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Syvis Schreef:
> Renault, Jordan, Minardi and BAR are all
> available. You're free to pick any of those.

I'll take Renault, then. :)

Christel VXR driver #6.

Takuma Sato continued his qualifying pace where he left off at Melbourne. The Ferrari driver now has two poles in as many qualifyings.

Poor start to the weekend for us

I hope Australia doesn’t repeat for Sato. BTW if Franchiti continues his bad performance in the next 3-4 races, Wurz might be called in

This really isn't going well for BAR and Arrows... well it's expected for Arrows, but really disappointing so far for BAR.
2004 Malaysian Grand Prix
The next round of 2004 season was raced on the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. The forecast was dry for the whole afternoon.

Räikkönen gets a great start and passes Sato by the first corner. Webber also passes Barrichello but Barrichello gets his place back on the same lap.

Lap #2
Nakajima goes wide but he was already in the last place.

Lap #3
Webber challenges Barrichello at the end of the main straight.

Webber hits Barrichello and the Brazilian spins! Webber continues in the fourth place.

Fernando Alonso has a technical problem and he’s forced to pit! He’s able to continue the race afterward.

Lap #5
Felipe Massa goes past Ralf Schumacher and is now 7th.

Lap #7
Kimi Räikkönen has built up a nice lead already. Webber gets past Giancarlo Fisichella and is now in the podium places.

Lap #8
Barrichello has started his climb back up the standings and passes Paul di Resta. He’s now 19th. Meanwhile the BAR drivers Wheldon and Button are squabbling over 10th place.

Lap #9
Barrichello is now 18th after he passes Nico Rosberg. Scott Dixon makes an early pit due to some technical problem in his car.

Lap #11
Antonio Pizzonia spins and drops down all the way to 19th place.

Lap #12
Both Michael and Ralf Schumacher get past Giancarlo Fisichella. Michael is now 4th and Ralf is 5th.

Lap #14
Barrichello is already 14th after he gets past Vitaly Petrov.

Lap #15
Kimi Räikkönen is pulling even more ahead of the pack now.

Takuma Sato spins and drops down to the 10th place. This race is going exactly like Melbourne for him so far.

Lap #16
Both Pizzonia and Alonso get past di Resta and they’re now 17th and 18th respectively. Dario Franchitti is also able to pass Jenson Button for the 10th place. Christian Klien is the first driver to make a scheduled pit stop today.

Lap #18
Felipe Massa gets past Fisichella for the 5th place but the joy in the Toyota garage is short lived as Massa goes wide and drops down all the way to the back of the field.

Lap #19
Heikki Kovalainen and Vitaly Petrov both retire during this lap. Kovalainen suffers a puncture and Petrov’s Jordan suffer a suspension failure. Kazuki Nakajima pits.

Lap #20
Jenson Button pits. Räikkönen leads by over 14 seconds over Mark Webber.

Lap #21
Michael Schumacher goes a bit wide and his brother is able to pass him for the 3rd place.

Lap #22
Michael Schumacher and Dario Franchitti pit.

Lap #23
Nick Heidfeld pits.

Lap #25
Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button both retire on the same lap due to puncture. Kubica, Massa and Räikkönen pit.

Lap #27
Mark Webber, Ralf Schumacher and Dan Wheldon pit.

Lap #28
Giancarlo Fisichella, Takuma Sato and Paul di Resta pit.

Lap #29
Rubens Barrichello and Antonio Pizzonia pit.

Lap #30
Fernando Alonso pits.

Lap #31
Pizzonia gets past Heidfeld and is now 12th. Scott Dixon comes in the pits, this time scheduled. Massa goes wide again.

Lap #34
Pizzonia goes wide and drops back to 13th place. Massa once again goes on the gravel. Disaster race for him after the success of Australia. Ralf Schumacher’s Jaguar suffers an oil leak and his race goes up in flames. He retires from the 3rd place.

Lap #36
Christian Klien pits for the second time.

Lap #38
Can anyone deny Räikkönen of his victory today? He leads by 17 seconds with 18 laps to go.

Lap #40
Kazuki Nakajima pits.

Lap #41
Giancarlo Fisichella has to retire from the third place due to loose wheel! The third place seems cursed today. That’s now two retirement in two races for the Italian.

