GPGSL S16 - Round 9 - Cheese, Make United States Grate Again Grand Prix - Road America

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what a chaotic race.. happy to have kept out of incidents, good learning experience for Yakuza. Hopefully points come once we drop the car of shame. :-)

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Involved in a bit of action for my first race in a few years. Real shame for the team, as we could have been on for some points on debut….

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Dreadful start of the season... Hopefully there will be some more luck in the next one :(
P8 - Not too bad for my debut race :-)
Unlucky for Luis but great start to the season for Sean

X (@ed24f1)
Very glad to have gotten through the home race unscathed, points an added bonus too!

@natasp that's a sweet livery, by chance is it sorta based off the ThreeBond Super Formula car?
Ouch...tough debut for the team. We'll bounce back next round.
The last two places for us in the race.

Too many accidents. Let's try to improve in the next rounds...


I can't say I'm happy at all with what happened in the race. Both drivers out in the same corner, though not on the same lap, and a season already endangered for us.

I'm questioning the reason why we still keep this track when every season we have the exact same incidents on the exact same corners. I know a lot of people here are proud of their home track, but this track is a hazard and destroys year after year the race of poor innocent drivers for no reason. This track should be removed from calendar or replaced by a better version.

"Cronin is less lucky"
I was wondering when someone will make the joke. Well done! Love it!

Interesting result. The track does need to go.

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> "Cronin is less lucky"
> I was wondering when someone will make the joke. Well done! Love it!

I don’t find it quite as funny…
EricMoinet schrieb:

> "Cronin is less lucky"
> I was wondering when someone will make the joke. W
> ell done! Love it!

Ha, thanks for noticing. It was the perfect opportunity ;)

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Sure it was! :)

Can't believe that I was able to make it into the points despite having started at the back of the grid. As for Majumdar it was unfortunent that he had to take avoiding action when he did. Had it not been for that it could very well have been a double points finish for us.

Another reminder that we are looking for a driver to take over the second race seat. If you are interested in taking it please send me a message.

The race was much more successful than qualifying. Managed to climb 13 positions up. Unfortunately, the teammate was not so lucky.
Disappointing result after a good qualifying.

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Very disapointing race...
And who was the idiot that blocked my car and took his foot of the gaspedal?
I had to go full in the brakes not to hit him in the back and spun.
Race over...thx for doing that.
(Next time I will not use my brakes :-( #18)

And like some others say... this circuit has to go from the calender, to many incidents in the same corners year after year.
And so the S16 is allready compromised in the first race, for some of the drivers.

Good result for my teammate...well done James.

Grtz from Belgium,


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What an amazing recovery after such a bad qualifying! Did not expect to finish so high.
Congrats to Vitor with the first win of the season, what a great start!

Both drivers inside the top 10, good day at the office today.

Amazing for Jorge to score a podium on his first race with us, let's keep the good pace going forward into the season

If there is no issues with the 2022 version of Albert Park in regards to the troublesome corners maybe we should use that one for future seasons.

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