1994 Mod V3 Issue - I'm way too fast vs AI drivers on Semi-Pro

Posted by JRAJ19 

I'm about 20kms faster than any other car when I'm playing as any team, I've checked the GpxPatch on CSM in regards of the 1994 season and it doesn't load a performance file or the "multi" performance files, I checked gpxset.ini and perfmanager was disabled so I enabled it then went back to the GPxPatch via CSM then put in all the performance files via multi for every race in the 1994 calendar as the 1994 performance files are in the Carset via GPSAVES and I start the game via CSM and I'm still driving like someone has spiked my coffee with nitrous oxide. I gained 8 seconds in a lap vs Schumacher as a Minardi at Interlagos. I haven't experienced this issue before, I'm usually semi-pro to amateur in terms of difficulty.

I've fiddled with the 1994 physics file thinking I could fix this, adjusting it to fit the 820hp for the Ferrari during the 1994 season and the cars are faster but I'm still ridiculously faster. Should I delete this mod and then reinstall it? I'm also using the 1994 trackpack which I downloaded from the GP4DB forum 9 years ago if that has any relevance.

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You can play to Ace level (H)
Did you check "car power team dependent" in GPxSet label in GPxPatch? If you don't, you'll have 855 bhp in qualifying and 845 in race.
You can raise IA performances values also, in your performance file (car power or drivers ability)...

Remember that if you play by loading a previously saved game, for example a championship, you'll still play with old performance values. You may begin a new champioship, anyway, after the changes on performance values are done.

I've tried everything you've said and still I'm destroying the field, this time as a Pacific GP car! I went on Ace and in a straight line I was still 20kms faster than a Ferrari :).

I installed a different mod and it's working fine in regards of power team dependent, I've tried the original 1994 mod from 2007, the 2nd version from 2014 and I was back to charging like a freight train. :), very strange.
There's clearly something wrong in the first 94 mod, but I don't know what.
did you tried Turbo Lover's Mod 1994 parts 1 + 2 in conjunction with cleberpistas trackpack 1994 already?
I'm using the 1994 v3 mod parts 1 and 2 with the trackpack 1994, this is what it looks like via CSM. I just freshly installed the 2 part mod and strangely the same thing has happened, I could be me, I'm using GP4Central's Grand Prix 4 download as where I used CSM as the default.

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Just tick in "Player car performance teak dependant". That should work.
It's the same thing I was thinking about: "Player car performance team dependent" should be checked, power and grip
Uncheck Quickstart and use the latest gpxpatch version.

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?

Turbo Lover, I did what you mentioned and it's worked.

Thank you for your help!
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