Lap #42
Räikkönen still comfortably in the lead. Webber is as comfortable in the second place. The top two of today seems to be clear. Meanwhile, Heidfeld spins and drops down to 10th place.

Lap #43
Rubens Barrichello is pushing Dan Wheldon for the fifth place.

Lap #44
Rubens Barrichello gets past Dan Wheldon and hits him in the process. Neither car suffers any damage though. Paul di Resta passes Robert Kubica for the 13th place.
Lap #47
No challenge for Kimi Räikkönen today.

Takuma Sato is determined to get past Michael Schumacher for the podium. Rubens Barrichello’s Ferrari engine gives up after 47 laps! What a shame since he had made up so many places after getting spun around at the start of the race.

Lap #51
With five laps to go, Webber has closed the gap a bit but it won’t be enough.

Takuma Sato is inching ever closer to Michael Schumacher’s Renault.

Lap #52
Kimi Räikkönen spins! He’s able to continue without losing places though. There’s some nail biting going on at the Williams pit wall for sure.

Lap #53
Takuma Sato is able to get past Michael Schumacher at the end of the main straight! He’s had his problems today also but he’s back on the podium!

Lap #55
Kimi Räikkönen is leading Mark Webber by over 5 seconds when we start the last lap of the race. Without any problems he’ll take the top step on the podium.

Kimi Räikkönen comes home to win the 2004 Malaysian Grand Prix! There was a slight scare with the spin but otherwise the Finn controlled the whole race.

Mark Webber is second today. Not as good a race for Toyota than the Australian one but it’s still two second places in two races.

The pole sitter Takuma Sato comes in third. You got to think that more was expected in the Ferrari garage but the third place is still a good showing after dropping to 10th.

There’s some team mate drama in the final corner of the race as Christian Klien passes Scott Dixon to finish 10th.

Take a second place but nowhere near good enough from Felipe today. Mark is extremely sorry for his tangle with Rubens.

Good one from Franchiti, it seems the Wurz threat did its job. Although Sato spun, it was unlikely he would challenge Raikkonen, he was really fast.

Decent showing from the boys, perhaps it could be points soon

Dominik Karda | Team Atlantic - #22 - Race Driver / Temporary Team Owner
BAR finally scored some points, good job by Wheldon, keeping it clean.
Arrows is still struggling but we know this is a learning season.
Hm, not too bad. I don't expect Nick to be able to keep up with der Michael. So, he won't be replaced.

Christel VXR driver #6.

Giancarlo Fisichella got the first non-Ferrari pole of the season. The qualifying session was so tight that the top eight was inside two tenths of eachother.

Now that isn’t nice. However it worries me that even Wurz can’t get close to Sato, so there’s an impression that the car’s a bit bad, but Sato is able to outperform it

Not a bad session from our test driver Lopez. I certainly hope he is a gem of sorts.

Christel VXR driver #6.

Getting almost worse for BAR.
For Arrows all our hopes are on Kubica, he is ironically thr George Russell of the situation.
2004 Bahrain Grand Prix

Welcome to recap of the 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix raced on the Sakhir International Circuit. It’s the third round of the 2004 season.

Giancarlo Fisichella keeps the lead after the first few turns.

Vitaly Petrov gets hit by Robert Kubica which causes Petrov to spin and drop down to the last position.

Lap #3
Paul di Resta gets past Robert Kubica and is now 18th.

Lap #5
Giancarlo Fisichella is still leading the race after five laps. There are no big gaps yet in the top 8.

Rubens Barrichello overtakes Antonio Pizzonia for the 6th place.

Lap #7
Antonio Pizzonia has problems with his throttle pedal and spins out. He’s able to continue but he pits at the end of the lap.

Lap #9
Nick Heidfeld overtakes Mark Webber for the 8th and final points position.

Lap #10
Giancarlo Fisichella is controlling the race by relative ease. The top 6 is still bunched up though.

Lap #11
Dario Franchitti overtakes both Michael Schumacher and Mark Webber for the 9th place.

Jenson Button’s Mercedes engine gives up after only 11 laps. What a disastrous start to the 2004 season by the Brit.

Lap #12
Mark Webber loses control of his car and spins. Michael Schumacher doesn’t have time to react and hits him hard. Webber has to retire and Schumacher limps back to the pits without a front wing.

