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2004 Australian Grand Prix - Free Practice

2004 Australian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Takuma Sato took the first pole of the 2004 season for Ferrari by just beating Felipe Massa of Toyota. Fernando Alonso of McLaren finished up the top three.

The race will be up tomorrow!
Both drivers in the top 6 for Toyota, a positive start. Jordan was about as good as could be expected given the budget

Räikkönen 4. and Barichello 7. - Not excellent but good enough
Wow this is not going well ^^
Wow, 9 and 12 is a quite bad start for Renault

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What are Ferrari feeding Taku ?
2004 Australian Grand Prix
The first Grand Prix of the season began in wet conditions. The forecast was rain for at least the first hour of the race.
The first turn was clean with no debris. Alonso overtook Massa to take the second place. The top 8 after the first lap is 1. Alonso 2. Sato 3. Massa 4. Fisichella 5. Räikkönen 6. R. Schumacher 7. Barrichello 8. M. Schumacher

Lap #2
Alonso overtakes Sato for the lead! A great start for the Spaniard!

Lap #3
Heidfeld has had an awful start as he now finds himself from the 18th place. di Resta is in trouble all the time breaking into the corners. Felipe Massa also passes Sato and is now in the second place. Not the start Ferrari or Sato hoped for. Button spins and falls to the back of the field.

Lap #4
Speaking about start a team didn’t hope for, Scott Dixon of Sauber retired with suspension failure and during the same lap his team mate Christian Klien retired with a transmission failure! A weekend to forget for Sauber.

Lap #6
Alonso is leading comfortably after 6 laps.

Michael Schumacher retired from the 8th place with a suspension failure. Disappointing weekend on a whole for the reigning champion.

Lap #7
Paul di Resta hits the wall in the last corner of the track and his race is over. Like mentioned earlier, he had huge problems keeping the car on the track for the whole race.

Lap #9
Nico Rosberg goes wide which enables Nick Heidfeld to gain the 13th place. Rubens Barrichello has had a great start too. He’s fourth already and chasing Sato. At the last corners of the track he even overtakes him and is now 3rd!

Lap #10
Fisichella and Ralf Schumacher hit eachother and both drivers spin onto the gravel! Ralf Schumacher drops to 16th and Fisichella to 18th.

Lap #11
Vitaly Petrov is having a great debut race and he’s on the points with his Jordan!

Lap #12
Jenson Button’s race has been a disaster so far. He’s stuck behind the Minardi of Nico Rosberg on 15th place.

Lap #13
Kimi Räikkönen chases down Takuma Sato for the fourth place.

It doesn’t take long and Räikkönen is now 4th! The pole sitter Sato has dropped down to fifth already.

Ralf Schumacher goes wide and drops down to 17th. This opening round is turning out to be nothing to write home about for the Schumacher brothers.

Lap #14
Vitaly Petrov is now 7th! Great driving by the young Russian in these difficult conditions.

Lap #15
Button finally passes Rosberg and is now 14th. The hats aren’t flying around in the BAR garage. Fisichella passes Kubica for the 17th place and pushes him onto gravel in the process. Neither car sustains any damage.

Lap #18
Dan Wheldon’s BAR is engulphed in flames and he has to retire.

Lap #20
Rubens Barrichello gets past Felipe Massa and the Williams driver is now 2nd!

Lap #21
Kubica’s car suffers the same fate as Wheldon’s a couple of laps earlier. Must be disappointing not get to finish his debut race.

Lap #22
Giancarlo Fisichella’s disaster race end in a retirement. There was an electrical problem in his McLaren.

Lap #24
Petrov overtakes Mark Webber and he’s now 6th! Simply amazing by the Russian in a car that shouldn’t challenge the likes of Toyota!

Lap #26
Alonso is disappearing in the distance for the rest of the field.

Ralf Schumacher passes Button and is now 12th. Can he still get some points in this race? At the same time Takuma Sato spins and drops down to 7th place. He can’t be very happy with his performance today.

Lap #28
Kimi Räikkönen is chasing down Felipe Massa who’s in the third place.

Lap #29
Just a lap later Kimi is able to pass Massa. They nudge eachother during the pass but there’s no damage to either car.

Lap #31
Vitaly Petrov is cruising along in the fifth place. He has stayed away from trouble and it’s paying off for him. Ralf Schumacher spins and is again down in the 13th place. The rain has now stopped all around the track and the forecast says there won’t be any more rain during the race.

Lap #33
Rubens Barrichello is the first man to pit this afternoon.

Lap #34
Vitaly Petrov, Dario Franchitti and Ralf Schumacher pit. Nakajima’s debut race literally goes up in flames and he has to retire.

Lap #35
Räikkönen and Kovalainen pit.

Lap #36
Antonio Pizzonia pits.

Lap #37
Heikki Kovalainen spins and drops to 14th.

Lap #38
Massa, Sato, Heidfeld and Rosberg pit.

Lap #39
Alonso and Webber pit. Alonso joins back safely in the lead. Looks like nothing can deny him of victory.

Lap #40
Barrichello’s strategy of pitting first seems to have backfired. He’s dropped behind Räikkönen and Massa. Jenson Button is the last guy to pit.

Lap #42
Fernando Alonso is leading comfortably after 42 laps.

Lap #47
Felipe Massa is hanging at the back of Räikkönen’s car.

Lap #48
Massa overtakes Räikkönen! Massa is now 2nd in his Toyota.

Lap #49
Button overtakes Kovalainen for the 12th place. Nick Heidfeld overtakes Dario Franchitti and Antonio Pizzonia in just a couple of corners! Pizzonia has to pit because of problems with his car. The Jaguar pit crew is able to fix his car and he can continue the race.

Lap #51
With eight laps to go Alonso is leading by over 26 seconds.

Lap #55
Antonio Pizzonia overtakes Kovalainen for the 12th place. He also gets the fastest lap on a drying track and with the freshest tyres.

Lap #58
Fernando Alonso starts the final lap in the lead. Pizzonia overtakes Button for the 11th place.

Fernando Alonso comes home as the winner of Australian Grand Prix! A dominating performance by the McLaren driver.

Felipe Massa started from the second place and ends up in the same position.

Kimi Räikkönen finishes up the podium.

Vitaly Petrov JUST fights off the final lap challenge from Mark Webber and amazingly finishes 5th! What a race for him and the Jordan team!

Final results

Very pleased with a double points finish and a podium. Encouraging signs.


The less said about Paul DiResta the better but what a drive from Petrov! Stunning.

Ultra sexy start for Williams! hot
Bad to see Sato fall down the order and Franchiti definitely has to work on his pace

Sorry, folks. Some urgent real life task makes me impossible to continue participating this. Hope you're all still have fun with it.

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Sorry to hear it soutsen.

Meanwhile a race to forget for both BAR and Arrows, this will be a difficult year.
You're welcome back anytime Soutsen!
I guess the season can only go better now for Sauber.

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Is there a spot available, still?

Christel VXR driver #6.

Darksoul Wrote:
> Is there a spot available, still?

Yeah there are 4 teams still available I believe

I assume Renault is available, since Soutsen quit? Or which other teams are?

Christel VXR driver #6.

Renault, Jordan, Minardi and BAR are all available. You're free to pick any of those.
I'd like to join - do I PM you with the team I want to pick?

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You can just post it in this thread.

I assume Darksoul wants Renault and he posted first so pick one of BAR, Jordan or Minardi.

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