GRAND PRIX 2020: THE F1 2020 CSM MOD [v0.96 released]

Posted by Carl_gpgames 
Carl_gpgames Scritto:
> my appologies, something went wrong with
> mediafire. it's now uploading again, should be
> ready in a few minutes.
> about the vettel helmet i'll have a look and
> reupload part1 later!
> thank you matteo!
> edit: samueles new intro is really worth it to
> have a look at! :-)

Re: GRAND PRIX 2020: THE F1 2020 CSM MOD [v0.96 released]
Date: January 09, 2021 03:58PM
Posted by: petrus
GPaedia problem using UTF-8 encoded swap.ini

Yesterday I realized a problem with the UTF-8 encoding of the "swap.ini" file in subfolder Settings.
Normally it does not matter if the INI files are UTF-8 or ANSI encoded. But it can if special characters are used. The spanish resp. french GPS or STR file names contain "español" resp. "Français" (or "français" for the str). Because of the special characters "ñ" and "ç" these files are not found and therefore not swapped if "swap.ini" is UTF-8 encoded.
After encoding to ANSI and correcting the spanish and french names it worked.

petrus' gpaedia files

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thank you Peter! i corrected it and will include it in the next update

edit: reuploaded part1 of the mod with the fixed swap.ini!

GP Files | GP Videos

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Nice, thanks to both of you.

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
tela jogo gp4

Good night, I made some changes to this panel because it covers the panel that I like to see the times and distance, the one enabled on the "9" key, so I put this panel of the help a little down and the time to the right according to the figure, it turns out that there was a graphic item that is not where I move it, the one in the black circle there on the left
i doubt very much that most of us have access to your C:\ drive, so we will not be able to see your screenshot :-)
-> C:/Users/rcfor/OneDrive/Imagens/tela.png

GP Files | GP Videos
good night, sorry, i don't know how to put the picture here .... but i already hit the picture ... it was two black figures that stayed on the screen when i moved the picture ....
Good morning, I use this MOD 2020, too good, I wanted to change that icon that is used as a mouse, I think a circle and I wanted to put the old arrow, can someone tell me how I make this change ??? I have difficulty with this mouse like a wheel ....
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