GPG Nations Cup S6 - Rounds 10/11/12 [Quali/Race p.35 || Vacancies!]

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Team France:

Another disappointing weekend for the team, and we are now having to look hard at more extreme solutions to solve our perennial lack of pace.
All I can say is that, our position officially as a team is that, we don't feel that there is a fundamental lack of pace in the car.

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Can someone take me in GPG Nations cup....someone please help me out:-)??
Terrible to finish 5th after qualifying 3rd.

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Rd 8 - Germany - Official Results

Rd 8 - Germany - Official Standings Table

With 4 rounds remaining the championship battle is extremely close inside the top 4. And I do believe it'll be a first championship as well for whichever team ends up taking the title at the end of the season. For that reason I am eager to see who is the most hungriest to take it.

From 5th to 15th it's also very close... (14 points)


P6 in the standings, it'll be spicy for the championship in 4 remaining races. Don't think we'll make it there but we'll try for Ireland.
Round 8 Activity Check

Four players were inactive for the period over which Round 7 was held:

TomDilain (Canada) - 2nd warning
truecrysis (Montenegro) 1st warning
Macca25 (Australia) - 4th warning
Gigi4 (San Marino) - 1st warning

1st window missed: 50/50 quali/race penalty
2nd window missed: 100/100 quali/race penalty
3rd window missed: 250/250 quali/race penalty / Removal from the series.

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Just looking at the standings, can't believe my position tbh! Only 1 point behind - amazing!

Sad to see 4 in-activities

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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GPG Nations Cup Round 9 - Finnish GP - Marfield

The performance deadline for Round 9 at Marfield is the end of Sunday 16th September. Everyone is to send their performance request to the GPG-Nations-Cup account, or here if you want an extra shortcut. Please set the subject title of your message as "Round 9 - Finnish GP - (Your Country Name)". In your message please state explicitly how much you allocate for Qualifying and how much you allocate for the Race (e.g. Qualifying: 500, Race: 500). If you submit one number, qualifying and race performance will be exactly half of that value.

Round 01: Brazilian GP - Interlagos - 30% Winner: Monaco
Round 02: Spanish GP - Motorland Aragon - 7% Winner: Brazil
Round 03: Portuguese GP - Estoril - 7% Winner: Brazil
Round 04: San Marino GP - Imola - 7% Winner: Ireland
Round 05: Dutch GP - Zandvoort - 7% Winner: Netherlands
Round 06: British GP - Silverstone - 30% Winner: Germany
Round 07: French GP - Paul Ricard - 7% Winner: Uruguay
Round 08: German GP - Hockenheimring - 50% Winner: UAE
Round 09: Finnish GP - Marfield - 7%
Round 10: UAE GP - Dubai Autodrome - 0%
Round 11: Chinese GP - Shanghai - 7%
Round 12: Australian GP - Adelaide - 15%

Can we have a hint of what Marfield looks like ? Google isn't my friend on that point.

Shouldn't Australia have been removed after getting their 3rd penalty? And as for the others I'm thinking they were losing interest because of how long it was taking to get the races up and going.

As for the next race I have no idea what to expect as it's a track I've never seen before.

@Eric: this video should give a proper idea about the track layout. Fictional track btw.

@Greg: Don't think it makes much of a difference since there's noone on the waiting list. Honestly, given the lack of progress, I'm surprised there aren't more inactive. Tom's been AWOL for quite a while, Nathan probably either forgot about it or just lost interest, seeing that he's still around in the GPGSL. Connor and Gigi are one-offs I assume.

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Thanks Toby

Completely missed that the next race had been posted, sorry! As it turns out I didn’t miss much. Every time I looked to be going somewhere, the next time I saw my car it’d lost a few places. I don’t think the boost plan was great here so we‘ll rebuild for the next round.


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Ooops, been a little been busy lately, completely forgot about posting.

Hope the penalty will not give us too much problem next race, will have to compensate with a little bit of boost.

Golden opportunity for Team Finland to pick up a strong result at home.
Glad I checked this today.... close one

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** GP3edit - Performance File **

[Team #00]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=1,Wales,16345,500,17345,500
Second Driver=3,Germany,16500,500,17500,500

[Team #01]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=4,USA,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=5,Italy,16500,500,17500,500

[Team #02]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=6,Netherlands,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=7,Portugal,16500,500,17500,500

[Team #03]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=8,Finland,16500,500,17500,500
Second Driver=10,UAE,16500,500,17500,500

[Team #04]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=14,China,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=18,Montenegro,15950,500,16950,500

[Team #05]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=19,Ireland,16500,500,17500,500
Second Driver=23,Brazil,16500,500,17500,500

[Team #06]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=25,Australia,15750,500,16750,500
Second Driver=26,Indonesia,16125,500,17100,500

[Team #07]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=42,SanMarino,16450,500,17450,500
Second Driver=50,Uruguay,16250,500,17250,500

[Team #08]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=66,France,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=91,Russia,16000,500,17000,500

[Team #09]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=98,Monaco,16000,500,17000,500
Second Driver=99,SouthKorea,16000,500,17000,500

[Team #10]
Name=GPG Nations,Cup
First Driver=2,Canada,15900,500,16900,500
Second Driver=24,England,16000,500,17000,500


Name #00=alltyres
Name #01=michelin
Name #02=firestone
Name #03=continental
Name #04=hankook
Name #05=yokohama

Team #00=0
Team #01=0
Team #02=0
Team #03=0
Team #04=0
Team #05=0
Team #06=0
Team #07=0
Team #08=0
Team #09=0
Team #10=0

Team #00=2,3
Team #01=2,2
Team #02=4,1
Team #03=1,1
Team #04=4,2
Team #05=1,3
Team #06=4,5
Team #07=5,3
Team #08=1,1
Team #09=1,2
Team #10=1,2

Team #00=7
Team #01=7
Team #02=7
Team #03=7
Team #04=7
Team #05=7
Team #06=7
Team #07=7
Team #08=7
Team #09=7
Team #10=7

Boost Used

Wales: 345/345
Germany: 500/500
Italy: 500/500
Portugal: 500/500
Finland: 500/500
UAE: 500/500
Ireland: 500/500
Brazil: 500/500
Indonesia: 125/100
San Marino: 500/500
Uruguay: 250/250

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