GPGSL S16 - Round 9 - Cheese, Make United States Grate Again Grand Prix - Road America

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Not worth boosting in the rain ;)

Seems like we don't have absolutely any pace, not sure what happened. Let's see how the race works out.

Kimi forever!
Should be an interesting race with 100% chance of rain!

How are both of our cars at the back of the grid for the race?

Mixed results, a bad practice session but qualifying was decent. We expect both cars in the points tomorrow.

Amazing qualifying result, car worked perfectly! Let's hope for a clean race as my teammate said :)
Mullet345 Schreef:
> How are both of our cars at the back of the grid f
> or the race?

Reversed boost, it's new this season.

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Ok, first step is done, now the second one.

Grtz from rainy Belgium


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Far from ideal being waaaay down in 17th

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Round 02 - GPGSL Season 16 - Race Day - Sepang Malaysia

Welcome back to the race day of the 2nd round, as yesterday a heavy rain is pouring down at this moment, but unlike our rivals in formula 1, we are not afraid of wet conditions, so let's start this race!

Front row has former champion De Bruyker in the pole position, and alongside him O'Neill in his Alpha

Second row with again one Wrexham and one Alpha, this time De Los Rios and Brickles

And in the third row, Keranen and Buitenhuis

And away they go

Brickles with a good start so far

Both Wrexhams now in 1st and 2nd

Elleker with a great start as well, he sits now in 3rd place

The same goes for Caranti

No Major incidents so far

Buitenhuis with a awful start, losing 6 places

De Bruyker is starting to open a small gap for his teammate

Meanwhile at the back of the field, both Tyrants are struggling for pace

Sakata and Stoddart push both O'Brien and Majumdar down to the last places

And now O'Brien has run wide, not the start he was hoping for

Unseen by the cameras, Majumdar overtook both Stoddart and Sakata

Sakata makes a move to overtake Stoddart

But is not able to overtake

Gromov and Keranen on a fierce battle for teh 10th place

Gromov stays in front, and now buitenhuis is making a move on Keranen

Sheppard also trying the overtake

Buitenhuis goes a little too wide in the wet track

Which allows Sheppard to overtake him

Pedersen hits the back of Karda's tyre

Which sends the Czech in to the gravel

Stoddart loses control of his car almost in the same spot

He is also in the gravel, can both drivers return?

Yes they can, but only in 21st and 22nd

Szucs also going a little wide

He returns in 17th

Right behind his former teammate Gustavo

Silva overtakes Caranti for the 7th place

Unseen by the cameras, Majumdar overtook Szucs

Cronin goes off

He tries to make a comeback

But spins right in front of a few cars

Huge crash, it seems that Gustavo, Sakata and Szucs were all victims

Gustavo is off the race

Szucs returns in last place

Cronin lost a front wing

The same goes for Sakata

And Szucs

Elleker making a move on Brickles

Too much pressure for the rookie to take, he goes down to 3rd

Buitenhuis is trying to pass Sheppard

He goes through

Both Alpha's with a quiet race so far

The same goes for Hinz

Buitenhuis is now trying to overtake the other BRT

But Keranen closes the door for him

A few meters ahead he tries again

Keranen is not able to hold him this time

One lap later and he is trying to overtake Ancevski in the same spot

And once again, he is successful

May we see a battle between both BRT's?

Or maybe both Tyrants'?

Buitenhuis, once again in the same turn, now overtaking Gromov for the 9th place

Silva overtakes Hinz, and is now in 7th

Sheppard goes wide, and returns in 14th

De Bruyker is the first one to start the round of pit stops

Buitenhuis goes in for his stop in the next lap

We have a big mess in the pits, Gromov and Brickles almost crashed, with this the Wrexham driver got stucked

He loses a lot of time, a shame, he was having a great race so far

O'Neill, who was leading the race has a smoking engine, end of race for him

Wait, his car spins after a a turn

O'Brien isn't able to avoid him, and hit O'Neill's car

He was already going in the pits this lap, he will have to replace his front wing

Caranti in the lead

He is the last one to stop

These are the standings after the round of pit stops

Pedersen tries an overtake on Ancevski

Ancevski takes the outside lane, but Pedersen reacts and goes for the inside

He is bringing Gromov with him

Pedersen, Gromov and even Sheppard overtake Ancevski

Sheppard also overtakes Gromov at the end of the main straight

Brickles wants at least a single point, he tries to overtake Majumdar

And goes through

Sheppard overtakes Pedersen after the a mistake by the Danish

Gromov may be the next in line

And he overtakes Pedersen

Buitenhuis is trying to reduce the gap for Silva, but we only have 3 laps to go

Hinz goes off track

With this, Sheppard is able to overtake him

De Bruyker wins the Malaysian GP, suberb win

Elleker in 2nd place

And De Los Rios in 3rd

Fastest Laps


Great coverage mate.

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Yay, first podium for me! :D Clean, quiet race for me in the rain, just as I hoped. Could've been better, what a pity that engine failure for Sean was. Overall looks like the car was great in this circuit, hopefully we'll keep the momentum going in the next round.
Wooo, podium baby!

What a fantastic result! Shame Brickles got shafted by a GP4 bug otherwise it could have been a double podium

Another mediocre result, pedal harder!

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So close to getting a points finish for both cars. For myself it could've been better had I not needed to get the front wing replaced.

Great result, first win of the season for our new team.
Great race from my teammate aswell, sad he had trouble with his pitstop,
otherwise it was a one two finish.
Next race you're on the podium my friend.
Thx to my teamboss and the Wrexham mechanics and ingeneers for this fantastic car.
This win is for you guys.

I told ye... I like to drive in the rain ;-)

Greetings from Belgium,


Btw, this was a nice coverage Natá, well done mate.

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Luck wasn’t on Bence’s side this time, but a points finish for Alex is a decent result for us. We hope for more next race

Big shame about that pitstop as a podium finish was on. Congrats to Markus and team boss John for a well deserved win. :-)
Great drive Luis and congrats on getting on the podium.

I wish was there with you but my engine had other ideas.


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