Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :) looks like the good days are returning!

Posted by ralv585 
For some of you, this is still the case, for others, this is a sweet memory that we will have of GP4 :)

When it first came out, i'm pretty sure most of us bought it in the first week, first day for me, and excitedly taking it home and installing it.

Who can forget the weird smell of the box? I still have mine, and over 6 years later, the smell is still there!

Anyway, on to the game, after the install we finally got our hands on it, we let the game configure and we see just how bad our pc's are, its like a slideshow, how can this be?

Even before we get behind the wheel, our dreams our shattered, this game will run at 10fps and the sulking begins...

We look to the forums for any help, and there it is, disable the 3d sound, it works like a charm, the game loads and we can finally play our beautiful game!

After a few races, we quit the game and surf the web, go to school etc, when we want to play again, bam! Black screen! what? restart the game, black screen! No!!!

the unofficial patch comes out, we rejoice, we can play again hooray!

then along come gpxpatch, the one tool to end all tools!

patch 9.6 comes along and with the nocd, we can put our precious GP4 cd away now.

lo2k comes with his cameditor, and we all start tweaking, madman comes with gp4tweaker, wai, bojan, viper, nicola all come with new cars, we learn to tweak the legendary f1graphics.cfg and so our love affair with GP4 truely begins.

before wadupdater, we had gp4master, you young kids don't know how good you have it, the amount of hours extracting wads and compiling wads with this tool were huge, but worth every minute, i would still use it today if it only worked with vista :(

with new cars came new problems, white cars, hi po, what to do?

tweak tweak tweak!

decrease size of tex, rename the lod3 to lod2, lod2 to lod1, tweak the cfg so mirrors only showed cars, stay well clear of dynamic reflections!

i'm sure this is true for some of you, but we knew how fragile GP4 was, and so every new upgrade to our pc, came with the question "how will GP4 run on it" to the forums we go!

i could go on, but my experience with this game will never ever be surpassed by another, i've grown with this game, this community, seen legends come and go, been through all the fighting, and still only one thing remains...GP4, god i love this game and truely admire and respect everyone who keeps this game alive!

so here's to another 6 years, and hoping geoff crammond, where ever he is, is working on GP5, with online, i will literally die and go to f1 heaven if that is real.

hope you guys can share your experience too :)

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 02:23AM
Posted by: kerleyf1
Ralv! Excelente text!

I'm a brazilian guy and when GP4 comes out I bought it just to put in my old CD's because my computer simple don't run it (by performance). So i play GP3 so many times before play GP4, even the game in my hands.

Thanks all here who help me (us), thanks for who made and who keeps GP4 LIVE!



first off all, I can say I have always liked GP4Master better, and it works well on my Vista comp :)

Second, I also have developed some kind of love to this game. I think I know absolute everything you need to know and a bit more except of making cars and tracks. This is a game that I have played since I bought it in March 2002 but I did not learn to update the game until late 2005. When I finally got grip over how to change my game and everything I wanted to change, GP4 became the most played game on my PC. It's a game that I play when I have nothing else to do, sometimes I play it anyway! ;)

I hope that this game and community never goes under the ice, even if I deep down know that it will sooner or later. It's a great game and all the modders have made this game so playble after so many years, and who would have thought that when you installed the game for the first time?

I don't have the box anymore, but I have the CD and the CD case ;)

Love to everyone involvd in this community!!!

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 02:02AM
Posted by: J-C
For me i played this game for first time in late 2003.
I learned how to update with Gp4master and some other tools at the time in
very early 2004. Back then i didnt write in forums or anything even
though i did start reading this forum in mid 2004 but registered in early 2005
with my previous nick name.
Back then i wasnt into compiling mods but into Gp4 Race Leagues. Much fun.
Many great moments.
Me ill continue here even if a new F1 game comes.

Cheers :)

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 06:23AM
Posted by: mortal
Great post. ;-)

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 09:26AM
Posted by: msater
This should be stickied.

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 09:59AM
Posted by: Lo2k
Very sweet story...

