GPGSL S11: R14 Flevoland GP [VACANCIES, join now!!! || R13 QUAL online p.157, RACE p.158!!!]

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WOW! 2nd in quallie and a magic start and pulled out alittle gap!! BUT! i doubt i will finish in 1st or even finish... :(

Chris, mate, it will turn around! Keep it up! You are still the only one of us 2 that has scored a point for MAC haha
Well that was that..

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Signing in from sunny Cyprus... rumours that an AI Millsbot was left in the car from testing and was so good a match Glen couldn't tell the difference :P

Jenson drives it like he owns it; Lewis drives it like he stole it
This must be a worst weekend ever for me, spun off at turn 1 and just really can't catch to 17th. :(

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GPGSL Rd 3 Japanese GP – Race Day

Part 2

Welcome back.

Copeman continues to do his best to try and get ahead of Warrington.

De Bruyker should be feeling a bit relieved knowing the cars behind him are in their own battle so he can focus on his own race.

Further up the road, Keranen is still trying to get ahead of Gilson.

He goes for his move at 130R.

And this time he gets ahead.

That’s too close for comfort between the two cars. As a result, Gilson locks up and spins and Keranen is forced off the road in the process.

Gilson has to wait for the other cars to go through before rejoining.

Keranen was able to keep his position, but he won’t be too impressed about the incident.

Pedersen still leads with a 1.9s gap back to Kederer.

Cremasco finds himself under attack from Sanvitale. Unseen by the camera, it would seem that the Tyrant driver made a mistake somewhere which allowed the cars behind him to get ahead.

The Alpha driver goes for a move.

And he gets it done.

Cremasco will now have to deal with the cars behind him.

Hinz has his sights set on chasing down Worseling for the final spot on the podium.

The gap between Pedersen and Kederer looks to have been decreased.

Scala has a reasonable gap back to his teammate. Meanwhile, Ancevski is doing his best to stay ahead of Silva.

Elleker has to be careful here as he goes for a move on Warrington.

Not that it mattered anyway as the One driver is first in for his pitstop.

Ancevski, Sanvitale and Rodriguez are all in as well for their stop.

The gap has decreased again between Pedersen and Kederer.

Hinz and Silva are in.

Hinz rejoins in front of the One and Tyrant.

The leaders are in, as well as Nell.

Pedersen rejoins, and it looks like he got out ahead of Kederer.

This is not what Keranen was expecting to happen. He has come in for his stop at the same time as Spangenberg. He’ll not be happy at all.

McClure is in for his stop.

Spangenberg has left the pits after completing his stop, and Keranen is left waiting for the pitcrew to start working on his car.

He finally gets the stop done, but has lost a chunk of time.

This could be interesting to see. Cremasco still needs to make his stop, so Pedersen will want to try and either get ahead of the Tyrant, or stay back and hold off Kederer for what should be the effective race lead.

Worseling and Elleker are in for their stops.

It looks like Pedersen is going to try and get ahead of Cremasco.

That could end up being the wrong choice for the MAC driver as it’ll most likely allow for Kederer to close in.

Warrington has the SCR ahead of him to deal with.

Their battle could help Silva close in more on them.

Warrington is in for his stop.

Pedersen must surely be getting frustrated by now.

Into 130R and Pedersen goes for his move on Cremasco.

Oh no! Into Casino Triangle and both Pedersen and Kederer have gone off. We need a replay to see what happened.

This should explain it. Pedersen failed to get ahead of Cremasco, and that allowed Kederer to get closer. But it looks like he got too close and as a result made contact.

No doubt there would be a lot of expletives inside Pedersen’s helmet right now.

Cremasco also went off as well, and comes close to hitting the AMR as he rejoins.

Meanwhile, Scala is in the lane to take his stop.

As a result of the contact between Pedersen and Kederer, it has allowed Worseling to take the lead.

Cremasco makes it in to the pits.

Kederer has rejoined the track, and finds himself having to defend from Elleker.

Elleker goes for a move into turn 1.

And the AMR driver gets it done.

Pedersen is heading into the pits. He must’ve damaged the front wing somehow.

Replay shows that he had damaged it as a result of landing hard after getting some air while recovering. He also had a close call with the other Tyrant of Warrington.

We find Ancevski off the track with a wheel missing. What happened to the MTP driver?

Replay shows that he ran wide at Spoon while under attack from Nell.

Then when he rejoined, he was hit by Scala in the other MTP.

Scala will have to pit for a new front wing, and is easy picking for the cars behind him.

Ancevski’s race is over.

Time for another break. We hope to go through to the end of the coverage when we return.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Keep it going. Don't ruin your race....


This is fuking bullshit

Retro liveries on the SMD-ZG02![]

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So that´s how Kederer makes the overtakes... grrrr....another race in the bins.....
Macca25 Wrote:
> This is fuking bullshit

that´s putting it mildely boss....doesnt look like we are gonna have a great year according to our performance sofar boss... :(
Nooooooooooooo! Milos! We were so well in the race for solid points. Damn it! This must not happen!

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"but he won’t be too impressed about the incident"

I'm not too impressed with much about this race or series right now, so I guess it's all par for the course so far.
Bandon23 écrivait:
> This must be a worst weekend ever for me, spun off
> at turn 1 and just really can't catch to 17th. :(

Porsche won this week-end restarting from last, keep going it's not over.

The race was longer though...

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well.. maybe I should have accepted that offer to skip Suzuka after all :-(

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Vilela: "Take it easy, John! Several cars are lost positions and retiring due to accidents. Keep focus".
Warrington: "What happened in the pit stop for me to waste so much time?"
Vilela: "Nothing terrible. Just a problem with the fuel pump fitting. But all fuel was into your car. Focus, please. Focus!!"
Warrington: "OK, boss. Is there much cars that didn't stop?"
Vilela: Three drivers."
Warrington: Great!"

Turner: "How do you feel the car?"
De Bruyker: "I'm feeling inside a blender. The tyres are square!"
Turner: "Try to resist until pit stop. Everyone who stopped later became well".
De Bruyker: "How did I come to run in fifth?"
Turner: "Lots of accidents, so, take care, please!"
De Bruyker: "OK, boss!"

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Oh this going good but you never know



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Ok, so what I need is a multi 21 call, a reliable car and I have to keep it between the white lines.

- used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
so far so good ;-)

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Wow, it could get worse after all.
EricMoinet schrieb:
> Bandon23 écrivait:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > This must be a worst weekend ever for me, spun
> off
> > at turn 1 and just really can't catch to 17th.
> :(
> Porsche won this week-end restarting from last,
> keep going it's not over.
> The race was longer though...

We'll see what happens next, hopefully for a great recovery here. ;-)

I don't think I'll repeat what Porsche done at Le Mans, it's really difficult. Currently at 18th now, I'm still doing great.

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Well... a double stack in the pitlane... I can only apologise to Maikel if there was a problem with the magic data to cause that. If it is that, I've managed to shaft my own team...


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