HELP! The AI is so slow at the beginning of the race!

Posted by joselugo8690 
Hi everyone, well I'm Jose and I just discovered this gem of a game just in 2020 and I like absolutely everything, except for one thing and that is that AI seems to me to be very slow at the beginning of the race, I always start in the last position, but before the first corner I can overtake at least 10 cars, which is very unreal, is there any way to fix this? Beforehand thank you very much

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Hello José, welcome to the community! Unfortunately this is a limitation of GP4.

And some tracks like China, which have the first corner with a long radius, are more difficult to overtake so many cars.

What I do personally is a personal rule, I do not overtake the cars inside the first corner, just outside.


Olá José, bem vindo ao comunidade! Infelizmente essa é uma limitação do GP4.

Em algumas pistas como a China, que possui a primeira curva com um longo raio, é mais difícil de ultrapassar tantos carros.

O que eu faço pessoalmente é uma regra pessoal, eu não ultrapasso os carros por dentro na primeira curva, apenas por fora.

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That's a good idea livejackass... Thanks for reply

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Oh yeah, I know this. I was starting from 22nd position at Spa 2001 today and was 4th after the first corner. ;) (Y)

P.S.: I have also won the race with 8.5 seconds lead to the second placed driver. :-) (H)
I dont know if you've seen indycar starts / restarts after caution, but I try to do something similar at the start of the race so that I don't have an advantage compared to the AI. I keep my car at their pace for the first corner and then I speed up like everyone else.

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I think is a bug... Because when I star the race on front of the grid always lose positions. :)
i don't think it's unrealistic or a bug at all. sure, the ai behaviour is a bit defensive. but only because you are in a game and not in reality, you probably take much more risk to do the overtakes (you wouldn't do that in reality because you'd fear to crash and loose the race).
compare it to games like rfactor 2 where you can set the aggresivity of the ai; if you set it to high, there is much more blocking and overtaking at the start, but you will also see many cars crash or go off the track at the first corner.

btw; if you set the difficulty to "ace", the ai is stronger at the start too.

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I don't know if it is a bug Carl, but to me it certainly is more then just 'ai behaviour is a bit defensive'. The ai is simply braking way to early for the first turn.
An interesting thing to diversify AI is to make a "race" on FreePratice. Put in the GPXpatch an amount of gas for how many laps you want and put the 22 there on the track. The start is lemans style and with the correct performance it is very difficult to overtake because the AI does not take the defensive path. The slow start problem is also eliminated.

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The ai is simply braking way to early for the first turn.

It's as simple as that; If your the only one not breaking early for the first turn, you will crash into the other cars. ;-)

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I did a test in Belgium with vanilla track and Ace AI, starting last in the Jordan (arguably 4th fastest car in 2001). I managed to go up to 8th before getting to the 1st corner hairpin. :-O

But I think this track is where this thing is most apparent. Other breaking zones are not as extreme.
Yes and it happens in reality as well;
Alonso - Malaysia 2004
and in Belgium...we've seen as well what you've desribed: Belgium 2012
...or Schumacher's start from last place in Suzuka 1998.
Just to mention a few. And all of them took extremely high risks.
Seriously, as i said, the AI is a bit defensive in GP4. But it's the same thing in other sim's as well (if the AI isn't set too aggressive and otherweise, there will be crashes). Except for F1 2019, but that's an arcade game.

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Yea they are trying not to cause a Belgium 98' kind of pile-up so they brake very early. You make quite a valid point with your videos and I agree with your explanation! ;-)

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I made up all those positions when the AI started braking for the first turn, I'm usually the type that gets a horrible get-off (from 0 to 100 km/h), unlike the amazing starts from the drivers in the vids. The initial get-off of the AI (from 0 to 300 km/h) is alright, the first braking zone though seems quite exaggerated, thus the player can squeeze between them and brake very very late.

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