GPGSL S16 - Round 9 - Cheese, Make United States Grate Again Grand Prix - Road America

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Pretty surprised with my performance so early.
My laptime 1:29.835 at FP1 would catch a 5th place at Qualifying.

Well i am totally surprised by p6 in qualify since i am a rookie in the series. :-)

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natasp Wrote:
> S16 userbars

Thanks(Y). I added it to my forum signature. (Y)

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Solid start for Sean. Disappointed with my own run in practice - perhaps too many beers celebrating the title last season.

X (@ed24f1)
What a first qualifying session!

A good start to the season - 3rd place in both FP and Qualifying. Hope to improve that during the race


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Still some work for us to do, with a bit of luck we might get some points.

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Could be a long race for sure, we'll see how we get on
5th and 7th is an awesome start! I knew putting Michael and Jack back together was the best thing for Christel!

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JohnWarrington Wrote:
> What a first qualifying session!

Also for me!

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The night was prolific, not a lot of sleep but a good time in the end.

Welcome to the first race of Season 16!

We have clear skies, not a single cloud is expected

The grid is lined up

Gustavo retains his lead after the first turn. Silva looses a place.

Ancevski rounds off the top 22

Pedersen attacks Silva for 3rd

There is contact, Pedersen does a half spin, Silva flies off

The out of control Silva spins back on the track into the path of following cars

Complete mayham, we have yet to find out who are the victims of this incident

Replay: Pedersen just runs straight into Silva

Silva spins towards the track

He hits Hinz

de los Rios is out, with crutial car components missing

Hinz' wheel tries to go on without the rest of the car

Silva collects some spare parts, de los Rios and Hinz are out

Further down the field Sheppard hands out a nudge

O'Brien runs wide in the first corner

Buitenhuis with a clean overtake on Cronin

A tough fight for the final points paying positions

Meanwhile, Gustavo extends his lead

Szucs runs into Sakata's back

Sheppard runs wide in the fast chicane

Majumdar takes evasive action and is off into the grass

Both survive but are down the order

DeBruyker on the move

He outbrakes himself...

...and spins

He rejoins in last place

Buitenhuis with the first scheduled pitsop

O'Neill goes for an undercut on Gustavo

Gustavo carries on and extends the stint

Crucially, O'Neill rejoins in clean air. He needs to put the hammer down now.

Gustavo finally counters the undercut

He rejoins in the effective lead

Caranti with solid pace and no mistakes on course for a great result

Cronin looses control right next to Karda

Both go off

Karda just manages to stay in the points after this enforced excursion

Cronin is less lucky

Gustavo controls the race and has built a solid gap

There is a clear candidate for most places gained

Gustavo enters his last lap

He wins the Australian GP in dominant fashion

O'Neill holds on to 2nd

Caranti rounds of the top 3

Fastest laps

And the final result

Shame I didn't move up any places, but the pace seemed good, hopefully a more positive season for me

A decent result for Szucs got thrown out of the window. Nonetheless, we showed we have the speed to finish in the points. We hope for better results next race.

Good job by Aidan to secure the team's first points in what was quite a chaotic race at parts. Especially his best lap being the 2nd fastest of the race is encouraging. Glen a bit unlucky with the off, otherwise it could've been points for him to.

Thanks Chris for running the race!

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I am shocked again !!.
Starting from p6 and finishing 3rd is amazing in my first race !.
And by the look 2nd place was right their(half a second away).

Mal did a fantastic recovery race. Congrats (Y)

Great result for the Mist team :-)(Y)

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The race was chaotic in the first half and got a bit boring afterwards, as the gaps were quite big. 6/10 overall :D

Really unlucky for me, had nowhere to go in that first lap incident.

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My goodness, that was utter chaos! The results speak for themselves.

Kimi forever!
Good race for me, but Luis got caught up the mayhem on lap 1 and had to retire.

A good 2nd place and on the podium. A good start for the season and I hope there will be more podiums.


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Get in there Lewis... ermmm I mean Vitor!!

Amazing Job, Vitor and Jeroen were superb this weekend, what a way to start a season.

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