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I hope my performance will lay some higher today in qualifying ;)

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Good luck to Marko and Monil!!

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lol @ TSS boost-gate ;)

Good job guys in getting into the top ten

I think the only person who is glad with my performance is Byron. :(

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Not much action going on here :P

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Maybe today, I have a life you know. ;)

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Haha, its fine mate :P

I wasnt just talking about you, also about the (test) drivers, teamowners etc ;)

You just do the quali/race when you have time..

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mortal schreef:
> Maybe today, I have a life you know. ;)

I don't have one ;)

GPGSL Round 8 Spa-Francorchamps GP Qualifying

Welcome to Belgium, mmmm chocolate, and of course Round 8 at Spa.

The RD has given the green light for the qualy session to start, Grant is first on the track as light rain falls.

Tonks goes for another run.

On board with Stoddart.

Jalving goes off.

Less than ten minutes remaining and van het Bolscher is currently the quickest.

Stay tuned for the official results from the GPGSL.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

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GPGSL Official Results Round 8 Spa-Francorchamps GP Qualifying

Congratulations to Monil Santilal MPR Lancia on pole position.

I was hoping for a better result than that...but....meh.

Could someone do the honours with the text thing for mobies please. Ta. :-)

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Nice result from Rico. Rick, don't quite understand what went wrong :( Fairly disasterous. :(


Moblie Results

1) SAN
2) CAR
3) BOL
4) HOR
5) OAK
6) REN
7) VSM
8) HOU
9) SOM
10) BRO
11) GRE
12) GRA
13) TON
14) BOE
15) VDV
16) HIN
17) ING
18) SCH
19) STO
20) ALE
21) GRO
22) JAL

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Zsigmond Somogyi Press Release:

Good results! We set up the car very well and the weather favored us, too. We hope some points in the race
Oh man, after I did well in practice, the guys go out and do a bit rubbish in qualifying. Charrel, what the hell man?!?!

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Was doing fine in 5th about 10 mins before the end and end up in 21st... Guess I thought the track wouldn't become any faster due to the rain, kind of a miscalculation...


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2nd!! This season is getting better!! I'm going for the win.
8th and 15th for Velox
Hopefully we can be in for a points finish... If all goes well, we have an awesome strategy ready.

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Is that my new helmet I see?

If so, thanks.

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Byron's up there with me too. Which is even more coolio :D
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