For me it seems that it is a very long one too.
It started with GP3 because I was there too, I bought the game, played a lot with it and started to create
little updates but at that time I didn't publish anything, some guys like Emac, Ralph Hummerich, Ricardo lampert or SDI were gods
for me.

Then GP4 was released, I bought it in the early days it was out and even bought it twice : one for me and one
for my friend Duffer.
I started playing, feeling was different than GP3's but graphics were so ahead I will never come back to GP3.
And then everything hurry up. I met Jon Walton and Sven Mithlener who became my "mentor" and teached me all I
needed to start with binary files. I started to work with Delphi and made good and quick progress, giving me
more and more possibilities.

I believe too the first tool I released was CamEditor, at this time, the "car" was a bunch of boxes having more
or less the shape of an F1. Then came many new tools, improvements like real shape display and texture mapping
and the day when, pushed my so many people, I copied CamEditor code to a new folder and named it 3DEditor.
The beginning of a loooong list of releases that was supposed to end to a full track editor. That was our joke
with Sven : one day it will be a complete GP4 track editor. fools we were :) Sven even made an attempt to create
such a tool.

Time has passed and now when I'm on GP4, it means I'm coding GP4Builder for 95% of the time and 5% I'm testing
in game. Anyway, I don't mind, my pleasure with the game is no more playing it, as I don't have the time and I'm
not the best driver ever, but seeing what others are doing with my tools. New camsets, New textures, New
tracks...yep, even tracks could be done afterall.

Of course, everything is not perfect but waiting for a most improbable GP5, I have still a bit of time to
improve my tools ;)

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My adventure with GPX series comes out in 1998, when i bought GP2. At the time it was the first contact with seroius racing game. It was amazing.

After i play GP3. I have good remembers with Buenos Aires (teather of a lot of races), one of my favourite tracks.

GP4: bought the first day when i comes out in italy, 23/06/2002. A lot of friends say me that i have to buy F1 2002 by EA, but when i see the GP4 boxes (with the real hockenheim) i bought it immediatly.
Only in 2006 i was thinking to leave GP4 (cause i've got only a 56Kpps modem) and modernize it with the 2005 mod. In this sense i really thanks the whole community, without this mod i play it a lot.

In late 2007 i discover my passion for 88, 91, 95. Hoping in the future to see more 90s and 80s mod (the 1994 is on a good way, and 93 both)

SkaaningeN Wrote:
> I don't have the box anymore, but I have the CD
> and the CD case ;)

I have still today the original box, and in really good conditions.

My workthread with all RELEASED and WIP stuff

Nice stories :)....

I still have the box of F1 GP2, GP3 and GP4!
I played a lot IndyCar Racing 2 and when I played GP2 for the first time, I finally found a new racing game which was better than ICR 2.

Then came GP3 : I saw in a market a demo of GP3 with the black Arrows racing each others. And then I saw Diniz flipping! Wohoo! we can go upside down in GP3. I bought it and the intro was simply outstanding! The best intro I have ever seen! The gameplay was so excellent at that time!

I remember before the first time I played GP4 in the late 2002, I went to to look at the ingame screens : it was so beautiful and with the background sound, you had the feeling of being in a Formula 1 circuit! Then, first run with the Benetton of Jenson Button in Indianapolis! The first time I "drove" in that circuit! I loved going through the banking full throttle !

Then came : I searched in google grandprixgames and I found I had no idea that grandprix4 could be modded!! I was so surprised when I saw the Toyota and the Renault! So I wanted to have those cars in my game.... but I didn't know how to do that! I took me at least one day to finally know how to install them with GP4Master! I remember when GP4Master said that I had the wrong exe or something like that...

2002 was the beginning of carshaping with Wai Keen Lam, Erik, Viper ( Enzojz now?),nicola, bojan, schroeder and more... the first thing I noticed in those carshape is that the airbox inlet was in full 3D, not only with a tex.

