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Posted by Atticus. 
Hi guys,

Please let me proudly present to you the 2016 version of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, one of the most famous race tracks in the US and in the world, one of the top 20 best race tracks in the world and the circuit with one of the most iconic and thrilling corners in motorsport, the Corkscrew.

Now GP4 already has two versions of this great track by other authors, but although this one lacks most of the iconic So-Cal scenery, I can say for sure that this is the most accurate of them all physically-speaking - it is an improvement on its predecessors both in terms of layout and in terms of elevations and cambers, using official data for the latter two. Even in terms of 3D environment, I created authentic kerb designs and, to simulate the sandpit that is Laguna Seca, unusual run-off behaviours (gravel, gravel everywhere) so it does feel a lot different from your usual beta track.

The year I have based it on is 2016, for I didn't want to use those forgiving and seemingly randomly applied asphalt verges that they've constructed for 2017 and which made both Turn 6 and the Corkscrew easier to navigate. As it's 2016, the "Mazda Raceway" moniker stays, although it is set to be dropped from April 2018 after Mazda decided to call it a day on the sponsorship. (I don't know if the iconic "Mazda blue" kerb colour will change or not as well.)

So that's it from me for now, please find the download link below and on the first page as usual.




My workthread - []
Full of classic F1/non-F1 track layouts

My blog about F1 performance analysis - []

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Thanks Atticus!

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Great to see this, Atticus! Thanks!

GP4 World
Thank you very much Atticus! (Y)

Köszönöm szépen!
Atticus, I'm having a great time driving your no-chicane versions of the original GP4 tracks. I've tried a few of your beta tracks as well, and they're great representations of the tracks but I have a hard time driving most of them due to lack of landmarks to help with brake points, and the 'track in the sky' effect distracts me at times. Are you planning to create basic scenery for any of the tracks? I'm especially interested in 1973 Silverstone and would love if there's a way to use your dat with the 2001 wad included with the game.
two points of displease: #1: I tried to download the Laguna Seca track but I got blocked because Kaspersky found malware... :(
#2: If I only had the time to add scenery to your great track layouts... ;)
@huskyman49: I'm sorry about giving you a fright about malware, but I'm sure it's a false positive - it doesn't differ from my other files in any way. Anyhow, I re-compiled the package and uploaded the new version, could you (or anyone) please check now? (I'm using Avast and it doesn't find anything suspicious with these files.)

@doclawler & huskyman49: Yeah, Silverstone was borderline when I was making the decision on which tracks to preserve the original .wad environment for and which ones should be built as tech tracks. It can be done, although I modified the .dat "carapace" heavily, so it would need a lot of micromanagement. And I'm gradually scaling down my track building activities, so I don't think it would happen. :(

And yes, finding reference points on the tech tracks can be a pain - I suggest using smaller details, such as a bump, a change in tarmac shade, a kerb, anything that can help you out. Luckily, most of my tracks lean heavily towards high-speed corners (they are classics, after all :)) where a precise braking point is not as important as it is on modern stop-start tracks. The emphasis is more on rolling the center and mid-corner speed in general. You can correct a slightly mistook entry in a long corner, such as those in Kyalami or on the Österreichring.

Edit: Last, but not least - thank you very much for downloading these tracks, playing and having fun with it, at least in part. So for all the positive feedback as well. :-)

My workthread - []
Full of classic F1/non-F1 track layouts

My blog about F1 performance analysis - []

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