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Well, 6th and 8th, not to bad, but now please, dear lord wount you buy me wrong line...just let us friggin finish were we started atleast!! cant stand another poor result :(
For a moment I thought I saw a TNF1 onboard in those screenshots, I actually got a little bit excited and confused at the same time, had to do a double take. Think I am going senile as well as AWOL in my old age.

Jenson drives it like he owns it; Lewis drives it like he stole it
Round 9 - Canadian GP - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Race day at Montreal, and it might turn out quite exciting. Reason? The weather. Right now the track is dry, but that's gonna change soon. Dark clouds are approaching fast, estimated time of arrival in a couple of minutes. This will make strategies interesting. Right now everyone is on slicks, but once the heavens open, they'll have to pit. Timing will be crucial, obviously everyone hopes that conditions don't change just the moment the pitstops are underway.

The qualifying was dominated by MPR, especially in person of Charrel Jalving. The Dutchman, who also won here last season, took pole by over two tenths ahead of teammate Carlos Rodríguez. With Kederer down in 11th, both Jalving and Gilson, who starts from 5th, will have a more than decent opportunity to decrease the gap.

The weather report for the race, dry track and sunny right now, but rain coming soonTM.

All cars are lined up, the red lights go on

It's go go go! Jalving keeps the lead ahead of Rodríguez, O'Neill with the jump on Hinz

Kederer got past de Bruyker to 10th

Steer's past McClure in 17th, Elleker from last to 19th

Timing shows us that Elleker gained another 2 places

17th for the Brit now, behind Keranen. Behind him Spangenberg goes for a move on McClure, but without success

Fastest lap for Jalving

Pedersen goes past Gilson into 7th

Onboard with O'Neill as we see the movements in the top 10. Gilson lost 3 spots, apart from that only small changes

Kederer out of the slipstream and past Silvestre to 9th

The Italian didn't want to give up, which compromised his line through the chicane

Nell doesn't hesitate and moves alongside, right behind them Warrington tries to pass teammate de Bruyker

Nell gets past

Warrington doesn't

Jalving is pulling away slowly, Rodríguez has to watch out for O'Neill

de Bruyker against Silvestre, the MTP driver stays ahead

Contact between the two! Approaching the hairpin de Bruyker tried again, but he missed his braking point, running in the back of Silvestre

Silvestre manages to keep the car under control, but goes very wide

Which allows de Bruyker to slip past.

Warrington got ahead too, Scala and Silva got a better run out of the hairpin and surely will try to get past as well

That's O'Neill in the pits! Unscheduled, he had to come in to get the electronics reset. Extremely unlucky for the Alpha driver

Meanwhile Silvestre has dropped all the way down to 17th

O'Neill back out in last, right behind the two Tyrants

Copeman up to 4th now, while teammate Pedersen tries to find a way past Worseling

He tries the outside line through the hairpin, but that was rather optimistic

McClure has run wide in the last chicane

He goes back on the track just ahead of Warrington, who has to break hard to avoid him

In doing so he held up teammate Cremasco, allowing O'Neill to get past

One lap later and O'Neill goes past Warrington as well

The Brit had run a bit wide trying to hang on to his position, as a result he also lost out to Cremasco

Worseling still holding up Pedersen, which allowed Gilson to close up to those two

Keranen in 13th, with points very close. Elleker is in 15th already, with Silva right ahead of him

Silvestre in 17th, the contact with de Bruyker cost him dearly

That's McClure off in the hairpin!

O'Neill had pushed him wide

McClure keeps the engine running, and continues in last place

Keranen tries the outside line through the hairpin against Scala, but that simply doesn't work

Rodríguez the first one to come in for his scheduled stop

It looks like it started to rain! Rodríguez back out in 12th, and still on slicks

O'Neill gains another position, 17th after passing Spangenberg

Pedersen was in, and he put on wet tyres

Warrington, Spangenberg, and Jalving too opt for wets

The rain's pouring down on the main straight, as we see Hinz taking the temporary lead

Tough luck for Rodríguez, by the looks of it he pitted one lap too early

Although, the track still is completely dry in sector 2

Sector 1 however is a real challenge on slicks now

Gilson now leading as Hinz pitted as well

Jalving behind de Bruyker after his stop

Yellow flags are out, Silvestre and Silva made contact in turn 9

Rodríguez has been in for a 2nd time

Back on track in 9th, chances on a podium probably pretty much gone

Jalving leads with a comfortable gap to Hinz

Copeman now in 3rd place

Kederer holds 7th, with Nell right behind him

The standings with all mandatory stops done

Pedersen lost a place to Gilson during the stops

Keranen's running in 12th, with the two Ones right ahead

Spangenberg's off in turn 1

O'Neill as well, they made contact when the Alpha driver tried to overtake the Snake

Onboard with Copeman

de Bruyker seems to be able to go faster than teammate Warrington

O'Neill with another attempt to pass Spangenberg, this time there's no contact, and he manages to go past