2003, the carshapes were more detailled, new set of tyres were done. This was the year where F1 has the most beautiful cars in my opinion ( Williams, Ferrari, McLaren, Jordan... ) I enjoyed playing those cars in GP4!! SkaaningeN by the way posted 2003 cars recently in the screenshot thread! Thanks man! It's a pleasure to see those cars again!

2004 I think IS the year of carshaping in GP4! New (potential) carshapers came (Rom1, Spoony,Mckey ( sorry if i mispelled it :) ),Duffer, Loren, Fongu, Flash Formula... )
Every car of that season were done by at least two carshapers. It was the year when new mods were built ( like the 1994 mod by the Real Gpx ). That year, I made my first car livrery in the MP4-19 template. It was the first time I use Zmodeler, mainly to see the progress of the livrery. When I saw the McLaren in Zmodeler, I wanted to make my own Formula 1. But I thought that every carshapers used the original carshape of GP4 as base of their works! So I started to modify the Jordan of Alesi ( I only lowered the nose ) and I put it ingame. I was so happy to see "my" carshape through the long straight of Hockenheim !

But when I saw the WIP treads of those cars, I realized that those cars were made from scratch! At that point, I wanted to make my own scratch building car.

2005 the PC spec increased, the GP4 performences too, and the number of polys in the carshape too! Which means a more detailled car!
The Williams from Intweb was ( and still is for me ) the most detailled car of GP4! Enzojz made the great 5D wheels!! What a pleasure not to see a 3D rim not moving! Teraur came with great McLaren and Jordan! The Renault R25 of Rom1 was simply beautiful! As was his RedBull, the Sauber of Bojan and Mckey, the BAR and the Minardi of Spoony and Flash Formula, the Ferrari of Acciari, Oggo, Kamder, The McLaren, the Ferrari and the Jordan of Enzojz and BMWFan...
Paolo (jpmfw) made a great winter livrery of the Williams!
But I remember this year when YohanFGP made a lot of great cars in only a few month! (Williams, Ferrari, Renault, Toyota...) He was a machine!^^ By the way, does anyone have news from him?

2006, some carshapers left GP4, new carshapers came ( like me ^^ ). Craigo with the CTDP team made a great Renault R26 as did Rom1, Teraur, Marosci/Talhendorf,I(Mitsuro Sano ;))/Paolo made great Williams! in the early 2006, DjVass made a good conversion of the Sauber of Mckey and Bojan to a BMW .Then Spoony/Bojan, CTDP, and Paolo/I made BMW from scratch. Teraur made great Toyota. Enzojz and Acciari/Schroeder made wonderful Ferrari! Gezere made a great texture of the Toro Rosso! Fongu made the beautiful first ever SA.
Kizz made a wonderful Honda RA106! MDBSnake realized a great RedBull.

Lee, Hega and Vesuvius find a new way to make steering wheels more realistic. I remember Lee doing an onboard camera of Fisichella with a real photo of his arms and the steering wheel!

But the main challenge this year was of course the McLaren MP4-21 with its chrome!
Teraur and Uskoff manages to make great chrome effects on their Mp4-21. Hega improve the chrome effect of those McLaren with his new environment map.

2007, Isaint and Kev188 made a great conversion of Rom1's R26 to a R27, then Craigo and MMG made new one from scratch.
Axel180 begun to make his great series of Fictional cars. Fongu and Paolo made a great Toyota, Marosci/Tahlendorf and Paolo/I made great Williams, we and MMG made the BMW F1.07. Craigo and MMG made great Ferrari from scratch. Raulongo begin to show us is great talent on carpainting with a WIP in the Ferrari of Enzojz. RBR and STR were made by Gezere and MDBSnake and the result was nere to perfection!

Biggest surprise! Schroeder and Bojan came back with their Williams FW29 still WIP but already perfect!

2008, still WIP! ;) But newcomers showed us their great talents : Racervieh,Renault#1-fan, Rodrigo, Raulongo,gangstahhwboy13 and Daimon! Willward and msater are making a good job with the AGP2007/2008

I only talk about carmakers and I'm sure that I forgot some great carshapers but others also who contribute to keep alive GP4 deserves a tribute too!

