GPGSL S12 R14 Flevoland GP - Rubendrome, Emmeloord [Testers Q&R p.122 | Quali p.123 Race p.124!!!]

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Screwed up first lap, first turn. Wonderful!

Nico's orders were to stick as close as possible to Glen. Job done!

Treacherous conditions with that rain! Keeping a very close eye on the standings all race long, i 'think' that just clinched me the TDC title. Got to go dry out the brain and calculator first....

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Double top 10 finish for myself and Majumdar. Hopefully the rain can stay away for the qualifying and race sessions as we really don't want to see the drivers title potentially washed away from us.

A podium is really good, looking forward to the race

Well that was a bit of fun, kicking off the farewell weekend with style. Hoping that we have a bit more left in the tank after that, and really do Maikel proud.
I'm extremely happy with that 2nd because in all honesty, it was very lucky. The MACs are extremely fast but they also learned the reliability lesson today when going all in.
Aidan drove a heck of a race, there was no chance I could have gone his pace, so congrats to a well deserved win.
With Matteo's engine, I'm just glad that it happened in the Feature Race, so hopefully we can get the engine issues fixed for the Main Race. The power, at least, is there for a strong finale and if we get it all together, a good fight for P3 (or maybe even P2) in the WCC is on the plate.

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The ammout of 13th places for me lately getting to be quite spooky. Really hope that during the final race day I'll get some luck - at least not to finish 13th again >.<

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Race is all done and up already, will be posted tomorrow evening.

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Really good result considering the tricky conditions...double top 10 finish for the team.

Kimi forever!
Ohh, nice. Didn't expect to qualify towards the top

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Soutsen Wrote:
> The ammout of 13th places for me lately getting to
> be quite spooky. Really hope that during the final
> race day I'll get some luck - at least not to
> finish 13th again >.<

Want "my precious" 13th place in the grind?
You have to pay big money for it... :)


On the second row in P3 and I hope to have an exciting and trouble free race and get some good points for the team and myself.


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Wet qualifying I would assume? With both De Bruyker and Warrington at the rear of the field they are going to have to fight their way back into the points, which also means a higher chance of making a mistake and taking themselves out. At least they have Jalving down there with them, which means he also needs to fight through the field. We will be keeping an eye on Kederer though seeing that he is the only one out of the four contenders that is starting around the midfield.

That was totally unexpected, yay! :-)

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Hi, I'm new here, and I'd like to know how to join this but don't know where to start. Any help would be much appreciated!
Yay, dead last on the grid for the finals!

@GertrandBachot, all you need is to figure out a name for your driver and to paint a helmet in GIMP/Photoshop (you can ask somebody to do that for you as well - even I can paint one for ya :P).
The helmet template in .psd format can be found here
Then contact owner of the team you'd like to join in (see them listed in the 1st post of this thread) or just wait for them to come and get in touch with ya. I hope somebody will post a up-to-date list of the teams and drivers going to participate in the next season for you to figure out the vacant spots left, since the current one is ending just now,


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Not too bad a result for the feature race. I'm looking forward to the S13 car thread.

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P8 good enough for me in my home race :)



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