1994 Mod Help - I'm going 5 seconds a lap faster than everyone else as Alboreto/Minardi

Posted by JRAJ1999 
I've tried implementing the performance files via the GPxPatch on CSM and using the Player Car Performance Team Dependent on Power/Grip yet I'm still driving like they've fitted turbos on my Minardi. I've tried the same as a Tyrell and still the same. I've used Gitanes' 1994 performance files also but I'm back to square one.

Is there any way I can nerf my fraudulent superiority over the field?

I don't want to be cheating, I want a challenge to be a back marker and fight to a points position whilst Schumacher and Hill march away. Even settings as Ace I'm still dominating.

When I tried the 1995 mod as a Forti I qualified 16th at Interlagos, that to me is the best of my abilities in a slow car. I usually use Player Car Performance Team Dependent and Power/Grip whenever I race.

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you have to use the physics file 1994 from Gitanes along to the performance files, to get a correct result
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