Jorge's thread !! Track updates. Bahrain 2019 released 07/26/2020 - Silverstone 2019 released 07/23/2020 - Austin 2019 released 07/14/2020. 73 track updates posted.

Posted by JCaranti 
@Turbo Lover pauloderpich: thanks guys. I apreciate the encouraging. (Y)

gildoorf Wrote:
> Thanks for updates, Jorge. You have improved very
> much.

Thank you Gildoorf. I will send the Algarve 2020 update to you and Paulo when i am done so you guys release it.
I think it will be a nice gift.(Y)
Ohh and i have a Bahrain .dat outer layout surprise their that i will be sending over soon.

gap177 Wrote:
> The master!!
> Glenn

Thanks Glenn but i think Gildoorf, Paulo, Drt01 are all very talented too for tracks.

soulbringer Wrote:
> I am always in awe of you all track makers. Really
> beautiful work Jorge here, attention to details is
> amazing.
> These tracks and updates will be highly
> appreciated for many years ahead.

Thank you. I apreciate the cars you released too over the years so i thank you (Y)
JCaranti Wrote:
> Hello everyone :-) :-)
> I have been working on the Algarve 2020 track
> update.
> I have made several bridges like the one in the
> start finish line and other sectors.
> []
> Pitlane, pitbuilding and all stuff their is
> updated garages, pitcables, pitstands, pitmuppets,
> etc
> []
> Here it is missing the heineken advert on the
> other side of the ground and those sausage rolls
> with extension on green painting.
> But it shows the blue stripes and the ground
> heineken advert.
> []
> In the rolex bank i had to create those yellow
> elevated sausage rolls(sorry i dont know what else
> to call them). I still need to make another 4 or 5
> of them.
> []
> Here is the pirelli ground advert.
> The challenge is these weired banks that has
> escape routes marked on green painting in the
> ground forming like a road path.
> What i describe is located before the yellow
> pirelli ground advert. I dont have a picture of
> this one because its still in progress of making.
> I still need to put most of the adverts but
> showing progress on the 3D and other stuff. (Y)
> Kind regards
> Jorge.

Great update Jorge .. very soon i'll need your help on Mugello too;-)

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Esperando com ansiedade a pista do meu país.
Votos de um excelente trabalho.
I have been quiet and busy with personal life.

Some update on the Portimao track:

The image of the corner was from the original track released by F1 virtual v1.1.

In the 2020 update i am doing i fixed the main issue regarding the jipmaps of the start finish line

I also fixed the track asphalt in the new section of the track. I works when it rains too. :-) :-)

I have not put the adverts yet but i wanted to show some progress and that i am here ...
Great work on the fixed grid and start/ finish line and also new track section, Jorge! (Y)


Sorry to be a nuisance is there still links to the older revisions of tracks? I am trying to play 2019. thanks (and amazing work!!!)
Mugello update.. ;)

Now the track is in Jorge hands for his "touch" (H)

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Stunning Davide!! We are so lucky to have such great track makers here at

Glenn (Cdn)
Amazing job Davide! Thanks for this update. Absolutely gorgeous

Thanks a lot Davide, amazing work and now is Jorge’s time. Thank you very much guys!!!
Thanks for the comments everyone. It is always nice to see and gives motivation. (Y)

The news i have completed putting all the adverts in the Algarve track.

Im currently remaping the seats from turn 1 to 2. It is pain a to do because of the ammount.
Also i will add crowds to the main stand and the stands from turn 1 to turn 2 only.
Maybe a very few minor details after that and its done.

As Davide said the Mugello track is in my hands for my touch. (Y)

Kind regards
Looks amazing! Thank you in advance, it will be great fun to drive when they're ready
Really looking forward to that (hopefully soon) release! keep up Jorge!
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