GUIDE: How to run Grand Prix 3 on Windows 10

Posted by PTRACER 
Re: GUIDE: How to run Grand Prix 3 on Windows 10
Date: April 21, 2021 10:53PM
Posted by: peke12
@pippozzo, thanks for the info.
I did all you mentioned and it seems to improve perfomance.
The first lap, on the first few corners, PO is still between 150 and 300 %.
As from the second lap, it is mostly on 60 - 70 with brief peaks to 150. When more cars appear in short space, it falls down to 150 - 200 too.
RCR is set to default values.
Perfomance has been improved in hardware mode, but still not good enough, as I am a bit of a perfectionist. :-) I need to be below PO 100 all the time.
graphics details are set to max in GP3.

In GPXpatch, what is the recommended setting for "use CPU"?

EDIT: I set the 'use CPU' option in GPXpatch to all which gave another big performance boost. The first lap is now very acceptable to race in HW mode.
PO doesn't rise above 150 for short periods.

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Re: GUIDE: How to run Grand Prix 3 on Windows 10
Date: April 29, 2021 09:32PM
Posted by: zifox
To my horror, I have the same exact visual bug when I try to launch it using Windows 7.

Yes, I went through the trouble of buying a new hard drive, installing win7 on a computer with USB3 only, just to be able to run GP3 glitch free.

And sadly it doesn't work. I guess I really have an issue with my graphic card (Radeon 5700)

One difference though: when running the performance test, i have the visual glitch on every mode (software too). With Win10 I had only issues with Hardware modes.

edit: I did another test today: usethe drive on another computer (currently running a linux server), which has an integrated intel HD graphics chipset, reinstall win7 + drivers, launch GP3 and... it runs perfectly fine.
I thought of using this computer to play the game, but for some weird reason Windows 7 won't boot at all if I leave my linux drivers connected and I don't want to have to switch cables every other day. That's when it struck me: I have another computer I could use! We have an "old" dell laptop, also with integrated intel graphics, and even a GTX650M.

I did a quick copy paste of my GP3 folder on the laptop, launched GP3 through dxwnd (the laptop has win10), and it runs perfectly fine. (B)

Why the hell didn't I thought of using the laptop before ? :(

So problem solved: it's definitely a bug on AMD's graphic cards...

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Re: GUIDE: How to run Grand Prix 3 on Windows 10
Date: June 08, 2021 08:19AM
Posted by: volcom87
I have windows 8.1 machine and I have tried DGvoodoo and DXwind. It seems that DXwind works okay, PO is about 50-70 % so game runs very well.

But one issue, I have to adjust rain probability about 35 %, lesser value means problem with PO. Is there way I could play championship with other rain probability?
Re: GUIDE: How to run Grand Prix 3 on Windows 10
Date: July 10, 2021 03:21AM
Posted by: katunga
Hi all:

Getting back to GP3 after many years. In my machine GP3 runs flawlessly with a Win10 install (software mode, that´s enough for me) but 4 GB Patch came to my attention recently. Anyone has played GP3 with this patch? Is there any difference in performance between the unmodified exe and the "converted" for x64?

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