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 01:00PM
Posted by: Prblanco
It seems I can call myself "one of the new guys" because I discovered GP4 late 2004, and this community early 2005 :)

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 01:11PM
Posted by: Monza972
This is a lovely thread :)

I bought GP4 in 2003 when I didn't even have a computer, my pc had problems of shutting down a lot so i didn't get to play it. Even though, I still asked my dad to buy it and woo! i read the whole booklet that was in the Box and then dreamed about playing it. I used to go around to friend's house just to play it. After that when I got my new pc in mid 03 i finally installed it and played it to my hearts content. I then found online communities a such as AlphaF1 who had many modifications for the game. Being such a massive n00b then, I didn't install much except for the helicam which i've lost now :(. After that, I uninstalled the game.

In the early 2006 however, I got the urge to play it again and remembering that there were communities on the internet for this game, i went to google and searched up "Grand Prix 4 Addons" upcomes GPG and there starts my journey from a total n00b, to an expert in modification and changes and painting textures for cars and helmets, Fantasy Car (GPGSL) and Couple of real F1 helmets. Sure I had bad times and good times with game, when I first tried out the old CSM (god i hated that tool ;)) and had to reinstall the game like a thousand times.

I have to agree that this thread the best one that has been made.

How I love those bitter sweet memories :)
My passion for video games and F1 began at the same time, when I was 8 years old and I have always looked for a great F1 game. The first real F1 simulation game I have bought is Formula one Grand Prix by Geoff Grammond on Amiga 500 in 1990 (or 91). I was very excited because it was the first F1 "real" simulation for me and it may look strange now for youngers but graphics were wonderful lol ... I've spent a lot of time on this game, with friends too, with two Amiga linked...then I was playing on 3DO, PS1 (F1 97), PS2 (F1 2000 which was great but not a simulation).

When I bought a PC in 2001, I have discovered GP2 and GP3 and something very interesting: It was possible to update the game with tools (GP3Edit) and playing with current seasons...So, I found informations here on (old download section) and other sites like Emac, Ralph Hummerich and Ricardo lampert's ones...This was amazing!

But my PC was not powerful enough. I was waiting for GP4 on Xbox but the project was deleted. I was very disapointed.So, I've been waiting for a new PC and bought GP4 in 2006 and I can say by my own experience that this is the best F1 simulation I've ever played with (from GP1 to GP4), thanks to modders who make great works (cars, tracks, etc... and tools as Laurent's ones).

This game came out in 2002 if I'm right and when I see quality of shapes, textures and other 3D works,I think that Geoff Grammond would be very impressed! I don't know how many more times the community will live but when I see 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons, each year is better that the previous one and the interest, enjoyement are still there as the first days....

Don't you feel like a child when you are waiting for a new car, track or other stuff to be soon released? I think that's why GP4 is still alive , because active members bring their experience, ideas and talent and also because others encourage them to continue.As long as people will work together and will put their experience in common, this community won't die...maybe until GP5 or later....


Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 01:20PM
Posted by: toyo_161
Great Posts by you...
Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 01:25PM
Posted by: BAR#10
Bought the game in late 2004, almost random. Was browsing through some music CDs in a store, then saw videogame section and noticed an F1 game on sale.
I havent bought any video game in ages, the last one prior to that was Indycar back in 1996, which I only played briefly.

Basically after selling my Commodore 64( I was 14 (back in 1990), I stopped playing games altogether.

But anyway I held the GP4 CD-rom in my hand and said what the hell. So, I purchased it, for a nice price too, and never bothered to look for updates. I went on the official site though, but it said that the patch is no longer available.

Only in late 2007 I went to wiki, learnt about the unofficial sites and the rest was history. Getting the gpxpatch was enough for me. When seeing the programm ingame I was thinking: "Awesome, awesome!"

Couple of days after that later I came across GPG, got the 2006 mod from GP4DB and
you could say I was impressed further.

Had my share of crashes to desktop earlier on, ofcourse completely unaware of the bugs or 9.6. patch.
So it was hilarious reading some threads from 2002 , where everyone went through it as well.

