GPGSL S11: R14 Flevoland GP [VACANCIES, join now!!! || R13 QUAL online p.157, RACE p.158!!!]

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DMR post qualifying statement

Reasonable performances from both our drivers in the session, both not very far off the pace at all in a very competitive time sheet. Seb had a flying lap hindered, and Daniel was solid. But....

As soon as Daniel returned to the pits, whilst everyone blinked, he was gone before anyone laid eyes on him, or even saw him. Vanished into thin air. Team management now truly wondering if the queries from several drivers on the availability of a seat with Demon Racing are true. Team bosses would only say that "Yes, we are always open to talks from any keen drivers, and yes, with the current uncertainty with Daniel, all offers are being considered". The rumour of an established driver already committed to joining the team, were met with a cheeky grin, and words " we shall find out... But any and all offers of interest are going to be considered, if Daniel leaves".

Translating all that, any interested drivers unhappy in their current roles, send your resume and brown paper bags with cash to the Demon HQ.

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One Racing will make a press-release later.

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Woop woop Nice pole!! Lets bring this home safe in the race and score important points!!



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Brett Sinclair Wrote:
> why do I use that boost?

To me it seems that this track with its long straights and fast corners is much more about the team boost, especially in the qualify. That's how I explain SCR domination and Gilson's magical second place with no driving boost. Their engine is the most powerful on this track with the 4 additional bhp points they used. Things may turn over between now and the race though, we'll see.

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Superb qualify for us! Well done Michael :-)

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I really do hope so, Michael... that the race will change everything... fingers crossed for some points this time, I really need some points and so does the ONE team !

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Stoopid Wrote:
> Pedersen Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Just a tiny note, i am going to be away from
> > tomorrow August 31st until September 5/6th.
> > Leaving for the brittish aisle´s ;)
> Oh no! The Vikings are invading again!!! ;)

Well i had to pay back what you guys did to us in Copenhagen in 1801! ;)

Well i am not back, had an awesome time, definatly going back as some of you migh have seen =P Wales is such a beautiful place! just love the scenery, the castles, little villages :-o

anyway, not the qualifying i was hoping for but lets power through the grid and win the race!
More points, nice. Pace for me has actually picked up majorly since the season started, Maikel pointing out the correct direction to face whilst sitting in the car has helped massively.


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Another bad qualifying session. Starting to question the point of it now. Being beaten by two inactive drivers really rubs the salt in as well.

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Pretty good qualifying tbh, starting 8th for the race. Looking forward to a strong race so anything can happen eventaully.

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P3?! Is that serious?! :-O

Beaten RV AGAIN!! ;)

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Not an ideal result :/

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R6 South African GP - Day 3 - Race

Welcome back to South Africa for the final time this season. Yesterday we saw incredibly exciting qualification with the tight results among the field. The difference between first and last was within half a second, and it promises to be an excellent race today. Nick Worseling is on the pole ahead of his SCR teammate Joseph Gilson. Tobias Kederer, the man who has won this race last year and the current championship leader, takes start from P11. The weather is cloudy, but we expect it to be dry from start to finish.

Everything is ready, and as soon as the lights go out the race will be started.

And they're off!

Worseling leads the field over the crest.

Elleker goes for a move...

And he gets it done!

Great start for Cremasco - from the 21th starting position he goes 17th into the first corner!

Nell with a good start as well - he is 10th and tries to press on Rodriguez...

Elleker is eager to overtake Worseling for the lead already!

But the Dutchman defended his position for now, and we see lots of action into the Sunset Bend.

Cremasco tries hard to get it done on Thomas.

It was a long side by side run between them, but in the end he made it!

The leaders came out the final turn and Jack Elleker is going to pass Worseling right now.

They're side by side, and Elleker goes past Worseling into the first corner.

Silva gained one place at the same spot.

And further down the field we see Keranen and Chris Warrington doing the same.

Jack Elleker has the lead now, and he is starting to pull away instantly.

Lap 3 and it's a change between the SCR drivers.

Sebastian Nell tries his best to overtake Rodriguez.

It looks like he did it!

But Rodriguez won't succumb too early...

Nell does all can to stay ahead in the end! That was a brilliant side-by-side battle for P9 throughout the first sector between these two.

Kederer is under attack by Daly McClure.

Tight fight between them, but Mistral driver manages to go ahead.

Paolo Silva has gone past Kederer as well in the next corner. Good teamwork by Mistral boys.

Elleker with a fastest lap, and you can take a look at the current position changes in the top 10.

Scala is next to overtake the pole man. Behind them Soutsen loses P6 to Jalving.

Silva overtakes his teammate, while Hinz retakes 14th position he lost on the previous lap to Copeman.

Overtakes from De Bruyker on Thomas and Chis Warrington on Keranen.

So many action on the track! Christopher Hinz is now with a move on Kederer.

But Tobias performs his best to defend position this time and AMR driver hits the brakes nervously.

Side-by-side between John Warrington and Nick Worseling for P4.

What is the reason of Worseling being so slow? Could it be the late pit-stop strategy maybe? We'll see.

Battle between Copeman and Hinz continues.

Sanvitale goes wide into the Sunset Bend...

His car kisses the armco with its back, and he was lucky to keep it in one piece, because the speed was very high indeed.

The Italian driver hurries up to rejoin with the minimum time loss.

Mistal of Paolo Silva approaches...

Boom! No chance to avoid it. And everyone now need to be careful with the debris on track.

