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Nice speed in practice without any boost for myself!

Not too bad for Alpha - but one-lap pace remains our major problem it seems, while the cars are great on long runs in the race.

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Another solid performance by Janis.

But Andy, really not good enough at all.

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Ooo Funky town!

Get in there DXR and MPR! :D
Close but no cigar...means almost a winner, but not quite good enough.

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Stoopid schreef:
> racingstefan Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > I have sended the boost for Alpha in 4 days and
> 3+
> > hours ago and Alpha is not in the list? :S :S
> The last pm I received from you Stefan was dated
> 08/06/2009 7:51AM which was 14 days ago. This was
> to request +3bhp for Alpha for the Montreal race.
> I did not receive a pm from you 4 days ago
> regarding the next race.


And what BAR#10 says...

The boosts are to be sent to Stoopid himself. The GPGSL account isn't checked for PMs much.
I'm not so keen on this rain... Anyone got a mop so we can go dry this place out?

VSM Test Driver Charrel Jalving

It was a good run again! 6th place is not bad at all.

We made a few changes on the front hoping it would
improve the balance, but it started raining more and more..

I hope we made a good set-up for the qualification and the race
So lets see if we can get on the podium again.

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Looks like our quali pace will be decent again. Race pace not so much.

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Stefan all I can do is apologise for the misunderstanding. However as Friday Free Practice has already taken place, it is too late to add the boost.

For future reference all team boost requests should be sent to me and not the GPGSL acoount.

Again I apologise.

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Thanks for the clarification! :)

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Well done pheonix test drivers. philip will be pleased

and hooray for my boost this weekend. I only need a good qualifying now.

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1st and 4th nice

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MDBSnake Wrote:
> 13th, not bad, not great either ;) Expecting more
> from quali

We're simply not fast enough these weeks...
I also hope for better quali for the team.
Without boost it will be hard in the long straits.
good luck to phoenix race drivers :-)

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nice job there Charrel, good pace, keep it up in youre first raceweekend since last yr ;)


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Classic Hockenheim Qualifying

Weather Forecast: 40% chance of rain.
Circuit Conditions: Dry, but light rain falling.

Welcome again to Hockenheim. The track is dry, but we have a small shower at the moment which is expected to last only a few minutes. all drivers are expected to start this qualifying session on slicks.

Christopher Hinz is firt on to the circuit.

And obviously is the first to set the standard.

Maikel de Boer goes faster.

Champion John Warrington is 3rd.

Stoddart grabs 3rd, close but no doughnut!

2nd place for the sexiest driver on the grid.

The worlds best dressed man takes pole!

Stoopid Stunts is 2nd! Yay! Stop qualy now!

Brown 3rd!

But not for long. DXR 2nd and 3rd! Stop qualy now!

Former champ Oakley spoils the dxr party! Boo!

Oh bugger!

Oh pooh!

Standings after first runs ... I told you to stop the qualy!

Keeley Grant showing off her brand spanking new helmet sponsor!

Oops! Zak Tonks prangs his new shiny Phoenix.

Greenhalgh takes 2nd!

Standings after 2nd runs.

Cartwright goes the long and very scenic route.

Standings after 3rd runs with Chris Hinz jumping from 19th to 5th, goddamit!

Ben Brown out on slicks can't make the corner.

As you can see the weather just got steedily worse, no improvements were made.

Congratulations to Nick van der Voort!

Results for mobiles :)

10 WAR
11 GRO
12 BOL
13 BRO
14 GRA
15 TON
16 HOR
17 SAN
18 BOE
19 SMI
20 STO
21 REN
22 CAR

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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Boo to the worst dressed man

And boo to the 17th place. Boo at the DXR results. Boo at everything ;)
Get out of your prehistoric car Fred and get some speed, because you suck :P

Woo for me!
7th and 17th LOLWUT

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