GPG Nations Cup S6 - Rounds 10/11/12 [Quali/Race p.35 || Vacancies!]

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Haha! Friday's evening and I knew that this Vodka we had finally filled our tanks with will work out. Major concerns about Maslov's hangover tomorrow though, it doesn't look good for a race at all. But honestly who cares about tomorrow when it is P1 today? Davaj, davaj Vitya!!!

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7th? Nice...


Yeah the penalty hurt our performance

If GP4 could use my Geforce then I could help with the rounds left, but this game only recognizes the onboard shitty one

Ouch, almost last! Not a good way to start tomorrow.

At least it's going to be a bit wet, so let's see how we recover in the race.

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Long race ahead for Tung. Just have to hope he has a clean race and stays out of trouble.

Team Wales
Happy with 6th - hoping to keep accumulating handfuls of points and keep rising towards the top of the table.
Thrilled with 5th! The team is on fire, let's hope the car is not when the race comes. ;)

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Round 8 - German GP - Hockenheim


Hello and welcome everyone to round 8 at Hockenheim. Unlike yesterday, the weather should remain dry for the whole duration of the race.

The red lights go off, it's gogogo!

Good start for Rodríguez, looking to take 3rd from de Boer

Stellar start for Tafuro, up to 12th already

Hatfield looking to take the lead as the cars are blasting down the straight

Approaching Clark chicane

Price down to 8th as Vukcevic goes by

Timing shows us many movements in the middlefield

Keranen takes 3rd from Rodríguez

First lap completed

Vukcevic passes Silva for 6th place

Tafuro and Kederer moving up the order

Heavy lockup for Prost

4 way battle for 5th place

Fastest lap for Hatfield

Position changes in the top 10 after 3 laps

Small off for Warrington, he drops to 17th

Creating a small traffic jam behind him, which Saputra uses to move up some places

Silvestre trying to pass Tafuro, without success

Gap between 1st and 2nd remains under 1s

Kederer takes 11th from Bobby

The two of them still going at it

And Bobby remains ahead in the end

Optimistic attempt by Tung, doesn't work out

Keranen can't quite keep up with the top 2

Both Kederer and Tafuro now managed to go past Bobby

Silvestre goes past Warrington for 16th

Grimaldi up to 6th as the timing shows

Cremasco takes 18th from Tyrson

Gap getting slightly bigger now

Pryce with a slight off, doesn't lose any position though

Saputra past Tyrson for 19th

Kederer enters the points after passing Dilain

Silvestre goes off in turn 1

Prost defending 15th against Warrington

Pryce and Vukcevic battling for 8th

Maslov just within a second of Hatfield, while Keranen is almost 6s behind

Vukcevic has another go at Pryce

Warrington against Prost for 15th

Pryce stays ahead, while behind Kederer loses out to Tafuro

Kederer and Saputra in early for their stop

Pryce too late on the brakes, allowing Tafuro to go past him

Dilain tries too, but gets blocked

In the process losing his position to Warrington

Who also goes past Pryce, brilliant driving by the Brit

Pryce really losing pace now, lost another 2 positions

Make that 3

P1 and P2 in the pits

Silvestre and McGregor going at it

Keranen now with the temporary lead

Saputra is pulling off the track, a gearbox failure ends his race

Keranen pits

de Boer now in the lead

More pitstops under way

de Boer rejoins right behind Silvestre after his stop

Grimaldi is in, giving the lead back to Hatfield

Maslov lost a lot of time there, will be a tough piece of work to close that gap again

de Boer with the pass for 5th place

But Grimaldi retakes it on the next straight

The standings after all stops have been done

Tafuro with the fastest lap

Doesn't stand for long, Grimaldi beats his time

Pryce all the way down in 16th, he really dropped off pace

Bobby goes by as well

Tyrson has a look entering the motodrom, but has to stick back

Tries again the next lap, this time he's successful

Tafuro goes past Kederer for 7th place

4 laps to go for Hatfield

Germany with the most places gained in the top 10, after a rather disastrous qualifying

But the early stop was costly, on worn tyres Kederer loses another place to Tung

Silvestre takes 16th from Bobby

Kederer is off in turn 1, dropping out of the points to 12th

Hatfield takes the win

Maslov finished 2nd

Keranen completes the podium in 3rd

Rodríguez and Tung managed to crash into each other after the chequered flag

another 1000 boost points wasted...

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Team Wales

This time the boost almost paid off. Satisfying race after an awful qualify

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A total waste of time for Team USA, with zero boost and zero speed as a result.
We will be unleashing engines of mass performance from now.....

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Good result for us with Tung taking 8th, thiugh I have no idea what caused him to make contact with Rodriguez in the Uruguay car.

No wasted boost, but this retirement could be vital to the championship standings

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Quite a good result after a rather bad qualy. Shouldn't had we screwed it up, we may have had a podium finishing.
A good haul of points anyway, so we won't complain too much.

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Team Ireland

Well, the result wasn't very convincing for us. May have led to a bad performance but next race it'll be better. We move on.

Ecurie Mistral S14 Driver

Finally, pretty happy with that one. Looking for a strong finish to the season.
Team England

Happy with a 10th placed finish. Keep building ahead of next season

Great work there today from Antero, wouldn't be easy driving alone like that on a big old track, so to bring home a third place is fantastic. Probably the best we could have done.
Maybe the boost should've been bigger, though the result isn't bad, we expected better.

Stats: 111 Starts / 5 Wins / 7 Poles / 3 Fastest laps
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