Paolo is frustrated for sure and he totally forgot about the drivers behind him. His teammate is anxious to get the free road and there is a contact between them.

Silva letting go his teammate and Kederer finally.

This is going to be a crazy drag race to the first corner for this large group of cars!

Look at this! McClure got blocked by Sanvitale, who slowed down before the pit entrance...

This allowed Kederer to went through with a sneaky move.

Daly lost too much speed, he falls down so quickly!

Marcus De Bruyker tries too hard to catch him just like others did, and loses the car!

And to end this mayhem Aidan Keranen went off in turn 1 as well. He got probably disoriented by the One driver going off track.

He rejoined dead last behind even Sanvitale and Silva who got their cars fixed in the pits.

With Jack Elleker starting a lap number 7, let's check the current standings and take a break for a little.

See you soon!

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel

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Turner: "John, your car was perfect"!
Warrington: "Yes, boss, and tyres are well maintained"!
Turner: "I thinl rain is close, take care"!
Warrington: "OK, boss"!

De Bruyker: "Sorry, boss!"
Vilela: "Don't worry, Marcus, focus on finish race, lot of things should happen."
De Bruyker: "Where's John?"
Vilela: "He is fourth."
De Bruyker: "F..., only me with bad result."
Vilela: "Focus, Marcus. Race didn't finish and exists a possibility of rain. This track holds traps to the hills."
De Bruyker: "Hahahahahaha, agree, Rod!"

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Not again!


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Not bad so far, let's keep this pace and perhaps we can bring this podium at home

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Mad race so far! Looks like the track doesn't suit my car very well. 10th isn't necessarily bad but, considering last race, it sucks because it could be so much better.

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Follow me! One time Lando Norris liked one of my tweets, so they must be good.
Maverick to Scala: "Superb move, Matteo. You have the pace to attack for P2! But be careful, we need this podium finish! Good work so far, keep it going."

Maverick to Soutsen: "Don't worry about it Michael, you're doing fine. Bad luck that you were blocked a bit at the start but don't let it bug you. Secure your position and don't ruin the tyres. Good job so far."

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R6 South African GP - Day 3 - Race
Part 2

Back into action with Nata Cremasco overtaking Cristopher Hinz for P12.

It's very close at the front, so the strategy may be the key.

Hinz continues his travel to the back of the field.

Cremasco in trouble!

The Tyrant vehicle spun out and he rejoins only in 18th place.

De Bruyker goes wide at the very same corner, but manages to go without spinning the car at least.

His teammate is going for a pass on Scala.

And he got it right!

Copeman just missed a braking marker and goes into the gravel at the turn 1.

Now he has to wait for everyone to pass.

Ten places lost - that's the cost of his driving mistake.

At the same time we have Chris Warrington spinning his car in the same place where his teammate did so just a couple of laps ago.

Worseling can't do anything to defend himself from Jalving.

Soutsen loses a little time on turn 1...

And Sebastian Nell is now right on his back.

John Warrington with the fastest lap and a move on Gilson, but the SCR driver stays ahead.

While Soutsen predictably loses his 7th place to Nell.

Warrington again with a threat to Gilson, while Jalving and Scala fighting for position in the background.

Joseph keeps the One driver behind again.

Warrington on his third attempt!

And he is winning the battle this time it seems...

But Gilson using all the tricks in the book and not giving up yet, and Jalving is right there to pounce into third!

Few moments later Jalving is in second after the overtake in turn one...

While Worseling can't get his car stable on the exit...

And he drops back behind both MTPs.

Let's take a look at the standings just before the pit window.

J. Warrington first to come into the pit lane for a scheduled pit-stop. Nell, Soutsen and Pedersen coming in as well.

Bad luck for Soutsen who is forced to wait for both Warrington and Nell to go by in the pit lane.

Lap 18 and it's time to stop for Gilson, Scala, Kederer, Spangenberg and Cremasco.

While we see that Dan Thomas has followed a route of Tyrants. A shame, this could be a point finish for him today.

Scala comes before Warrington after the pit.

Lap 19 - it's a hammertime for Jalving, who still hadn't pitted, and he goes extremely hard on the kerbs at Crowthorne Corner...

...but somehow he manages to keep it on track and in fact didn't lose too much time doing that.

Soutsen gets passed by Sanvitale, and into the pits went McClure, Copeman, Keranen, Thomas and Chris Warrington.

Chris Copeman is another victim of the tricky Barbeque Bend today.

While John Warrington offers overtaking masterclass in the very same corner for P7.

Pit crews waiting for Rodriguez, Hinz and De Bruyker.

Matteo Scala tries to make his move on Warrington on the main straight as Carlos Rodrigues rejoins from his stop...

Matteo squeezes in, while Warrington hits the brakes.

It's a battle for position now between John Warrington, Nell and Kederer.

Elleker is in the pits. Jalving and Worseling coming in as well to end the pit window. And now we know the answer - Worseling indeed was on heavy load strategy.

Elleker rejoins still in command of the race, but who is going to be after him?

And it's Charrel Jalving, who rejoins right in front of Joseph Gilson.

Worseling came out ahead of the tough fight between Scala, Rodriguez, J.Warrington, Kederer and Nell.

Warrington was quicker than Rodriguez this time through the first corner.

Let’s check out the standings and take a final break.

This is gonna be a quicker one! ;-)

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel

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Perhaps I've been doing this all wrong! I think I'll just go inactive for a week or two. Then I'll get a good qualifying performance and ave a decent race. See you in about three weeks folks...

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