GPGSL S15 - R10: Dutch Grand Prix - Emmeloord

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Great session for me, clearly. First time officially on track in the DMR for Pedersen and just .234 seconds behind : great signs for our overall team.

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"After a few months of break..."
I felt it was just a few days. Oh mama!

As for the qualy, several changes of the car in the off season didn't help for pace. Good points for Zac though, which is great.

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Still getting to grips with the car, congrats to Glen! :)

Round 1 - Australian GP - Melbourne


Local hero Keranen the first one on track, and that's quite a good time. Already better than the fastest lap in free practice, this might put him far up front

Russell quite a bit behind

Soutsen faster than his teammate, but he too can't match Keranen's pace

Silva in 4th with the slowest time so far

Bouchard even further behind

Gilson goes 3rd fastest

Scala takes 4th place

Hinz in 7th

6th place for Kederer

Beggani takes 2nd place

And Elleker in 11th completes the first group, he's nowhere near the pace of his teammate

Pedersen out first of the 2nd group, misses out on provisional pole by half a tenth

Buitenhuis takes 7th place

Good lap by Majumdar to put him in 4th

Reigning champion de Bruyker takes 10th

15th place for Gustavo

McCarthy in 7th, both DMRs with a decent pace

Karda takes 13th

O'Neill puts his Alpha in 3rd

Parachki in the new MRT entry in 18th

S2 champion Warrington in 14th at his return to a racing seat

And Rodríguez completes the first runs, 10th place for him, right behind his teammate

Standings after the first runs, Keranen on pole with Pedersen and O'Neill not too far behind

Bouchard kicks off the 2nd runs, minor improvement, but he remains in 19th

Similar for Hinz, a slightly better time but he remains in 18th

Keranen can't match his first run

Soutsen improves a position to 5th

Elleker remains in last place

No improvements for Scala, Russell and Gilson either

Kederer snatches pole from Keranen by 12 thousandths

Beggani, Pedersen and de Bruyker all can't improve their time

Silva moves up 2 places to 15th

Buitenhuis can't improve his time

Parachki beats his teammate's time, and moves to 19th

Majumdar takes 6th from Soutsen

Warrington remains in 16th

O'Neill and Karda can't improve

Rodríguez goes up to 6th

Gustavo improves to 18th place

And that's it for the qualifying, Kederer will start the Australian GP from pole, alongside him Keranen in the Aston.

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Ouch, that is not exactly a good start to the season

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About where I expected to be to start the season.

I just hope the race would be chaotic so we at least get 1 single point

Great timing with the coverage with the delay at Spa - and an even better result!

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That’s better, and definitely a step in the right direction. Let’s hope that pace stays with us throughout the race. Well done chaps!

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Definatly happy with that!

Not brilliant, but decent. The good thing is that we're not totally off the pace, so we should be able to snatch some good points.

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Decent result - need to aim for a top 5 finish and some points for my teammate who is a little outside the top 10.

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Oh yeah, Tobi RDing and getting a pole with basic perfs and no boosts... who would think of... hmmm Dog
I think I know the name of the winner, where is my Nostradamus mask for a minute (if even needed) :-)

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Heck yeah, I likey. We are back on track.

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Congrats to Toby for getting pole and I am happy to be in 4th place and hopefully get some points on the board for this new season.
Nice to see the season starting, congrats to Tobi for the pole

Looks like it'll be a tough start to De Bruyker's title defense starting from the midfield, and Majumdar put in a good performance to line up in 7th. If all goes well for us in the race we may be able to bring home a points finish.

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