new cc-line updates by burazel (NEW: "abu dhabi 2009" and "estoril 1991 and 2008" are added)

Posted by burazel 
sono le traiettorie ke le macchine del computer seguono

My GPGSL Career
hello everyone.

recent days, i had some problems with my PC and i lost lots of datas with GP4.

if you have already downloaded my cc line updates, can you upload them (or pm to me) for me?

thanks from now.

Hello :) !

Can these wonderful cc-lines be found anywhere?

I´m especially looking for the cc-line for the Estoril-track.

Hi burazel, could you upload the links to the cc-lines please? All those links are broken. Thanks!
Hello and bump. I'm looking for the cc lines for the Pheonix track, if not are there any tools I can use to change the Pheonix track car lines? As whenever I race on that track all the cars end up retiring as they constantly drive into the walls.

All the best!

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here are the cc lines from burazel. The phönix 1991 cc line is included, but sadly i don't have the dtm le mans bugatti 2006 and interlagos 2008 cc lines. For interlagos 2008 i have included another cc line instead

Hi. Is there a cc line for Kyalami 82 and Buenos Aires 79?
i don't think so
Thanks @ quickslick [
I would like to download and try these but this filefactory is not user friendly and just goes in circles. Is there an alternative to downloading these and other GP4 files?
@AustinF1, five posts above yours, there is a mediafire link ;)
Would you know (an easy way) to widen a circuit. I have Vancouver in mind, a track which is challenging and fun but the track itself is too narrow and nearly impossible to pass anywhere. Pau is another that comes to mind. Thanks
Are these files still available anywhere (Mediafire?)?
Got it....Thanks
Jolly good show! as the great racing Brits would say. I've run the new .dats on Detroit, Phoenix, and Surfers. They all seem to run smoother now. Have you by chance thought of working on another favorite, Adelaide?
Can you do the old F1 version of Long Beach? There's a hesitation at the start finish line when the driver car is to the left of or behind another car. Thanks for you great work!
Hi. Could I have the Bugatti cc line?
I had to revert back to the orig dat for Detroit. The new one constantly had me clipping the corner inside rail on turn two. Pity, because overall the new cc was smoother to run except for that. Thanks
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