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Just terrible. 3 incidents between Cremasco and Hinz with the final one ending his race (Warrington was lucky to only need a new front wing after hitting Cremasco). We'll regroup for the next round where hopefully it'll go much better for us.

Oh dear, we certainly had the pace, but starting at the back of the grid the it was impossible to stay clear of trouble

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shep34 Schreef:

> ☀️ Cheer up, it's just a game.....


Yes it's just a game... a fair game.

What happens in the race, okay. No problem with that, racing is racing.

But qualifying sessions that's another story, it must give every driver equal opportunities to qualify... and that was not the case for 11 drivers, 50% of the field.

The outcome of this race would have been very different !

Sorry for that.

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Seems I'm going to have to sit both drivers down and some stern words with them. Some serious points thrown away today.

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Pretty good outcome for SCR, Joseph might even be leading the championship now.

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Great race for the team. Both drivers on the podium. Congrats to Alessandro on his first podium of the season.


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mortal Wrote:
> Pretty good outcome for SCR, Joseph might even be
> leading the championship now.

At least it's good to see SCR performing well this season. In a way, it makes me wish I had stayed on for another season. But I have no regrets in leaving to start up my own team so I have nothing to worry about.

shep34 Wrote:
> ☀️ Cheer up, it's just a game.....

I agree.

But we've had to read some pretty nasty things when One Racing won several races and disputed titles. I also said "it was just a game" and I almost got kicked out of the championship.

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A bittersweet race for the team here I think.
The qualifying session showed that I had some good pace against the other cars in equal conditions, and this came through again early in the race.
The incident with Aidan was unfortunate, as without that I think I had the pace to challenge for the podium, but he of course was doing his job as a racing driver there so no hard feelings.
Also unfortunate that Aidan apparently had some as yet unidentified car issues later on that saw him drop back through the field, because he did quite well in qualifying.

So.....a difficult race for us, but the pace we showed was positive so we're looking forward to the next races.

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The weekend turned out very well for us. Solid finish!

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'%#!$*!! Sorry guys, was on for a great race and finish and just pushed it too hard'

shep34 Wrote:
> ☀️ Cheer up, it's just a game.....

Not sure if trolling.

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qual ok, 9th, but 11th in the race...not good. BUT nice drive by my teammate!

Something is definatly not working on this seasons car for me =/ need to develop the car or i cant see my services being retained at MAC for next season..
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Round 03: Japanese GP - Suzuka - Winner: Nick Worseling - Southern Cross Racing
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The whole weekend was a joke. but a bad one just like donald trump trying to be funny. its not working



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Had to cope with no power in the engine and finally being hit from behind, only to later almost drive into Charrel. What an absolutely awful race. We really do need some teamboost. And maybe AMR should stop asking Haas for spare brakes ;)

Anyway, kudos for the quick and brilliant coverage!

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Our race in Brazil was terrible. Had a nightmare race spun twice costing me another points finish. Season is getting worser for me I'm afraid. :(

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Carlitox Wrote:
> And maybe AMR should stop asking Haas for spare brakes ;)

[Vettel] Everyone out there are brake testing us! [/Vettel] ;-)

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Very happy with 2nd, was not expecting a podium after qualifying. A good start really helped and the car was excellent in the wet conditions.

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I think it was a good recovery drive to 6th position, we actually had the pace this weekend and were screwed over by the weather in qualifying. That said it is a decent result which the team desperately needed. Also great for Dan to finish 4th in his first ever race. We'll celebrate this evening I think :D
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