GP4 Central - Hotlaps Season 5

Posted by TomMK 
Re: GP4 Central - Hotlaps Season 5
Date: June 26, 2019 02:05AM
Posted by: TomMK
Hi supermonty - no there is no .wad file provided in the tracks for this competition. Please see the competition info page or this post for instructions on how to proceed.


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Re: GP4 Central - Hotlaps Season 5
Date: July 02, 2019 04:28AM
Posted by: TomMK
Season 5 has come to an end with Jcaranti crowned champion after a fantastic, season-long battle with NicoH, well done to you both and all competitors who joined in this season. It has really helped me develop the GP4 Central 2018 Mod into a better experience and we've also ended up with the first half of a 2018 Trackpack as a result!

I will endeavor to make up for some of the issues I've had opening the rounds up - my system is not very flexible (because I'm not much of a coder!) so it's quite a manual effort for me to create each round. I hope to come up with a more efficient way of working before I schedule the next season so it runs smoother.

Now it's time for your feedback: please let me know how you liked the season, if there's anything you would change, etc. In particular:

- Did you prefer the "no fuel penalties" rule this season?
- Did you like the "different car for each event" rule?
- Did you find having to provide the .wad track file yourself easy or too hard?
- Any other comments?

Thanks again for playing!


Intel NUC 8i3, 8GB RAM, MS Sidewinder Wheel
Re: GP4 Central - Hotlaps Season 5
Date: July 02, 2019 08:44AM
Posted by: shep34
As a first timer, I really enjoyed it. I would however (as said in PMs) have advised whatever car used in testing, can not be used "in season".
Enjoyed the different car per venue idea though.

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