GPGSL career;
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winner of Belgian GP (s1), Australian GP (s1), Canadian GP (S1), Brazilian GP(s4, s5), Hungarian GP(s3), Italian GP(s3), French GP (s5,s7), Monaco GP (s4) and USA GP

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 02:23PM
Posted by: msater
My story goes all the way back to playing GP3 with my dad. He used to love the game, and I used to play it, as David Coulthard. My dad didn´t mod the game, though.

Then, my dad found GP2 in a cupboard, and he gave it to me. I loved it!!! At last, I could play as who I wanted, when I wanted, on whatever track! It was brilliant! Ok, so the steering wheel didn´t move, and the graphics weren´t great, and it was still the 94 season, when I wanted to play the 1998/1999/2000 seasons, but I didn´t really care. It was an F1 game.

Then, in about 2002, in found GP3 in a charity shop. It was only £2, so I persuaded my mum to buy it. (Bear in mind I was only 8 at the time). The days of playing my beloved GP2 were gone. In my world, this was real racing!! It was the 1997/1998 season, and it was brilliant!!

Then, in about 2006, I got a new Windows XP computer, which had the internet. Although I didn´t know it at the time, it was possible to mod GP3. I was still playing with the original out of the box, GP3 (not GP32K) and wass getting a bit bored of the 1997 season. After all, it was 9 years old.

I eventually got so bored with the 97 season, and had found the textures for the cars, I started to look for changes in the game. I found... GPG!!! I was beyond myself with joy. Within a day, I was racing in the 2006 season.

I had heard about GP4 late in 2004, but I hadn´t got it. In October 2007, I finally got my heart´s desire. GP4!!

The rest, as they say, is history. (Now I am 14, just so you know).

So sweet memories.

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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 03:03PM
Posted by: TTM
Here is my story.. :) (Hopefully my English is good enough..) :)

I remember very well that day when i bought Formula One Grand Prix on Amiga 500 in 1990. I was totally amazed.
I spend many, many hours, days and months with that game. :) I also though that it would be nice to modify tracks etc.. :)

2005: It was early in july when i bought my first PC and almost week later i luckily found copy of the GP4.
But next day after buying game i though that maybe it's possible to mod this game and especially tracks. :) They look outdated. I found few GP4-sites and program called 3dEditor. :) My first thoughs was, bloody h#%#, this is not possible. Can my dreams come true? ;)

I started to modify Montreal track to 2005 version. I spend a lot of time with learning
how 3dEditor works and how to paint textures and model objects. It took 3 months to update Montreal. I released track 27.10.2005, almost 3 years ago. :) I had some not so good moments at the begin with few guys, but i was totally noobie and i didn't know all those rules etc.. Sorry guys, but thats history.
Shortly after Montreal i begin my work with Monza. Original Monza was totally crap. :) A lot of errors etc, only track layout was good..
I was very proud of my Monza 2005 update, but it was a far away from perfect but i think that after few season updates and better modelling and painting skills it would be almost perfect track.

2006: I spend a lot of time to training my painting and modelling skills. I released 2006 version of the Melbourne,Montreal and Monza.

2007- spring 2008: I spend 7 months with 2007 version of the Monza. Shortly after releasing Monza i totally lost my motivation to trackediting. I had spend all my energy and free time to Monza and i think that it would be nice to do something else and i also had some personal life problems..

..But now, i'm back. :) I love GP4 so much and this community. Of course i still have
dream to work and release some tracks and trackupdates, because GP4 reserves good versions of the ...., ...., & .... ;)

Thank you Geoff and all you guys.. Btw, i never had played 100% race or full season, i spend all my time with updating tracks etc, but maybe someday, maybe.. ;)
Great thread

I started out with GP3, i found everytime i braked with the keyboard my wheels would always lock up. I was so confused by nevertheless i carried on playing. Searching online for 'grandprixgames gp3' i came across the gp3 section of this site. This lead me to finding a new carshape which someone tried to make similar to the mp4/19 with a slightly dipped front nose. I was really impressed and loved it especially when i found and easily installed new car was so simple :)

I finally came across the gp4 section of the forum. I was amazed after looking at some screenshots that it was possible to have even better carshapes that were more realistic. The graphics looked so much better and I wanted it so badly!
I went and found the GP4 game online and ordered immediately!

