F1 2022 Aston Martin AMR22 by Excalibur [Released]

Posted by Excalibur 

Download Link: F1 2022 Aston Martin AMR22_Excalibur.7z

- Shapes versions: Bahrain GP, Jeddah - Melbourne GP and Imola GP (lod_0 only)
- Textures liveries: Bahrain GP, Jeddah GP, Melbourne GP, Imola GP
- Readme file with details of the updates.
- Tweaker positions.


Grand Prix 4 Screenshots

Bahrain GP

Melbourne GP

Imola GP


Thank you Arnaud! Grande Seb, sempre! :-)
Thank you Excalibur, great job as always (Y)
Awesome! Thanks Excalibur, great job
Fantastic car, great job on the shape, the first complete shape for GP4 of this generation of cars. And a really nice job on the green and the highlights, makes the paintjob so, so good.

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really outsanding work, Arnaud! Thank you so much!

GP Files | GP Videos
Fantastic work, as usual, thank you so much, Arnaud!
Thank you guys! I am glad that you like it :-)

@Kev: Thank you for your advices and for keeping me motivated during all the work time! (Y) ;-)


Perfect work Thank you...
Thanx Arnaud great work:-)

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thank you very much for this cheers guys
Yeah!! Thanks mate! Fantastic car!

Stunning car, thanks!

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I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Thank you very much!

GREAT car! Thank you Excalibur!


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Fantastic work, Arnaud! Thanks for sharing! (B)

Simply amazing :-O .. thanks Arnaud

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Greeat work Arnaud. What a car !!. (Y)(Y)

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