GPG Nations Cup S6 - Round 9 Finnish GP [Perfs posted || Vacancies!]

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GPG Nations Cup Rd 9 Finnish GP - Race Day

Part 3

GPG Nations Cup Rd 9 Finnish GP - Race Day

Part 4

Congratulations Team San Marino, the winner of Rd 9

GPG Nations Cup Rd 9 Finnish GP Official Results

Race Result

Fastest Lap

3rd! Not bad at all... :)


Gah! That mistake really ruined a potentially good points haul. Not a nice way to sendoff the series, but we have a bit more to go!

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A hooray on yet another wasted boost.

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Gutted Grimaldi made that silly mistake on first lap, but at least he made the show recovering from last to 14th.
Wondering where he'd had ended without that mistake.

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Absolutely no pace through entire week-end. Dissapointing.

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Just didn't have the pace in the end to push for a points finish. Hopefully the next round will be better for us overall.

Shame that we had a fantastic result for our home GP, only for an idiot driver to not take any care. What a terrible ending for us.
For once we had the pace AND stayed out of trouble.

Rd 9 - Finland - Official Results

Rd 9 - Finland - Official Standings Table

Great race, hoping we can mantain the pace

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What a drive! 13th to 5th. And still challenging the top

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Team Ireland

4th at the end, but controversially making contact with Finland at the last lap was nail-biting for us. Shame that we knocked home hero and wonder if the words are going to excel after the race.

GPGNC Team Ireland #19
Wales going backwards in the race yet again... disappointing
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