GPG Nations Cup S6 - Rounds 10/11/12 [Quali/Race p.35 || Vacancies!]

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Very much shocked with 8th, although the retirements helped a great deal

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nothing really lost there, but in hindsight probably should have used some boost
A front row trashed in a silly accident...


Really happy with our finishing position. Onwards and upwards

Team Russia:
With the lack of boost for this track the result was expected. Gotta give the car more power for the next chunk of races.

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A fire... really... Things had looked so good for the whole race and it all disappeared in a puff of smoke. Gutted.


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Rd 7 - France - Official Results

Rd 7 - France - Official Standings Table

Hmm a lot to play for still
P6 in the standings, still more to go no pressure at all

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Round 7 Activity Check

Four players were inactive for the period over which Round 7 was held:

TomDilain (Canada) - 1st warning
gerardrh (UAE) - 2nd warning
Macca25 (Australia) - 3rd warning
natasp (Brazil) - 1st warning

1st window missed: 50/50 quali/race penalty
2nd window missed: 100/100 quali/race penalty
3rd window missed: 250/250 quali/race penalty / Removal from the series.

GPG Nations Cup Round 8 - German GP - Hockenheim

The performance deadline for Round 8 at Hockenheim is the end of Saturday 7th July. Everyone is to send their performance request to the GPG-Nations-Cup account, or here if you want an extra shortcut. Please set the subject title of your message as "Round 8 - German GP - (Your Country Name)". In your message please state explicitly how much you allocate for Qualifying and how much you allocate for the Race (e.g. Qualifying: 500, Race: 500). If you submit one number, qualifying and race performance will be exactly half of that value.

Round 01: Brazilian GP - Interlagos - 30% Winner: Monaco
Round 02: Spanish GP - Motorland Aragon - 7% Winner: Brazil
Round 03: Portuguese GP - Estoril - 7% Winner: Brazil
Round 04: San Marino GP - Imola - 7% Winner: Ireland
Round 05: Dutch GP - Zandvoort - 7% Winner: Netherlands
Round 06: British GP - Silverstone - 30% Winner: Germany
Round 07: French GP - Paul Ricard - 7% Winner: Uruguay
Round 08: German GP - Hockenheimring - 50%
Round 09: Finnish GP - Marfield - 7%
Round 10: UAE GP - Dubai Autodrome - 0%
Round 11: Chinese GP - Shanghai - 7%
Round 12: Australian GP - Adelaide - 15%

LoL what, I didn't even saw that the race was posted hahahaha my bad, welp, we got those last few races to make a splash and fight for the title, let's push it

So what's happening with the preparation for the next round?

With this season stalled big time, Team USA officially declare themselves CHAMPIONS. We congratulate ourselves, and declare it only fitting that the worlds superpower take the title. Thanks for coming all other nations.....

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shep34 Schreef:
> With this season stalled big time, Team USA
> officially declare themselves CHAMPIONS. We
> congratulate ourselves, and declare it only
> fitting that the worlds superpower take the title.
> Thanks for coming all other nations.....

Not a chance ;-) ;)

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It's getting too hot in America it seems (or is it in Australia ?)

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Sorry for the massive delay, this would be so much easier to keep track of if I had help and/or no life.

** GP3edit - Performance File **

[Team #00]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=1,Wales,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=3,Germany,16500,500,17500,500

[Team #01]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=4,USA,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=5,Italy,16500,500,17500,500

[Team #02]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=6,Netherlands,16200,500,17200,500
Second Driver=7,Portugal,16000,500,17000,500

[Team #03]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=8,Finland,16500,500,17500,500
Second Driver=10,UAE,16400,500,17400,500

[Team #04]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=14,China,16500,500,17500,500
Second Driver=18,Montenegro,16400,500,17100,500

[Team #05]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=19,Ireland,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=23,Brazil,15950,500,16950,500

[Team #06]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=25,Australia,15750,500,16750,500
Second Driver=26,Indonesia,16077,500,17100,500

[Team #07]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=42,SanMarino,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=50,Uruguay,16250,500,17250,500

[Team #08]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=66,France,16100,500,17500,500
Second Driver=91,Russia,16500,500,17480,500

[Team #09]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=98,Monaco,16500,500,17500,500
Second Driver=99,SouthKorea,16000,500,17000,500

[Team #10]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=2,Canada,15950,500,16950,500
Second Driver=24,England,16250,500,17250,500


Name #00=alltyres
Name #01=michelin
Name #02=firestone
Name #03=continental
Name #04=hankook
Name #05=yokohama

Team #00=0
Team #01=0
Team #02=0
Team #03=0
Team #04=0
Team #05=0
Team #06=0
Team #07=0
Team #08=0
Team #09=0
Team #10=0

Team #00=2,3
Team #01=2,2
Team #02=4,1
Team #03=1,1
Team #04=4,2
Team #05=1,3
Team #06=4,5
Team #07=5,3
Team #08=1,1
Team #09=1,2
Team #10=1,2

Team #00=7
Team #01=7
Team #02=7
Team #03=7
Team #04=7
Team #05=7
Team #06=7
Team #07=7
Team #08=7
Team #09=7
Team #10=7

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Boost Used

Germany: 500/500
Italy: 500/500
Netherlands: 200/200
Finland: 500/500
UAE: 500/500
China: 500/500
Montenegro: 400/100
Indonesia: 77/100
Uruguay: 250/250
France: 100/500
Russia: 500/480
Monaco: 500/500
England: 250/250

Good to see some action once again :)

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Round 8 - German GP - Hockenheim

Session started in wet conditions, with Monaco and Germany locking out the front row. For the final runs it startet to dry up slightly, shaking up the order, Russia taking pole position.

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