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Right in the mix for some big points

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2
2005 Chinese Grand Prix

Here we go then, it all comes down to this. Will championship leader Michael Schumacher recover from a poor qualifying to take the title or will one of the chasers win it? Let's find out.

Lap 56/56

It's lights out and away we go.

Jarno Trulli takes the lead!

What a start from Vettel. He's up to 13th.

Lap 55/56

A look at the order following the first lap.

Dixon runs wide and drops a couple of places.

Barrichello passes Alonso for P5.

Lap 53/56

Castro-Neves retires with an oil leak.

Schumacher passes Vettel for 13th. What can he do today?

A mistake from the race leader!

He rejoins down in 4th. Montoya now leads.

Lap 52/56

Villeneuve passes Vettel.

Lap 51/56

Sato goes through past Enge and into 8th.

Lap 49/56

Barrichello overtakes Trulli for 4th.

Lap 47/56

Is the title slipping away from Sch9umacher? Villeneuve overtakes him.

Lap 46/56

Sato takes 7th from Button.

Lap 44/56

Sato overtakes Alonso as he looks to get up the order.

Lap 43/56

The leaders aren't really pulling away. We could have an interesting race here.

Lap 40/56

The current order with 40 laps to go.

Lap 39/56

Webber, Barrichello, Villeneuve, Pantano, and Maldonado are the first men to pit this afternoon.

Lap 38/56

Sato passes Trulli.

Sato and De La Rosa come in.

Lap 37/56

Trulli, Dixon, Schumacher, and Rosberg pit.

Lap 36/56

Enge and Vettel come in for their first stops.

Lap 35/56

Alonso. Kovalainen, and Massa pit.

Lap 34/56

Montoya and Raikkonen pit on the same lap! It's a battle of the pitcrews. Button, Kubica, and Klien also pit.

Lap 33/56

Barrichello leapfrogs them both and takes the lead!!

Raikkonen has come out behind not only Montoya but Webber and Sato too. That could have huge ramifications for the Championship battles.

Lap 32/56

A good time to look at the current order I think. Raikkonen still leads the Championship but only just.

Villeneuve is up to 8th meaning Mclaren will beat Toyota to 3rd in the Constructors if nothing changes.

Lap 31/56

Button passes Villeneuve for 8th. Huge for Toyota.

Lap 30/56

Sato passes Webber for 3rd!!

Lap 29/56

Raikkonen now passes Webber to lead the championship.

Lap 28/56

Button goes into P7 past Trulli.

Lap 25/56

Raikkonen takes 3rd from Sato.

Lap 24/56

Barrichello, Raikkonen, Alonso, Button, Kubica, and Dixon pit for the 2nd time.

Lap 23/56

Montoya, Webber, Villeneuve, Schumacher, and Vettel pit.

Lap 22/56

Massa, De La Rosa, Rosberg, Klien, and Maldonado pit.

Lap 21/56

Trulli's race is over after an engine failure.

Sato pits from the lead. He rejoins in 3rd ahead of Raikkonen! Kovalainen and Enge also come in.

Lap 20/56

Pantano pits.

Lap 19/56

Here's the order with the pitstops done. It's advantage Raikkonen in the Drivers Championship and Williams in the Constructors.

Lap 17/56

What a miserable day for Schumacher. He's still only 12th.

Team orders at Ferrari? Sato passes Montoya for 2nd and the lead of the Championship! What can Raikkonen do?

Lap 12/56

Raikkonen is catching Montoya. Is there another twist to come?

Lap 10/56

Ten laps to go in the 2005 season. Both championships are still to be decided!

Lap 8/56

Sato is catching Barrichello. If he passes him then Ferrari will lead the constructors!

Lap 5/56

Montoya is keeping the gap from Raikkonen at two seconds. Sato is going to owe him a few drinks after this.

Lap 3/56

Three laps to go. Can Sato pass Barrichello to give Ferrari the title?


Lap 0/56


A fantastic second for Rubens Barrichello.


Official Chinese Grand Prix Result

2005 Championship Tables


Incredible final race of the season, unfortunate not to come away with points but the biggest news is the incredible title for Sato! Huge that in Honda's first year as a constructor we will have 1&2 on our cars. Delighted for Taku and to have the world champion leading our team with another former World Champion alongside! Roll on 2006!

And on another note, huge thank you to John for everything this season. Brilliantly run and has been loads of fun, can't wait for next year

So close in both the drivers and 3rd in the WCC. We go again next season.

We are already making some big plans ahead of the 2006 season and will work hard to give a winning package to Juan Pablo, Robert and Kazuki. We are also looking a new engine supplier for next season.

Big thanks to John for running this this season fantastic work

Christel VXR: S12 onwards | Wins: 3 | Poles: 3 | Fastest Laps: 2

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YEEEEAAAAAAAH!!! That’s how it’s done, the Maranello way. Really grateful that I, and everyone in the team could make this happen. Sad to leave the team, but I am sure my successor can do even more. We successfully defended the constructors title and this year, Sato made it.


Kubica scoring points was really good for the team in terms of budget. After a long time in F1, the Arrows name will unfortunately be gone. I expect to see Toro Rosso being a proving ground for many talented drivers with success in mind.

Unbelievable... We've lost both championships in the final race. Devastated for what it could've been better for us. A painful way to end the 2005 season with just one point behind to Ferrari and 3 points behind Sato.

And with that we wanted to thank Michael and Kimi who provided us a great drive for Williams to challenge for titles. We wish them good luck at different teams. Hopefully next season will be a better one.


Not the result we've hoped for in the race, but ultimately we're happy to celebrate as we finish P8 in the standings, which is higher than we finished 9th last season. We thank Nico and Heikki for incredible drives they've done to us for this season as they leave.

It's an end of an era for Jordan as Spyker will take over the team for next season. Let's hope this team improves even more in the future.

Nice points finish from Tom at Suzuka, all in all it wasn't a bad season but it definitely was one of mixed fortunes.

A new era begins with the BMW takeover!

Dominik Karda | MAC Racing - #3 - Race Driver
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