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Congrats to Tobi and Alpha, and to my former teammate Pedersen too, amazing year by you guys.

Finishing last in the WCC is a shame, but we will bounce back next season

Thanks to Eric and Zak for helping me out in the last races too.

Carlitox schrieb:
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Had that one coming, though I'd like to think I've improved a bit in that regard over the last 2-3 seasons.

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Thank god that's over... what a rare season that was.
Next car will be with the #11 (two one's on the car, maybe it's a sign?) hopefully we can and will break some pots next season.
Thanks to all the guys who made this season happening and are allready busy with the next one... I love you guys and I see you all on the track again in S14.

Congratulations to Tobi and Alpha Motorsports for their titel, great job guys.

Grtz from former Champion, ;-)

Marcus De Bruyker

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Carlitox schrieb:
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That made my day :D

Solid race for myself, held onto 4th despite having no pace at all. Track position was everything it seems. Would have loved to take the final podium step however, to bad Gilson made it to the line ;)

Congrats to Tobi

Superb coverage by the way (Y)

- used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld

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natasp Wrote:
> Congrats to Tobi and Alpha, and to my former
> teammate Pedersen too, amazing year by you guys.
> Finishing last in the WCC is a shame, but we will
> bounce back next season
> Thanks to Eric and Zak for helping me out in the
> last races too.

No, thank YOU! I got my first points in that thing!
Not a great race for Ryo but he showed real promise. Luke showed why he has been in contention all season, just a shame he got screwed by the boost lottery. If you'd offered me third in both championships at the start of the season I'd have bitten your hand off so I can't say I'm too disappointed. Onwards and Upwards to next season.

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Congratulations Toby and Alpha!

Unfortunately we were in last place.
I'm not so happy with my first season, I think I should have gone better.
I hope that next season we will be able to improve the results.

Thank you boss for giving me this opportunity on the team, we will do our best for next season!


Please send your S14 liveries and helmets to Tobi, in PSD format. Other formats will not be accepted. For the cars, don't rasterize the layers for driver names/numbers. That way I can edit/update them myself in case of a driver change. Drivers who don't send any helmet updates will be given the one they used in S13.

Track vote reminder

With the final round now concluded, that means the trackvote will close on 11. June 2020. Still plenty of people who didn't send any votes, get them in! Remember, no more than 5 votes. Further details see here []

Congrats to Toby for becoming the S13 World Champion and also to all the team for getting winning the Constructors Championship.

Another win for me and also the fastest lap as well - same as in AZI race. Another opportunity to get the Irish anthem on the podium.


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Congratulations to the winners! This race just wasn’t my thing, at least the season went quite well for me and the team. Thanks to who made this series go forward once again :-)

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Great job Aidan bringing home a 2nd place!
It was a very bad race for me, but the season overall went pretty well with 3 podium finishes.
Congrats to Tobi and Alpha Motorsports with their titles, well deserved!

Now let's get ready for next season.

Well done to Tobi and Alpha Motorsports

Big thanks to everyone who made this season possible!

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Well done to Tobi for finally winning the WDC, after too many bridesmaid results :)
And also to Alpha for claiming the WCC.

A good day for DMR on track today, with great drives from both Rodrigo and Charrel. Good points for the team, and we now go celebrate the season.
A special farewell and thank you to Charrel for driving for us the past few seasons. He made the move to us on the gamble of success. We never quite got that success he craved.

On to Season 14, where we will see Gareth McCarthy step into the race seat full time, and welcome a returning series champion to fill the test seat, in Matt Houston. We hope for a better overall team performance next season.

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Congratulations to Tobias Kederer and Alpha Motorsports on taking both the drivers and constructors titles. We'll be looking forward to attempting to reclaim both titles next season so enjoy them while you can.

Congrats to the winners of Season 13, and to everyone else for taking part. :-)

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Ahhhhhh soooo close! Major congrats to Toby and Alpha, well done.

Sorry boss i did my best but i just couldnt get more out of the car.
Happy with my season despite loosing the championship by 2 points. Hopefully we can keep it up for next season!

Thank you to everyone involved for keeping this series alive and to all the RD´s for taking the time off to give us the races! Without you it wouldnt be this good.
Massive massive thanks to all for running and organising this season as ever. It was a great success. Here's to many more!

GPGSL - Christel VXR team Boss S6-S8, S12 Onwards

(position 2 for car 22 :D )

Oh I'm so thrilled to, at the last available opportunity, grab a podium for my best ever result it's just so overwhelming.
Yes a win would have been nice, but we had so much work to do, and to get even a podium driving my own car, I can find the words. I'm so happy, so thankful.
Huge thanks to the team, suppliers, sponsors. Jeroen has been such a mega teammate, led the team on track so well, it'll be great to see his growth next season too.
Thanks to the GPGSL, for the opportunity. Even for just half a season, we hope we've done well, made some fans. Maybe we'll be back one day..
To Season 14!

-end role play-
Nah but seriously thanks for the chance everyone, really appreciate the chance and the honour of "owning" the team. And to Jeroen, honestly it's been a hoot mate, great to see you on the grid for next season and hope to join you back there soon.
Bit of a changeup for me next season but really looking forward to it, congrats to (new team :3) Alpha Motorsports and to my good friend Tobi Kederer on the championships, see you all next season!

GPGSL S13 - 2KF1 Racing
Congrats to all the winners, commiserations to all the losers (me included!)

See you in S14 bigger and badder than ever!
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