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shep34 Wrote:
> An early look at the WTC standings after track
> action at Spa, sees the below.... Mathematically,
> anyone in the top 8 could still take this title,
> IF results went in their favour.
> []

I think we should just call the season quits now guys and just leave the points as they are, I can't see too much value in running the final couple of races. Deal? Deal!

First row for me.. can't wait for the race, should be a good one!

Average result, hopefully we can make some progress in the race

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Huge result for Jeroen, but we've got a long and difficult race ahead of us and we're going to have to look after the Mercedes engine.
Anything is possible.
Oh my, what a huge disappointment. Even on a dry track the performance pack doesn't seem to work at all. What a shame. I'm so sorry to our drivers, I had hoped so much more was possible. But still, if we get rain in the race, maybe we can catch up a bit. Let's not give up, yet.

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If I don't finish last in the Testers Championship, I think i'll call that a successful kind of rookie season. Yee.
Got some ground to make up in the race

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Well, well, well... season almost over... they found the wasp family but also took out the gas pedal ! ;-(

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I need a miracle to score a single point at the end of the race.


Looking forward next season. A progressive learning curve this season.

If Soutsen receive a second and third warnings, does that mean that he loose the rights to be the first in the waiting list and Giovanna then replaces him, or he keeps the rights until the start of next season regardless?

6th place on the grid for me at Spa and no rain. Hopefully it will be a dry race so I can try to get some points.


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woooohoooo!! Happy with that! Now pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let it finish like this aswell a 1-2 for us!
A good qualifying for SCR, this gives us a good chance of some big points here.

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Hopes are not high for this upcoming race. Would be happy to get some points to be honest, as our qualy pace just wasn't there against all the boostfest.

And from the running of the series POV, hopefully the coverage is up and completed by this weekend at latest.

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Race has been run. I'm hoping to have the first part, and maybe the second part as well, up by tonight.

Mullet345 Wrote:
> Race has been run. I'm hoping to have the first
> part, and maybe the second part as well, up by
> tonight.

Great news! Thank you for you effort.... :)


GPGSL Rd 12 European GP – Race Day

Part 1

We are back once again for the main event of the weekend. It has been a dominating weekend so far for MAC Racing, and they will be hoping this domination will continue into the race. The weather still hangs over the circuit however which could be a deciding factor in how the race will turn out. The cars can be heard returning from their warmup lap which means it’s time to head trackside for the start.

Weather Report

The cars are all lined up and ready to get underway once the 5 lights go out.

They’re off!

Buitenhuis got the better start off the line and is able to take the lead coming out of La Source.

O’Neill is up to 5th and tries to get a good run on Greidanus out of Eau Rouge, while behind them Rodriguez is trying to do the same on Gilson.

It’s been a pretty miserable weekend for Tyrant so far. All De Bruyker will be hoping for is for luck to go his way so that he can work his way up through the field.

He makes a move on his teammate and Warrington makes it easy for him to get ahead.

Warrington will need to watch his back though as Soutsen is close enough to attempt a passing move.

It’s a long line of cars all in the same shot.

Rodriguez has dropped back a bit from Gilson and now has to defend from Sakata.

Through the Bus Stop and Jalving makes a move on Keranen.

The Demon driver succeeds in getting ahead.

It’s still a long train of cars from 4th all the way down to 21st.

We have a bit of a battle going on between both Mistral drivers.

It is McClure that wins the battle, leaving Silva to defend from Hinz.

Greidanus losing 3rd to Worseling has apparently been missed by the cameras.

That is one of the Mistrals going straight ahead in the background.

And it’s McClure, who we just saw win his battle against his teammate.

The replay shows that he went off on his own.

Day done for the Mistral driver.

We have a very close battle going on for the final spot inside the top 10.

Let’s take a look at the current standings as we look back at Kederer from the rear of Sakata’s Christel.

Hinz has gone off the track at the same corner that McClure crashed out at.

The replay shows he went off on his own and was very lucky to avoid hitting the wall.

He manages to get back ontrack at least.

Pedersen looks to be gaining ground on Buitenhuis.

That’s Worseling off at the exit of Eau Rouge.

Replay shows that he went off on his own.

He recovers and gets back ontrack, and is extremely lucky not to be hit by Hinz in the process.

Silva currently holds the final points position and is doing his best at keeping Vilela behind him.

Greidanus is really having his hands full trying to defend his position from both cars behind.

Gilson was able to get ahead of O’Neill.

Kederer is stuck behind Sakata and no doubt will be pretty frustrated that he can’t get by.

Vilela looks to be holding up the cars behind him.

O’Neill has run off the track.

He rejoins ahead of Jalving.

Pedersen takes the fastest lap and has also managed to get ahead of Buitenhuis.

The gap back to Greidanus is very big. At this rate it’s pretty much a two horse race to determine who the winner of this race will end up being.

Russell is down in 14th. He needs to try and get further up the field and into the points for his championship challenge.

Both Tyrants are battling each other yet again.

We have another yellow flag out.

De Bruyker has lost a wheel and that is surely the day done for him.

The replay shows that there was contact between the teammates.

De Bruyker had run wide through Eau Rouge, and as he was recovering he clipped the left rear of Warrington’s car leading to both cars losing a wheel.

Both Tyrants are out at the same time.

Gilson is on the back of Greidanus’s MAC looking for his chance to make a move.

As we head into our first break of the coverage let’s take a look at the current standings.

Race Director: Ernie B. Ecclescake

GPGTV Youtube Channel
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