GPGSL S11: R14 Flevoland GP [VACANCIES, join now!!! || R13 QUAL online p.157, RACE p.158!!!]

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Aaagh! boss, that British guy snatched my pole by 0.027 sec. :-(

And pitboards are wrong...

I've got the Union Jack from Copeland and Copeland got my Belgian flag ! :(

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Very solid qualitying from the MTP boys! If we now manage to avoid an in-team accident this time, or any other accident for that matter, we should be set for another good haul of points in the race.

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Maybe I should register for my own GPGSL team.. At the moment I am working on starting my own Dutch eSports racing team.

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nice, for which game(s)?

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6th and 14th for Copeman! Come on lets capitalize and score big points!! =)
Happy with 7th, hoping for a good start in the race.

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Pole!! And such a tight session as well!

Not too bad considering I had no boost (Y)

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Not a good qualy. The good point is that both drivers still can win, have the fastest lap and the most gained places.

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Back to mediocrity I guess.
Great, Marc!! And I believe in a good race for John!!!

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kedy89 Schreef:
> nice, for which game(s)?

First for Project Cars, later on probable iRacing. But I'm pretty sure open to everything, from F1 2017 till rfactor 2 etc.

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Good qualify for me and Milos, looking forward to the race :-)

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Nice one Jack! P1! Well done mate :)

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Race had been run, and we have a winner. Hoping to have part 1 up by tonight and maybe part 2 as well.

Regarding the pitboards, I was wondering why they weren't showing the correct flag for each driver. Maybe it was affected when I returned from a replay while onboard with a different driver.

Also, Cremasco still needs to have his national flag put in (for when his name shows up during a session). I'm suprised that it has yet to be done. Maybe this should be fixed up in time for Rd5.

This is going to be a tough race for sure...
Excellent fight for pole at the front, starting third is not too bad a result at all.
Hopefully this race will allow the true pace of the car to show, after having my previous races hampered by other events.

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Not Seb and I's best efforts.
GPGSL Rd 4 Italian GP – Race Day

Part 1

Welcome back to Monza as we get set for the start of the race. In qualifying, we saw Jack Elleker break through to take pole position. But the question remains on whether or not he’ll be able to convert it into a win as he does have Marcus De Bruyker alongside him. Hopefully we are set for a fantastic race here today, both for the race itself and for the championship contenders. The cars can be heard returning from the warmup lap so let’s head trackside as we get set for the start.

Weather Report

Here we go. The cars have all lined up and we are set for a start. Elleker is on pole, De Bruyker is right alongside. Who will win the run down to the first chicane?

The lights are out and the race is on!

Kederer is looking for a move down the middle of both Spangenberg and De Bruyker.

Instead, he gets passed by Gilson heading into the chicane. Further back, it’s pretty much a standstill as the cars try to get through the first corner without making any contact.

De Bruyker tries to get ahead of Elleker.

But he is unable to get by, allowing Elleker to hold onto the lead.

Kederer has fallen back another position. He had a great start, but got swamped through the chicane so he’ll not be happy about that.

Into the second chicane and Kederer gets a position back.

Pedersen also fell back off the start, and now finds himself challenging the second Alpha for 7th.

We have a long train formed behind Kederer.

Up front, De Bruyker is going for a move on Elleker.

And the One driver succeeds in getting ahead.

Already he has a gap back to the AMR. Meanwhile, Elleker now has to defend his position from both Spangenberg and Gilson.

From Gilson’s view, it looks like Spangenberg is going for a move on Elleker.

The move is on, and Gilson finds himself getting into it as well.

Further back, it is on between most of the cars.

Back to the battle up at the front, and it looks like Spangenberg has managed to get ahead of Elleker.

Hinz in the second AMR is finding himself having to defend from Nell.

We have a battle on between Cremasco and Rodriguez.

Into the second chicane and the MPR driver succeeds in getting ahead.

Gilson has gotten ahead of Elleker, and now Kederer wants his chance to get ahead as well.

The Alpha driver tries to go around the outside, but there is no space there to get ahead and as a result ends up spinning and almost takes out Elleker in the process.

Here’s the view of the incident from Scala’s point of view.

Kederer gets going again and will be feeling gutted by what just happened.

De Bruyker takes the fastest lap as we get a yellow flag out.

Here’s the reason why. Pedersen has gone off and hit the wall through Parabolica.

We have the confirmation of Pedersen’s retirement as we get the current top 10 standings.

Keranen has gone off at the first chicane.

He gets going, but has lost a ton of time while recovering.

We have Scala going for a move on Sanvitale.

And he gets ahead through Parabolica.

There’s another 3 way battle taking place.

McClure is off and in the wall at Parabolica.

Replay shows he was involved in a 4 way battle and came off the worse.

Worseling also went off and came extremely close to being out of this race.

The onboard from McClure shows just how close it was prior to going off.

The confirmation of McClure’s retirement.

Cremasco is under pressure from Thomas.

The Demon driver goes for a move down the inside.

And he succeeds in getting ahead.

Now Warrington wants a chance to get ahead. O’Brien will be very nervous for sure watching his two drivers battle each other.

It looks like Cremasco has managed to hold his position.

Up the road, Nell is going for a move on Ancevski.

The Demon driver makes his move stick. Meanwhile, Kederer takes the fastest lap.

Rodriguez has managed to get ahead of Copeman.

Let’s take a look at the current standings.

Time for our first break of the coverage. We hope to be back again real soon.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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what a @#$%& joke.

gutted, ha. more than pissed having this bullshit happening roughly every 2nd race.

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