Next was to start modding and posting. My first mod would have been the 2004 mod iirc.
My PC at the time was really crap so I had to settle with the lowres version. The great thing however was that this mod was updated according to the races so it kept me going.

In 2005 I was speechless when enzojz released his mp4/20 with the names of the drivers on the side in that nice font (the raikkonen bit in red). That is the best car I have ever seen in GP4 and now i cant even find it :( (Can someone help me find it? )

Following on I believe the 2005 mod came along which featured great cars by many great carshapers here! This continued with the combined GP4ITALIA and Tony's 2006 mod with more carshapes work. The 2007add on section was a nice touch too! The DTM mod was also one i eagerly waited for, i was so happy when i could finally play it after seeing incredible screenshots. Who would of thought this was possible in a f1 game!

Now after years of playing, I am having to step away slightly due to education...however there is not a single day where i try and have a quick go!

Finally is b-tone still around? Is he not continuing with a 2007 or 2008 mod?

I first got hold of GP2 in 1998 and then GP3 in 2000 and I went into my local WH Smith on a hot summer's day in 2002 (GP4 release day) determined to buy GP4 even though my PC didn't match the specs. I paid £27.99 for it, the price lable is still on the box :)

When I got home, I installed it, fired the game up and in desperation went into the GFX settings and lowered them to the lowest possible. To my surprise and sheer delight, the game worked, despite my PC being lower than the minimum spec. I started a championship and remember those long summer nights fondly as I struggled to score points with DC's McLaren, crashing constantly and qualifying dead last at Sepang and Interlagos.

Then, in late July 2002 my Grandad offered to buy me a new PC, which I carefully picked to run GP4 with ease. It did just that and I kept that PC until October 2007, using the many fine mods and utilities that some very good people have made for the game. In particular, I'd like to thank Enzojz because it's his 2003 mod that I have used almost exclusively since he released it!
Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 06:32PM
Posted by: LWC
I bought gp4 not long after it was released,after playing gp3 for quite some time in 2000 which i really liked but knew nothing about modding it,i fell in love with gp4 straight away but my pc at the time couldnt handle the graphics,so i decided to build a machine around the specs of gp4. Then in 04 the graphics really got knocked up when all the hi res stuff started to get released so again i upped my machine specs to handle it,i then started to want to play the game as id like it to be so i started messing around with wad files "using the great gp4 master" and also adding a few bits like team arts and menu music,nothing to elaborate but as i enjoyed doing that more i needed to move to something else so i started to learn how to paint using photoshop and psp in 04.I learnt the basics of modelling using Zmodeler and learnt how to remap stuff in 05.All the tools made by Lo2k were great for personalising the game which is what hooked me. By this time gp4 was pretty much a way of life,constantly checking for new cars every other day, doing full races as often as i could. I then went on to painting my own personal cars and loved making new tires as they changed all the time. Then came gp4 builder which really opened the door to gp4's potential. I started editing existing cars for my own use then wanted to move to better things so i started converting cars from other formats again for my own use,and when i thought i was good enough i released my first converrt to the public and it was a great feeling of achievment,even though i would have preferred to have made the cars from scratch but just couldnt get the hang of modelling.Over the years ive painted hundreds of personal cars,helmets, made sound packs,lots that i never released, quite a few mods too, pretty much as much as i could make for gp4 with my abilities. But as time went on, i found i couldnt really do much more for gp4 because of my abilities and gp4's limitations plus my personal life had changed too,but i was happy knowing id spent 6 years playing and modding a game i loved, and i dont think i,ll ever mod or play any other game as much as i did with gp4.


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Re: Aaaah! Those were the days, sweet sweet memories :)
Date: October 26, 2008 07:54PM
Posted by: Craigo
Quality Thread!!!!!
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