On the same lap, Ralf Schumacher spins and drops down to 19th place. It’s turning out to be an awful race for the Schumacher brothers again.

Lap #13
Vitaly Petrov gets past Kazuki Nakajima and is now 16th. Rubens Barrichello is the first driver to make a scheduled pit stop.

Lap #14
Kimi Räikkönen comes in to pit also. Are both Williams drivers on a three stop strategy?

Lap #15
Giancarlo Fisichella leads but Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso aren’t far behind. Paul di Resta spins and drops down to 15th place. Alonso and Heikki Kovalainen pit.

Lap #17
Ralf Schumacher gets past Vitaly Petrov and is in 13th place. Kimi Räikkönen also gets past Kazuki Nakajima and is 15th. Fernando Alonso overtakes Scott Dixon for the 8th place. Dario Franchitti, Petrov and Nakajima pit.

Lap #18
Christian Klien and Paul di Resta pit.

Lap #19
Felipe Massa and Ralf Schumacher pit.

Lap #20
With many top eight runners pitting, the current standing look a bit different. From the top eight Scott Dixon and Nick Heidfeld pit on this lap.

Lap #21
Robert Kubica retires with an engine problem.

Lap #22
Giancarlo Fisichella and Wheldon pit. Takuma Sato is now the leader of the race.

Lap #23
Nico Rosberg pits.

Lap #25
It seems Ferrari are trying a one stop strategy with Takuma Sato as he has not pitted yet while everyone else in the top eight has.

Lap #27
Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Pizzonia pit. The Williams’ strategy isn’t working for Räikkönen.

Lap #28
Fernando Alonso, Rubens Barrichello and Heikki Kovalainen pit for the second time.

Lap #30
Takuma Sato still hasn’t pitted when lap 30 starts.

He comes in at the end of the lap and only drops down to 3rd place. Ferrari strategist is looking like a genius now.

Lap #32
Ralf Schumacher and Christian Klien hit eachother. Ralf gets the worst of it and spins but he doesn’t lose places.

Lap #35
Giancarlo Fisichella is back in the lead but he’ll still have to pit again. Michael Schumacher comes in the pits.

Lap #36
Rubens Barrichello is pushing Dario Franchitti for the 6th place but can’t get past.

Lap #40
Giancarlo Fisichella leads but his lead isn’t big enough yet to stay ahead of Takuma Sato after the pit stop.

Lap #41
While Michael Schumacher tries to get past Nico Rosberg they touch. Rosberg’s car does a 360 but fortunately he isn’t hurt after the scary crash.

Lap #42
Scott Dixon has an engine problem and has to retire. Kimi Räikkönen pits for the third time.

Lap #43
Ralf Schumacher overtakes Christian Klien for 8th place. Rubens Barrichello, Giancarlo Fisichella, Heikki Kovalainen, Kazuki Nakajima and Dan Wheldon all pit.

Lap #45
Takuma Sato is back in the lead after the pit stops. Fernando Alonso pits.

Lap #47
Paul di Resta, Nick Heidfeld and Christian Klien pit.

Lap #49
Antonio Pizzonia and Vitaly Petrov pit.

Lap #50
Takuma Sato is leading but Giancarlo Fisichella is closing in. Does Fisichella have enough laps to catch up?

Lap #53
Giancarlo Fisichella doesn’t have enough pace and it looks like Sato is going to get the win.

Lap #55
Great strategy decision is going to give Takuma Sato his first ever win in F1 if there are no technical problems in the last three laps.

Lap #57
Takuma Sato starts the last lap leading comfortably.

Takuma Sato wins the 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix! It's shaping up to be a interesting season as we now have three different winners from three different teams in the first three races!

Giancarlo started from the pole and finishes second. Although he didn’t get the win, it has to feel good for the Italian who had retired from both of the previous races.

Felipe Massa continues the podium streak for Toyota. Will they get their first win soon?

Hooray, first win for Ferrari this season, now if Franchiti was able to score a podium finish, it would be nice for the standings

Good podium. How are the standings looking?

They've been updated in the first post after every race. I'll be adding them to the end of the race reports too from now on.
Can BAR ask the FIA launch an investigation into the usage of voodoo techniques. We think Button may have been cursed.

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