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SchueyFan Wrote:
> search is your friend ;)
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> 4941

That helps me for converting 06 to 05. w00pdy woo!
Glad to see the series is still going, sorry i've been away for like 6 months.Y ou don't wanna know what crap i've had in my life. Hope there maybe a test seat going, hope my stats are still ok, I did win a race!


ItalianEnglish Dynamics Official Car Release - Monza, Italy

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, of course, since we won our first race in Australia this year, with such massive impact success on the return of Ricardo van Smirren and the ever reliable Rick Groeneboer securing our best ever race weekend. We resume racing soon at what looks to be a very wet Hockenheim circuit.

But we are not talking to you all from Monza for bragging about how good our season has been so far (I know it has only been one race). We are here to show official, shiny, images of the new car. We are aware that the livery was leaked onto the official GPGSL website, but lets be honest, the quality ain't that great. Lets hoist up the curtains

Thank you to the awesome SanroX for the render and the equally awesome Kevin Schroeder, all the best to him in his VSM car.

We have reverted to a similar car in which we had in season 1, a black livery with minty green drops. This season, we have reverted to the Team Dynamics livery in the BTCC.

We have signed a deal with Lukoil, who become our first non-English/Italian backed sponsors. And whilst its bad we had to break it, we need the cash, and who is richer than a Russian Oligarch? We also see HMW joining us as sponsors. Alitalia have remained sponsors, albeit in a smaller capacity since the credit crunch is effecting them. Sad to say Telecom Italia do not remain with us, but I reckon the phone bills we left them to pay may have not gone down well.

Thanks all for seeing the gorgeous new car.

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The new ItalianEnglish Dynamics car also looks nice mate! Respect for the henry Surtees on the back..

And congrats with your victory :)

I dont know what happened in the free practice with me, 21nd.. Thats really really poor for the new Vsm.. Lets see what my teammates can do in the race..

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Nice mate, very nice

Always liked the season 1 livery over last years, so glad you have returned to the original colours :)

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Wow, everyone has reverted nicely to the new shape. Including with new and improved liveries
nice presentation and funny text, gaulty :)
Good to see, that all liveries are great this season... it costs a lot of time to paint a car, but I think it was worth the pain I´ve gone through with the VSM and this IED here... btw there was a car numbero 3 I´ve painted, but the press wasn´t informed and it was and still is a topsecret project :P so let´s see what happens while the season
Now I´m looking forward to the season.
Thanks SandroX again for all the renders, good work, mate !
Welcome back Keeley, nice to hear from you. :-) Stu, please send me the Keeley Grant helmet, not in my version, was deleted to save space.
Mod upload likely to be delayed a day for some final work on the images and more testing.
Helmet of Shame inserted.
I need the following nationalities for the mod.
Aldo Castillo
Gary Spencer
Andrew Jewitt
Tim van Dijck
Monil (confirm Portugal?)

Finally, with great pleasure, and a huge sigh of relief, Team VSM has arrived at Hockenheim, the team has successfully delivered their cars and is now ready to run. Therefore, Hock qualy will more than likely happpen tonight AEST! :-)
Thanks to all who helped me out with IED, TSS and VSM, and the epic 'helmet of shame', it looks great in-game. :-)

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Monil is Portuguese. Tim van Dijck is Belgian. Aldo Castillo is from Peru.

I didn't put flags in the first post for nothing ;)
Nickv Wrote:
> Monil is Portuguese.

Affirmative :)
mortal schrieb:
> now ready to run. Therefore, Hock qualy will more
> than likely happpen tonight AEST! :-)

good news, go me :)

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Paolo Tarfuro (Phoenix's 2nd test driver) is Italian.

Could somebody please get my Phoenix livery race ready, I can't install GP4 atm (my disc has been badly scratched) and therefore can not convert my livery to tex and test ingame.

If you can help, just PM me, and I'll send you the files.


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GPGSL Round 2 Hockenheim Germany Qualifying

Welcome to the qualifying session at Hockenheim.
Weather Forecast: 70% chance of rain. Actual: Steady rain. Track: Wet.

Pit-lane at the start of the session. Green light.

Warrington first on track.

Not a lot of grip out there today. Yellow flagged.

Lucky 7 back in the garage.

On-board with Marko Aleksander.

End of session.
Stay tuned for the Official Results.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel

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Official Results GPGSL Round 2 Hockenheim Germany Qualifying

Congratulations to Nick van der Voort - Velox Honda pole position.

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I can only see two of the images, none of the results. ;)

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Fixed now, that was an image hosting site problem, I edited the links. Sorry about that.

Hey go me...who needs a new car. Anything can happen with the race though, and it usually does. :-)

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Dead last, never happened before :-(
I need to find some speed. Hoping for rain int the race too.
oh noes ... 17th.;)
hoping for changing conditions in the race.

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Poor yet again :@

better than my teammate but not really a satisfying result. let's hope the race will be better. a good performance in front of my home crowd would be nice

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