Takuma Sato gets a good start and holds the first place at the start. The gap to Massa is 1.5 seconds after the first lap.

Lap #2
Vitaly Petrov’s transmission gives up after only one lap and the Jordan driver is forced to retire. Mark Webber pressures Giancarlo Fisichella and Fisichella spins out. He rejoins the track in the last place.

Lap #3
Robert Kubica spins to the gravel and drops all the way down to 20th place.

Lap #4
It’s now Scott Dixon’s turn to go wide. He drops to 19th place.

Lap #5
Takuma Sato leads the pack with Felipe Massa close behind.

Lap #6
There’s a queue of five cars from places 3 to 7. It’s apparent that it’ll be tough to make a pass today.

Lap #10
Takuma Sato and Felipe Massa are pulling away while the others behind them fight for positions.

Lap #11
Dario Franchitti and Kazuki Nakajima spin in the same turn. Nakajima drops down to 19th but Franchitti gets stuck on the gravel for longer and he rejoins the track in the last place by a wide margin.

Lap #13
Jenson Button retires once again with a suspension failure. That’s now three retirements in four races for one of the highest paid drivers.

Fernando Alonso’s Mercedes engine blows up in the same lap and he too is forced to retire from the race.

Lap #15
Nick Heidfeld passes Antonio Pizzonia for 7th place.

Takuma Sato carries on in the lead on the 15th lap.

Lap #16
Giancarlo Fisichella continues his climb up the standings after his mistake. He’s now 15th.

Lap #18
Ralf Schumacher spins and drops to 10th from the 3rd place.

Lap #20
Takuma Sato start’s the 20th lap in the lead.

Scott Dixon and Kazuki Nakajima both pass Nico Rosberg who then spins in the next turn. He gets stuck on the gravel and retires from the race.

Mark Webber, Heikki Kovalainen and Kazuki Nakajima pit.

Lap #21
Nick Heidfeld pits.

Lap #22
Paul di Resta spins and drops to 13th place.

Dan Wheldon makes a pit stop.

Lap #23
Michael Schumacher and Paul di Resta pit.

Lap #24
Scott Dixon pits.

Lap #25
Felipe Massa is closing in on Takuma Sato while he embarrasses his team mate by lapping him. Meanwhile, Giancarlo Fisichella pits.

Lap #26
Takuma Sato spins for the lead! His Ferrari gets stuck on the gravel and he’s powerless to do anything. Perfect weekend so far is ruined in seconds and he’s forced to retire!

Kimi Räikkönen pits.

Lap #27
Christian Klien pits.

Lap #28
Dan Wheldon passes Robert Kubica for 11th place.

Lap #29
Felipe Massa and Dario Franchitti pit. Felipe Massa holds the lead after the pit stop.

Lap #30
Felipe Massa has a comfortable lead and the Brazilian is looking strong to snatch up his first win in F1!

Antonio Pizzonia goes wide and Rubens Barrichello gets past him. Robert Kubica pits.

Lap #31
Both Rubens Barrichello and Antonio Pizzonia pit on the next lap.

Lap #32
Ralf Schumacher pits.

Lap #33
Michael Schumacher loses control of his car and he spins out. He hits the wall and loses his left back tyre. On the same lap his brother Ralf does the same without hitting the wall but both are forced to retire. How can this happen on the same lap?!

Lap #35
Paul di Resta caps off a weekend to forget for Jordan as his Cosworth engine blows up.

Felipe Massa has full control of the race in the lead.

Lap #36
Now Dan Wheldon’s engine gives up! This is becoming a race of attrition!

Lap #37
Rubens Barrichello passes Nick Heidfeld for 4th place.

Lap #39
Rubens Barrichello pits.

Lap #40
Felipe Massa gives the Toyota team principal John Warrington some tense moments as he goes wide but he doesn’t lose any places.

Meanwhile his team mate Mark Webber pits.

Lap #42
Kimi Räikkönen, Nick Heidfeld and Antonio Pizzonia pit.

Lap #43
Nick Heidfeld makes a mistake on the next lap and spins on the gravel. He escapes his team mates fate but he drops down to 9th place.

Lap #45
Heikki Kovalainen pits.

Lap #46
There’s only 17 laps between Felipe Massa’s and Toyota’s first wins in F1!

Lap #47
Christian Klien, Felipe Massa and Robert Kubica pit.

Lap #48
Giancarlo Fisichella and Scott Dixon pit.

Lap #50
There has got to be a nervous guy in that Toyota car right now. Nothing but a mistake or a technical problem can take this win away.

Heikki Kovalainen retires with an engine problem.

Lap #52
Disaster for Antonio Pizzonia! He suffers a puncture and is forced to retire from a top 5 position with only 11 laps remaining.

Lap #55
Not much is happening on the track as half the field has retired.

Lap #60
Only three laps remain in the 2004 San Marino GP. They can taste the champagne in the Toyota garage already!

Lap #62
Felipe Massa starts the final lap in the lead! This is history in the making!

Felipe Massa celebrates like a mad man as he crosses the finish line to bring Toyota it’s first victory in F1! There are hugs all around the garage.

Williams’ Kimi Räikkönen comes home in the second place. It was a quiet race for the Finn but during today’s mayhem it was a positive thing.

Mark Webber caps off a day to remember for Toyota as he crosses the finish line in third place.

Almost hoped for some points for Arrows with all the retirements
Double points! The Sauber garage is in joy :)

Dominik Karda | Team Atlantic - #22 - Race Driver / Temporary Team Owner
Nooooooooo! Why have this had to happen? Not interested in Franchiti spinning, but Sato?

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A double podium and a race win, what a race! Get in there!

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