Jorge's thread !! Track updates. Bahrain 2019 released 07/26/2020 - Silverstone 2019 released 07/23/2020 - Austin 2019 released 07/14/2020. 73 track updates posted.

Posted by JCaranti 
Excalibur Wrote:
> Thank you for Austin 2019, Jorge! (Y)

Your welcome Arnaud. (Y)

Ripping Corpse Wrote:
> (B)(B)(B);-)

Nice to see you here Pedro. (Y)
Carl_gpgames Wrote:
> a masterpiece, thank you Jorge!

Thanks Carl !!.
I addded the pictures to first post of the topic (Y)

Silverstone 2019 is coming nicely.

Hungary 2020 i will do this weekend so everyone can have a go at the GP in Gp4 just after the race or sooner. :-)
drt01 Wrote:
> All your track update are super .. incredibile
> what you're doing:-O

Thak you Davide. :-):-)

Everyone i had some PC trouble.
I was not able to work on the Hungaroring 2020 track during the weekend ;-(.

But i did start it before my PC problem.
So i wanted to tell that i will try to release it as soon as possible Hungary 2020 and Silverstone 2019.

Kind regards
Jorge. (Y)
oh pc trouble is very bad :(, i hope you could solve it and no worries about the tracks. There's no hurry, so take your time :)
Hello everyone. :-)
I solved my PC trouble. Nothing was lost, i simply had to install everything again, somehow windows 10 got corrupted.
Anyway the news is that i am back modding Gp4, today i was able to finish Silverstone 2019 so i release it.

You can find it in the first message of this topic.

Please post a picture in the game with the proper mod of the season of the Silverstone 2019 track(Y)

Kind regards
Jorge. (Y)
Carl_gpgames Wrote:
> great Jorge, thanks a lot!
> i'm not on my home computer, so no widescreen
> images this time...

Hi Carl, its alright mate (Y). I am happy with the images. I shall put the the first message of the topic. :-)

quickslick Wrote:
> beautiful work as always Jorge (y), muito
> obrigado:)

Thanks Jurgen. Bahrain 2019 is next.

I saw Gildoorf work on Hungary 2020 so i dont know if to release the version i have done or not.
I dont want to upset anyone.

Kind regards
Hi Jorge,
Thanks for your fantastic works!!!
I hope to see Montreal 2019 soon. Any news?
Your updates are wonderful.
Thanks for the answer.
quickslick Wrote:
> maybe you can talk with gildoorf and ask him about
> your release of the track, jorge :)

Hi Jurgen
I just sent him a PM with 2 ideas about the track. Let´s see what happends.

@Turbo Lover
Ruben, its a nice idea but will depend on him and Paulo.

Anyway Bahrain 2019 is the next track update to be released in a few hours. (Y)
Thanks for the new track updates. I was in quarantine due flying. Finally home. Plan on some racing tonight.

Glenn (Cdn)
Thanks Jurgen! Had to attend a funeral in Canada's far north. Shocked by the lack of snow and ice up there. Good to be back.

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