GPG Nations Cup S6 - Rounds 10/11/12 [Quali/Race p.35 || Vacancies!]

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Yeah you can thank my current upload speed of 50Mb/s, else it'd have taken days to upload to youtube rather than ~30mins per video (roughly 2.5GB each), i.e. I wouldn't have done it.

Tables above, should be correct. If you struggle with the spoiler tags (have to open them in a new tab), you can also see them in the first post.

Congrats to the winner, and with that I see myself out.

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Congratulations, Brazil. I'm gutted to finish 2nd, but they won 2 races, we never, they deserve it more

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So it's finally over for Nations Cup.

Not a good end of season for Monaco, 4 races in a row with no point and going down the order in the rankings. Maybe a lack of motivation in the team after the announcement of the end of the series?

Anyway, it was great to be part of it for all these years and I'd like to thank all the people involved in the making of the series, past and present. Couldn't help a lot because of my limited free time, so much appreciated, guys. (Y)

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Good finish for me as Team USA.
If there is another season, i don't plan on being the USA again. Not sure i will re-sign again to be honest. Seems like too little interest in general in the concept now...

To be honest though, i would only want to return as Australia. I am an Aussie, so why would i want anything less? :)

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If a season 7 start i will be interested as usual.

It's a pity if this series comes to an end...


Thanks to all that ran the series, it's been a pleasure to take part in it, to create the Finnish livery was an honour :D
Italy’s performance has gone from good to bad from S1 to S6 with a costant pace. Not really happy to see the series go down but neither so sad... last seasons were just frustating. Thanks to everybody who made this series go for so many years!

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Last 3 races have gone bad for Ireland, especially with that electrical issues in the last 3 laps at China was a huge cost.

To cap off, it was a good season ending with a one win in GPGNC Season 6, which Ireland should be proud of that (Y)

And thanks GPGNC for providing the coverage and races, and from participating to the series. It is the end of an era for GPGNC. :)

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A lousy season for Team Russia, but it was a pleasure to paint that livery and participate in series anyway. Thanks to all involved (Y)

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What about we evolve this into a series where people race for football team....oh wait, that didn't work either IRL, did it? ;)

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Just caught up. Tobi, you're the germanest guy ever, angry and just getting the job done, kudos mate. ;) (B)

A shame about the awful run between Germany and China, else we might have just finished a bit higher. Parabens Brasil!

Thanks for the run guys, it has been great!

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Congrats to all involved in this series over the years. I've run no less than three different countries in four seasons: Fiji, New Zealand and finally a championship with Team Wales - it's been fun!
RIP :(

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Glad that I was able to be here for the end, looks like you all had a lot of fun over the years.
Glad that Team France was able to get a win as well.
Unfortunately, we (I) have together (unilaterally) arrived at the conclusion that our driver was to blame for our poor season, and as such will never race for me again in any future series in which I might participate.

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