GPGSL S11: R14 Flevoland GP [VACANCIES, join now!!! || R13 QUAL online p.157, RACE p.158!!!]

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Hope for some rain during the qualy and race.

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Not bad guys (Y)

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Yeh! Woo, boost working out once again. Aidan and Douglas, I strongly recommend working with my setup, not the bosses ;-)


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Well that was a joke! Hoping to do better in the qualy and race



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I'll take fourth place, happy with that. :-)

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Mhm, that was a pretty devastating FP. But qualifying might shake things up a little. Hoping for the best for our boys.

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Crazy few races!

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Paulo shows that we have the car for the race, that's great.
Happy to score some points on my side.

Round 7 - Brazilian GP - Autódromo José Carlos Pace

The quali session is up next, and it'll all be about timing. The heavens opened a few minutes ago, and predictions say it'll continue to rain for a while. This would mean that all those in the first group will have the best chance on pole today.

Keranen on wets the first with a timed lap

McClure follows, but can't beat his time

Unlike teammate Silva, who takes provisional pole

Pedersen in 4th, almost half a second behind

2nd place for Sanvitale

Kederer goes fastest

6th place for John Warrington

Cremasco in 8th, almost a second behind

7th for Rodríguez as conditions seem to get worse

Scala in 10th

Mills in his first qualifying takes 3rd

Teammate and reiging champion Nell as 1st one of the 2nd group, not even close to the times we've seen so far

Spangenberg beats Nell's time, but he too over 2s behind

Worseling in 14th

Copeman in 15th

Only for a moment as Soutsen beats his time

Hinz takes P13

Championship leader Elleker only in 17th

Gilson takes 14th

Jalving in 19th

Chris Warrigton over 3s behind

de Bruyker the last one to complete his first lap, last place for him

Standings after the first runs, no chance so far for anyone in the 2nd group to get anything better than 12th

The rain stopped in the meantime, but the track still is soaking wet. Rodríguez almost 7s behind pole time. The rest of the first group wasn't off any better

Elleker as 1st one of the 2nd group. Still almost 5s behind, and it started to rain again. Noone improved, and yellows came out

Hinz risked too much and slid off into the wall

It was all about being in the first group today, as conditions were best right at the beginning.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
This was a joke... right?

You can't call that a qualifiyng session...

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That was a bit of a shocker.

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What a joke this is becoming...

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What a joke this is becoming...

GPGSL - Christel VXR team Boss S6-S8, S12 Onwards

5th place for Brazil to start, a wonderful quali for me and for the teammate, nice one! Tomorrow is going to be a strong day for us.
quite happy, 10th with those conditions is really good, and is good to be racing at home

Good session for the team - both Alphas on the first two rows with Tobias taking Pole.
Hope for a good race for the team.


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Tobias ruin my pole. Bastard! :)


One car inside the top 10 and one near the very back. No idea what the race will bring in terms of weather so it will be interesting to see how it goes for both Warrington and Cremasco.

That was a bit disappointing.

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