5 laps to go for Jalving, to take his first win this season

Hinz is running in a safe 2nd place

de Bruyker finally found a way past his teammate

But Warrington doesn't want to give up, and they make contact under braking for turn 1

Warrington spins, de Bruyker has to go through the gravel

Both can continue, de Bruyker in 16th, Warrington in 14th

Cremasco is off in turn 1, there was a collsion between him and O'Neill, who tried to pass the Tyrant

With the Ones out of the way Keranen is in 10th now

Almost another incident involving O'Neill, he only just avoids Silvestre

That doesn't look good for Scala, that's no spray coming up behind his car

He pulls off the track in the chicane, his race is over

Confirmation of his retirement

Jalving enters the final lap

With Scala out, Steer now holds the last point

Worseling still ahead of his teammate

Rodríguez in 9th, an unfortunate race for him

Jalving crosses the line to take the win, his and the team's first of the season

Hinz takes 2nd place

And a career first podium for Chris Copeman

And that's it, congratulations to Charrel Jalving and Martini Paddock Racing! With his 10th career win the Dutchman now sits in 2nd in the championship, only 8 points behind Kederer. However he's now used up all his boosts, while the German still has one remaining. It's Gilson though who might be in the best position overall, while he is 17 points down, he still has 4 boost left.
Congratulations also to Chris Copeman for his podium finish, a result more than deserved for him and MAC after a rather unfortunate season so far.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
Great coverage. If it wasn't that spin... :(

Anyway, better that expected...


Belgian television to de Bruyker: Do you have something to say to your teammate about his move in the first corner, 3 laps before the end of the race?

de Bruyker: No comment ! :-(

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Could've been better, could've been worse I guess. Some important points for sure though.

Shame for Sean, he had a fantastic pace, but luck and patience weren't on his side.

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Ok race for us, pitted at the right time and stayed out of trouble. Pace wasn't perfect though so we'll need to work on that one...
Apologies to those I collied with, never drove the circit in the wet and I misjudged wet braking points.

Sorry Boss for poor finish. If wasn't for that electronics fault, I may have finished well in the points.
Instead I think I tried a bit too hard in the wet conditions to move up the field.
Hope to improve at the next event.

Fantastic coverage Tobi!

Great 2nd place by Chris, fantastic drive mate. We just couldn't keep up with that pesky MPR. And another great drive by Jack too, 22nd to 12th, well done :)

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SEASON 11 Race Calendar

The GPGSL reserves the right to change venues for S11

Round 01: Australian GP - Melbourne - Winner: Joseph Gilson - Southern Cross Racing
Round 02: Malaysian GP - Sepang - Winner: Tobias Kederer - Alpha Motorsports
Round 03: Japanese GP - Suzuka - Winner: Nick Worseling - Southern Cross Racing
Round 04: Italian GP - Monza - Winner: Douglas Spangenberg - Snake Motorsports
Round 05: Spanish GP - Barcelona - Winner: Tobias Kederer - Alpha Motorsports
Round 06: South African GP - Kyalami (Classic Layout) - Winner: Jack Elleker - Aston Martin Racing
Round 07: Brazilian GP - Interlagos - Winner: Tobias Kederer - Alpha Motorsports
Round 08: US GP - Road America - Winner: Christopher Hinz - Aston Martin Racing
Round 09: Canadian GP - Montreal - Winner: Charrel Jalving - Martini Paddock Racing
Round 10: German GP - Hockenheim (Classic Layout) - 19% - 10 AI Errors
Round 11: Austrian GP - Österreichring (not A1) - 25% - 4 AI Errors
Round 12: Belgian GP - Spa-Francorchamps - 66% - 40 AI Errors
Round 13: British GP - Silverstone (Classic Layout) - 33% - 10 AI Errors
Round 14: Flevoland GP - Emmeloord - 19% - 4 AI Errors

SCR is well pleased with the result in Canada. A handy points haul.

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Stoopid Wrote:
> Fantastic coverage Tobi!
> Great 2nd place by Chris, fantastic drive mate. We
> just couldn't keep up with that pesky MPR. And
> another great drive by Jack too, 22nd to 12th,
> well done :)

22nd to 11th!
Pretty pleased with my drive, made up for my poor qualifying, just wish the race was longer so I could gain even more places!

Losing 3 places wasn't the best start, but at least I made it back to 5th and the team got some more points.

Joseph Gilson :: Southern Cross Racing :: Race Driver
Total lack of race pace, I was hoping for something more after FP and Qualy =(

> That's McClure off in the hairpin! O'Neill had pushed him wide
> Silvestre and Silva made contact in turn 9

Really ? I'm so surprised !

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Yeah lads, that's why I kept the faith. I new you had it in you. Great drive boys.

Retro liveries on the SMD-ZG02![]
Very funny, God. Very funny.

Big congrats for Charrel, well deserved mate. The pace is back there and that is what matters. Roll on the next one!

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