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Posted by kedy89 
we're all are only human... :)
kedy89 Scritto:
> Toyota TF102 released!
> [i.imgur.com]
> by soulbringer & kedy89
> Download link in the first post.
> @#$%& finally!
> This one's been a fair piece of work, happy to
> have it out now. Don't think any of the previous
> cars has caused the two of us this much trouble
> before. You'll find the usual info in the readme.
> For installation, first delete the
> Data\Cars\Toyota folder, then copy the content of
> the 7z file to the Data folder.
> Thanks to J├╝rgen and Eric for testing
> Updated mod version is planned, but no ETA as of
> yet. Will apart from the Toyota also include a fix
> for the Minardi driver names on one shape.

Yeah, thank you very much Tobi (Y)(Y)(Y)
Thank you very much for the Toyota!!
Really good!

Incredible just two cars left now!! (H)
Sorry for the double post, but I have found some TV cockpit views that can be helpful for the Jaguar. I know it's very hard to find so here are they:



Hope it will help a little for the last straight line! ;-)
quickslick Schreef:
> we're all are only human... :)

Well, I have my doubts regarding Hega and JCaranti if they are human after all. ;-)

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
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