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Monza972 Wrote:
> Nickv Wrote:
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> > First of all, I am back so you may now send PMs
> > again.
> >
> > Second of all, why am I so crap?
> You've been getting molested by Matt's girls ;)


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Well i'm always on MSN if you wanna chat but this is GP4 site, not for my pics lol.

Can't wait for the race to see if I can make up loads of places.

I ran the race earlier, got to 40 laps, paused it as I had to do something, came back an hour later and no GP4 or CSM running. Disappeared off the comp! Start again.......

Unrelated...can anyone do a quick job on a helmet for me please?

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I can have a go, what is it?

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Thanks Stu. :-)
Latest news! The race has been run and won!
GPGTV coverage later. :-)
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GPGSL Round 4 Montreal Grand Prix Canada

The GPGSL is back in action at Montreal. Ed Greenhalgh TSS qualified on pole position and looks set to dominate here today. The weather is fine and the stands are packed. Let's race!

Just waiting on the race director to finish his donut........

Greenhalgh leads the pack into turn two.

Santilal with Aleksander in hot pursuit after losing second place to his team mate at the start of the race. Caught napping eh Marko!

Stoddart attemps a pass on Warrington, and Warrington shuts the door, Stoddart yields.

Greenhalgh has clear air in front.

First fastest lap.

Stoddart gets up close and personal with Warrington, could be dangerous.

Santilal and Aleksander still battle it out, no team orders here.

Schroeder in fifth.

Grant locks up the wheels.

Van Renselaar chasing Houston.

Aleksander in the pits.

Stoddart finds himself at the back of the field after a failed pass attempt.

After such an embarrassing mistake, I'll now take a short break to fortify myself with some hot choccy and cake.
Race coverage to resume shortly, don't go back, we'll be right away!

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
We're back in action at Montreal.

Schroeder pits, Second round of stops.

Race leader exits the pits.

Walters collides with Horvath at the pit exit.

Fast lap by Aleksander.

The final lap.

Race winner Ed Greenhalgh Team Shadow Subaru.

Congratulations to Ed Greenhalgh TSS winner of the Montreal Grand Prix.

Stay tuned for the official results from the GPGSL.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
GPGSL Official Results Round 4 Montreal Grand Prix Canada

Driver best laps

Driver race points

Constructor race points

Yeah, THIRD !!!
Back in Action :)
I'll take 6th and 8th. More consistancy which is always good, yeah, we didn't as a team use the boost, so it is a nice little result. Got some points, which is always important.

And well done Zak for your first points I believe.

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Some points again for DXR, with Ingers finally taking points again :P Happy with 9th :)

*gets in chopper and flies out*

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oh dear, not last at least. maybe a bad decision not to take a perf boost at this track

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
congratulation to ed!

first points for Zak.Well done.

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Another rubbish performance I am quickly losing patience with the Double F car

Results in txt form for mobiles,please. Also,who got fastest lap?i 'll be away for a while so i'd appreciate it for next races..too.tnx. Dan did team score more than 16 points?

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21 points for MPR Marko

You finished 4th and Monil was 2nd

Kev got past into 3rd but t seems you were very close at the end

Also you got the fastest lap


Amazing weekend, best in the history of the team :)

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Superb to return to form like this after a dismal round at Indianapolis, 1st in practice, qualifying and the race, and 0.004 from fastest lap. This will be a nice boost to my performance numbers for the next part of the season!

Nice for Alpha to get a couple of more points as well, its nice to see the team consistently making an appearance in the points - but hopefully qualifying improves to help the cause.

For Marko, the results in text form;

1. GRE
2. SAN
3. SCH
4. ALE
5. OAK
6. SMI
7. ING
8. GRO
9. BOL
10. TON
11. REN
12. WAR
13. BOE
14. HOR
15. HOU
16. STO
17. VOO
18. GRA
19. BRO
20. HIN
21. CAR

Fastest Lap. ALE

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Not a banner weekend.

Can I borrow those thistles and briefs?

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@#$%& YEAH! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Finally after so so long I get a result that I needed! @#$%& YEAH!
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